one day in my life 2

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Submitted: May 30, 2018

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Submitted: May 30, 2018



One Day In My Life

A Story by bluessadmood


it will tell you everything ,no need to explain

I usually wake at six every morning ,I never sleep a lot really no more than few hours each day..
I drink some three cups of coffee.. open my lovely writers café ,off course I use batteries as power,
since we don't have electricity but two or three hours every day..
at eight sharp I run to work using my old car,i have to pass through some hundred check points every day ,and all the while I pray to God if those bullets that are sprayed around me will somehow miss
mesas I already was car bombed three times, one of them was so close it nearly sent my head off, but they have missed me to this day, God must really like me ,I am sure..
and while in my car driving I see corpses here and there, people urge me to carry them to hospital..
but I refrain because if you take them then police there will surely arrest you to know how come
you have a body in your car, only if you are so lucky ,then you will spend some few months in 
their lovely jails, and again if you are lucky you may come out in one piece..however I doubt it 
very much. Well then I am still driving my car ,and close to work and again then there is a shower of 
shells ,small rockets fall like rain all around me ,its like fireworks only at day light ha ha,its really funny..
and i keep driving ,i told you God must really love me..and i reach my work,drained out of any good wish in
this silly life spend all my time in hearing stories of poor mothers losing their children being killed
day after day, their husbands, brothers..some whole buses full of people being bombed by mistake while driving on ..
so many will cry telling me it's just too much to live through this ,I se old men
cry in front of me,i swear..they tell me they can't feed their families since they can't work ,they can't reach work
so they may starve for days in the richest country of friends ,this is part of the picture of life we lead here for the last six years
I hope you enjoyed this writing..



© 2018 bluessadmood

© Copyright 2019 bluessadmood. All rights reserved.

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