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Submitted: May 30, 2018

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Submitted: May 30, 2018




(Oyiwodu's part of the story)


My fathers, My bosom in-laws, Head of clans, Wise Elders, And my Husband.

Our people says, When two lizards lie on their bellies, it is almost impossible to know which one of them have a bad stomach.

*Okoko my Husband has lashed me with bitter tongue of hate, He has of course brought me here to be eaten like a goat amongst Wolfs. My husband has told the tale in favour of himself alone. He do not talk about the night before it was morning.

It is true I sometimes refuse to carry him on top of me. No doubt I have complained about my moods too. But, lately Okoko my husband has ill-treated my privacy, He pounded in and out of me like the way our mothers pounded the yam at the fireplace. He do not care if I'm human anymore.

Okoko my Husband has refused to talk about his many concubines in the other villages, Yet he accuses me of a white man I know nothing about. I do not share Okoko with only *Enebo (our neighbour), I also share him with countless of women home and beyond.

Okoko my Husband do not treat me as a wife, He holds a leach to my Womanhood, and to the mud he drags my dignity. He is married to 3 wives after me, And when I complain he threatens to beat me up. He says his father had seven wives, and his father before had six. He said it is only in his nature to be polygamous.

My fathers, I do not like to follow the ways of our ancestors, I do not like to think like Okoko my husband. Life has gone beyond the era of ancestry, But Okoko has refused to go with it. He has buried his faith with his fathers, And now he is dead inside. He do not feel the need to change!

Okoko my Husband has refused our children Education. He says *Ochoche and *Agaba would work his farmland, and Ada belongs at the fireplace. He do not believe in reading the Alphabet, He do not like to grow like the White man does. My husband has chosen to stray backward, and he intend to drag me with him!

Okoko my husband gets me sick with his rituals, The smell of blood and kola nut boils my blood. Okoko amazes me with his ignorance, He says his fathers protects him, and his ancestors hear him. The people my husband talks about are all dead!

Okoko my husband has chosen to walk the path of ancient madness, He has kept every festivals of the dead, and neglected the living. My husband Okoko has ridiculed sanity, And I'm not ready to beat the drum of madness with him.

The white man has said, "Impurity kills creativity in the womb". Okoko my husband has drank a cup full of impurity, He awaits to deliver a lifeless future. The aborted dreams of his generation.

Okoko my husband is African, And he has said I'm not African because I refuse to embrace ancestry.

My fathers,

Does Okoko know that, there's no pride in primitivity?

©John Praise Ochoche.

============== *Okoko (name of an Idoma man)

*Enebo, means " Mother of peace" (Name of an Idoma woman)

*Ochoche & *Agaba (Male Idoma names)

© Copyright 2018 john praise. All rights reserved.