Yemen and Ghatt

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Submitted: May 30, 2018

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Submitted: May 30, 2018



Yemen And Gatt(The Escape, Part Three)

A Story by bluessadmood


Today picture of Yemen that made me put a few words on here..i ve to say i was a little surprised, misunderstood ,their revolution really showed them out to be real heroes ,i am stunned at how brave 



Yemen and Gatt

One upon a time..a doctor from Iraq had to run from home,for there lived a great tyrant there in Iraq,he had to seek shelter somewhere,just to live. Yemen..Ohhh i was a Doctor there,had to work day and night,the rich people there knew only too well how to

exploit a a total stranger,to squeeze him hard...medical establishments there all run by private companies,ha ha,believe it or not

,the owner or the boss know no more about medicine than a child knew about sex,or even less ha ha ,you know yemenee got rich

working in Saudi Arabia ,they migrate there and work anything,they are the best in trade,if they

 and finance finance

BUT NO,they could never they could never  do that,could never step out of yemen for long ,never make accomplish anything but in yemen and the

nabouring countries like saudi arabia...Why, very simple,reason is they are all junkies,they chew GATT

its a mild narcotic and its a big problem there..Gatt ranges from mild cost only few dollars ,to very costly strong almost like cocaine

costing almost 200 dollars per a bunch of leaves,for that is how its sold,Gatt tree is a small short tree tree with

braches and all leaves but it works like the devil does ,its chewing and sucking the juice of these leaves,that gives wild visions ,

self content ,euphoria,feeling he is master of him self and everybody around him,the tree

itself is called there the tree of Satan,you see the man chewing Gatt ,from noon till evening everyday.. its a ritual like a folklore,every member of any family will do that ,all yemen at this time is chewing Gatt,so the man

see exotic visions ,so prostatic fluid keeps running this drug like Gatt does that ,till at night he is full of sexual desire desire..

but coming near his wife he can hardly keep an erection for a few minutes,the woman who

already also heavily sedated by the same drug, Gatt ,here it puts a flame between her thighs so she is

very wild but cannot have any satisfaction from the husband,thats why her husband tells her when you chew Gatt ,you keep at home or else she will seek men(so they i heard) to put off the fire set aflame inside her body,

i have heard some wild stories(but i could not confirm) i never believed could happen in such a conservative country..


once in a small cities there came iraqi teachers, iraqi government sent them there to promote

teaching at schools..there at night ,every night young girl students around the age of 20 ,will keep visiting

their professors at night and stay till the morning ,until it was uncovered and the teachers were expelled from yemen..


most yemen is mountainous and hilly country... cities are on top of hills and mountains some 3000 feet above see level ,so the weather there is very nice ,cold ,the yemenee girls are so beautiful

they wear hijab ,only their eyes shows

now all yemenee are so illetrate,even their doctors could not tell about iraqis if they were real doctors or

simply male nurse so goes for the health personelle from russia and eastern europe,i swear one doctor in some village while his Boss,owner of the clinic ..this doctor took out the gall bladdar,from most of the villagers...but i must say iraqi doctors had a great role in yemen they counted 2000 ,most were good the ministery of health was run mostly by iraqis ,

there was no medical care ,it was like zero ,all pass exams either by giving the dean some good amount

of Gatt or money or a bullet in the head ,

so i think yemen will be the same for the next 100 years ,this is what dope do to an illetrate country..(now seeing the revolution ,i know just how things are going to be different,and i am so happy for them..if it was for their sickly president he would love them to stay that way for ever,but now i am sure things will really change) the highest incidence of gum cancer all over the world ,it hit hard on liver

also cause hepatoma,,it burn down the stomach so they all have duedenal ulcer,it causes

Heamorrhoids,90 per cent have them ,they dont even wash it before chewing it ,chew it  it with the fertilizers,and its very toxic,they say it tastes better unwashed(I ve seen young girls only 15 die this way)..and againthey get infested with intestinal worms all kinds ,ameobic dysentry,dont forget the malaria ,90percent are affected,its a real mess there ,and the government would love to keep it that way,so they can suck the whole population ,suck them dry,they never care..but now i see things are going differently ,and really how glad i am to see such drastic changes are going to take place..i am really happy for them ,for after all now i see they were poor hopeless people,but now they saw the way ,the how and why they were so miserable,now they know how to get out of the mess..

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