she knows

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i am trying out poetry... it will probably be really bad.

Submitted: May 30, 2018

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Submitted: May 30, 2018



She walks into class,

And knows she's alone.

She feels all the hatred,

And wants to go home.

But home doesn't feel like home,

She's still just alone wherever she goes.

There are people all around her

But she's still just alone.

All the names she's heard throughout the day

Are just the usual game.

Nothing changes, if anyone knows,

She's the one who knows there's no home.

And the only things that care are her demons.

There's nothing out there for her and she knows,

Being alone makes her know

She doesn't belong

And she wants to be gone.

Nothing fills the emptiness and nothing will.

She's alive, but doesn't feel like it,

So she makes herself feel pain

But that pain just leaves her in vain.

The scars that are left

Remind her of the times when she didn't care.

The scars seem like they aren't enough too.

She cuts herself up while tearing herself down,

Giving up,

while still trying to be enough.

She knows she's all alone and not good enough.


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