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Submitted: May 30, 2018

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Submitted: May 30, 2018




A Poem by bluessadmood


this message is full of love ,its not what it seems ,there is no hatred in it whatsoever,i just want the madness to stop ,i want love to come over again,the world is getting sick we need to get more rational,this hatred is getting us nowhere,it has to sto



oh peace what a wonderful word,we all sing of it

peace be with you

may rest in eternal peace

have a peaceful day

so peaceful they are

peace,its not just calm and quiet

its respect to humans

i have never seen peace all my life

how i wish to live if only for a few days

but peace was never meant for us

greed is all i knew since young

killing and blood is all i used to see

oh my friends oh how ugly

if you have seen the amount of blood i saw

the many lives i witnessed be taken

lives ...dreams hopes endless thoughts of the future

in a flicker is taken away

life leaving behind so many others

children and wife and home

only used to be home

now its no more

when i walk the streets i see lots of red

so thick it tells how many here just left

but they left behind their flesh so much

every beautiful morning i would go out

to see these mass of flesh heaped in every corner

this is how much man is worth,a heap of flesh

i just look ,never believe my eyes

never seen so many,no move ,no life

i really cry and cry hard

i see faces looking at me eyes not moving

some frozen in a smile,some so frightened

some almost look asleep

others look they once have been so alive

so i turn around and go home till next morning

when i will come out see a new collection

and i marvel at what,at what  this world has come to be


© Copyright 2019 bluessadmood. All rights reserved.

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