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It is not necessary that you must think the way I think. You are free to think whatever pleases you. It is not that I will become happy if you think the way I think and I will be depressed if you
don’t think like that. I would be happier if you are true to yourself. Your true feelings towards that will not affect our relationship a bit. In fact, it will strengthen our relation after knowing
the feeling of each other. You can choose anything you heart decides. Please don’t care about other things such as society and family think.

I must tell these feelings to you. It were u, at the most distressed situation in my life, I was able to forget my pains. It was u, seeing which in my difficult times, made me conclude; one day
there will be U turn towards happiness in my life. It was u which helped me express different words in the most distressed situation in my life. And it is u, which helps expressing many words of
happiness today. There was u in the journey of life from the most painful situation to this situation. 

Please pardon me if you don’t like the thing I am going to tell. But I must express these feelings. I must be true to myself.

I love u.

I love u so much.

I love u from the bottom of my heart. 

I love u so much with all of my heart, soul and body.

I love u so so… so…... soo……… very much honey. 

I love u my sweetheart, I love u so very much. 

These are my true feelings towards u.

Submitted: May 30, 2018

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Submitted: May 30, 2018



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