The Killer Who Didn’t Murder.

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Would you kill the loved one of another to protect your loved one? Can survival of the fittest explained in the context of humans? Check out my Wattpad page for free. Username:HalfMasha.

Submitted: May 30, 2018

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Submitted: May 30, 2018



 The Killer Who didn't murder


(The officer sat in the prison room facing the prisoner. The lamp that is placed on the table, in between them, is the only source of light.)


"No.......I killed him. I did not murder... Him.. Do you understand that?"the prisoner said with stubbornness. 


"Whatever... man. You keep telling me that again and again,"


The officer stood up and walked around the prisoner. Each of his footsteps were heard loudly in the quiet room. Then, suddenly, he moved his face deep into the Prisoner's comfort zone. 

"You tell me one good reason for you mur- sorry killing, I will surely let you out."


The police officer waved off a fly near there lamp and started, 


"hmmmm...... It was 8:30am I reached the Broadway station. I was about to catch the 8:45 am train to Gulberg .It was quite early ,but you know, my wife is punctual. I was waiting there when a blond -haired man came inside the platform .His face was shining as bright as the sun. 

'which train are you catching?' he asked me. 

'8:45 to Gulberg'

'ooh! Me too'

We then had the usual man -talk, trying to pass away the time. He was quite cheerful.We talk-"


"Hey eh eh eh eh....Wait. Do you think I care about your so called 'man-talk' shit now. Even if I cared about it ,I don't have enough time. So...."


"Fine fine.(lazily) I will cut right to the point. The train arrived exactly at 8:45. As the train arrived, two guards got down. When We both moved.

One of the guards told, 

'Hand me your phones.'

I then remembered. There was a recent rumour about a terrorist attack. They didn't, you know, want any secret dealings going on in the train. You must have probably seen terrorist discussing they're plans in train in movies. Each of us handed over the phone to them. The security was tightened due to a recent rumour about terrorism. Both of us gentleman, went inside the coach and sat. Everything went completely fine until we were about to reach the middle of our journey. The two security guard then, suddenly, rushed inside the coach. One of them came towards me and told that my wife was bit by a snake. By now, the train had stopped. Exactly in the middle of the journey. And there were all these emotions welling up inside me.i don't think i have to explain that to you. Do I?


I ran towards the driver's coach and was about to ask him to take me back to Broadway station. There was no cell phone signal to even call my wife or anyone else. Just when I was about to tell this to the train driver, the blond-haired man entered.

'Sir..... My son is bit by a snake. Drive fast to Gulberg station,'he said.


I was like, what the f***"

The prisoner started laughing slowly. The officer stared at him. He didn't stop him. He sat back in his chair. By then, the prisoner laid his head on the table and continued laughing. The officer didn't utter a single word. He waited for him to stop laughing.


"I gathered up all the force I could gather up in my leg and gave him a hearty kick. He fell on the ground with a huge thud.i turned back and started talking to the driver. I didn't want to waste my time cursing or explaining things to him.


'Move back to Broadway station. My wife is bit by a snake. This bitch is playi-'

The man pushed me sideways and catched my collar,

"Who is playing here?!"

Both the guards then appeared and told us that,

'Sir, coincidentally, this man's wife and this man's son both have been bit.'


 The blonde-haired man left my collar and grabbed the phones from them.


'Oh God! What the f*** is going on here.'


"The blonde-haired man passed me the phones.


'If the train moves to Gulberg station and I run back home, it will be too late.

Hospital, police or any sort of help is impossible as we live in a lonely flat deep inside the forest. We were also newly shifted to this place, we had no friends. Relatives of ours were quite far,' I told them.


'who the f***are you? What game are you playing? This is not funny at all. You are description of your house and family is same as mine,'he shouted.


I raised my hand to give him one punch in his handsome face and make it ugly forever. Lucky for him, the driver stopped me. I thought we could reach one of the station and (there was no station in the middle.) call someone.... Someone to help in the other station .But, it would take a lot of time to navigate the house in the forest. It was my fault ,I accept. I blindly accepted her request . Then ..I -"


They heard a huge noise from above. Someone was screaming. Both of them were startled.


'ah! It is nothing,'the officer told.


The prisoner continued," I asked him the final question.

'is your house hard to navigate?'

'yes,'he replied. I then took a metal rod that stood nearby and tried to bang his head with it. Simultaneously, he tried to snatch a gun from the security near him. He escaped my first hit. It was an one on one match. Both of us knew there was no point arguing if both of were life were destined to be similar or forced to be similar. It is survival of the fittest.i managed to kill him.

The driver understood this. I didn't have to threaten him. I managed to reach home as soon as possible. But, there was no point.

My wife died. Then i had no interest in escaping. I surrendered."


"I don't know who is responsible for this. God? Super-villain?.I dont know. Even if I seek revenge. I won't get my wife back. I doubt any human would have made me play this game.A game where there was no winner. The only thing I would request you to do is to leave the driver. Pls.


The officer stared at him.

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