The Mind`s the Traitor: Patient X

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Alex Kameleon is a female psychiatrist in a mental hospital. She figures out that one of the patients escaped from her unit before she starts her night shift. She decides not to tell anybody and
find Patient X by herself. However, it was not an easy mission as she thought it would be. She faced the most horrible scary night in her life and ended up forever locked up inside the hospital.

Submitted: May 30, 2018

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Submitted: May 30, 2018



intro ...!! 

The mind is the traitor. It builds you up yet fails you. From the second you are born, it generates you. It decides when you are ready to step your first walk and when you start to talk. It is your key to acknowledge different aspects in life. It makes you think you are the dominant individual and no one is like you. It processes your feelings and values. It controls each and every part of your body. You rely on it in most tough situations. Sometimes it saves you, sometimes it breaks you. Sometimes it is your virtues, sometimes it is your vices. The mind is a wide world of so many things including your own destruction. It smiles at you at the moment to stab you in the back whenever it gets a chance. The mind is smart enough so it plays you. A royal king, a doctor, a professor or even a farmer. We`re all under the mercy of our minds. The person you look at in the mirror this morning would be someone else by night. The beautiful way you act and behave would turn into a misconduct in the eye of society. The unique personality barcode you possess would fade to dust. One day, your mind that builds you up would fail you. Your mind is the traitor, save yourself before it breaks you. 


Have you ever been wanting something so bad but when you finally get it, you feel bored. When I was sixteen, I have always wanted to be a psychiatrist. I studied so hard until I finally became one, however, sometimes the things I listen to from my patients keep haunting me in my dreams and ruining my life. Somebody once told me to be careful what to wish for and it is not easy to be a psychiatrist. He said that one day I would regret it for I would just be mentally sick like my patients. I didn`t take what he said in consideration since I was born stubborn and I have always been led by my ambition and intuition no matter how difficult the road would get. I am not going to claim that I am number one in the field. In fact, no one is. Just as I saved many patients before, I failed some. No words can describe what it is like to save a life. When you take the good in your patients out and replace their fear with safety, their hatred with love. When you listen to every word they say and still believe they are not like what everybody says – mad -. The word mad has always functioned as a positive creative word in my mind. I believe in the creativity of madness as a makeup from God. There would be no art or great minds unless madness is somehow a part. Most people assume that madness or any kind of impairment in the brain is a deficient. The issue is not like any other issue in real life. You can`t misjudge a whole range of intact cells just because some cells went wrong. Hasn`t it ever crossed your mind that these astray cells might be looking for something missing in them? That they might be the result of so much pressure or so much uncontainable pain. 

“ It is your turn tonight in the shift, isn`t it ? ” 
Asked  Dr. William while he was searching for a patient file inside the locker.
“ Yeah, indeed it is.” 
 I replied as I drank the last drops of green tea inside my cub. 
“ Don`t forget to set on the alarm and be careful. You know after all, spending the night with the crazies must be terrifying.” 
He said as he pulled up the file he was searching for and took his leave. 
I - with a loud voice - screamed at him,
“ They are not crazy dude, besides I am not scared.”
Then I heard his laughter fading away slowly throughout the hall saying in a soft voice: 
 “ You have been warned little stubborn.” 
William Gusteel is a standout figure in the field. Despite his tough personality with patients, he has a kind heart. I saw him once crying after one of the patients was found dead after he stole a knife from the kitchen, cut his throat with to meet his end. He has been like a father to me since the day I started my training schedule in this mental hospital until I became officially a part of the team. He left me up with his fabulous speech every time I felt down. The way he can read my mind surprises me sometimes. He knows what I am up to, what I like and dislike. I think it is his instinct that allows him. His long residence with people whom he was supposed to read their minds made of him a quick-witted man. It puzzles me why he has no children or a wife yet. Was it due to his commitment to his duty? Or maybe he up until now didn`t find his match. Though he is handsome for a man in his fifties. He is still maintaining his perfect body shape. He is tall and he got blue eyes like the ocean. On top of all these amazing attributes, he is like me an Aries. Yes, I admit my obsession with zodiac signs specially when it is about Aries people. In my eyes they are placed in their right position, the first zodiac sign. They are strong, competitive and fighters. Just like all signs, they have their cons which I assume make them more special.

 “ Well, I think now is time to go and check on few patients before my night shift starts.” 
I whispered to myself as I grabbed my white robe, put it on and let down my long brown hair. I couldn`t resist the mirror behind my back so I turned around to look at myself and see how pretty I was. Was it not better for me if I was a Rock Star? That question echoed so many times in my mind. Many people did tell me that I am a copy of Avril Lavigne and I would look better on stage not in a mental hospital.
As soon as I went upstairs, I started hearing those moaning and groaning sounds. It used to scare the shit out of me during my first days but now I am used to it. Being in a place where everyone is claiming to be someone else is tiring. Sometimes I tend to believe what my patients say cause they seem so real in my eyes. There is a fine line between sanity and insanity. Who is to decide the state of mind? Who has the right to classify patients in groups according to what is common between them? It is us, psychiatrists. We sometimes go wrong like any other human beings. We might give a wrong prescription and worsen the state of our patients. Sometimes our patients seem more rational than us. They might explain themselves in a way we, with all our certificates, cannot. They make me feel like they were put in the wrong place, specially when I face the out world and see how the sane ones are no longer the saint ones. 

“ Good morning Dr. Alex.”
 Said Nurse Lily with a big smile on her face. Nurse Lily is the symbol of motherhood and patience in this place. She lost her one and only child in a horrible incident as I heard. Her husband was a doctor and he was killed in the war. Left behind him a widow and her six years old child. They suffered poverty for Nurse Lily back then had no job. A female nurse was not enough trusted among people. Everyone suspected her ability to nurse. everyone questioned her capacity for she had no paper to prove her medical education. She learned how to be a nurse from her husband. He taught her everything she needed from A to Z. However, people believed only in seals no matter how qualified you are for something.
“ Good morning dear, I hope you are ready for the long journey with me. We need to make sure every patient is under control. Today, Mrs. Valerius would come with her stepson. ”,  I said to Nurse Lily. 
“ That crazy lady is the one to be dropped her not that innocent boy. I don`t know how a woman who is supposed to represent tenderness acts like that. Wicked people are defined by the look in their eyes. And as a mother, I saw evil resides within her. It was not enough for her to poison her wealthy husband to inherit his fortune. Now she is claiming his innocent boy is mad and he started a fire at her house trying to kill her. Well, I hope she died that wicked evil witch.”
She exclaimed out loud with a tone full of grief and sorrow.
“ It is not our business what a rumor says. All we can do is to take care of that little boy and make him feel like home. Besides, we don`t know if she is really wicked as you say or it is just what people say.”
I said while I was trying to unlock the door that leads to the patients` units.
“ Oh darling, you are still so young to read between what your eyes see. There is still so much ahead of you, life will teach you to be wiser until you define a person by only the look in his eyes.” 
Nurse Lily said as she put her warm hand on my face and played with my hair. 

As soon as I entered the corridor, I felt like home. It was an endless corridor with identical units number on each side. Each two patients were sharing the same unit unless there are certain reasons for separation. The reasons are mainly marked valid or invalid by Dr. William. He is the one to decide and we are his obedient puppets. In the first unit on the right, reside an old woman and her husband. What a fate that joined them in health and sickness, in sanity and insanity. He was diagnosed with D.I.D, Dissociative Identity Disorder. In other words, he had multi personalities. His wife was sane and witnessed all of his different personalities. I assume that was the reason that drove her mad. She is having issues with controlling her anger. She was seeing a psychiatrist before she was transformed here. She is suffering a severe anger management disorder. She laid her little child on bed and tried to choke him with a pillow after he was imitating his father. He, for sure, had no idea what was going on with his daddy and he was only having fun by playing. 
Next to unit  number one, there is the lady with blue hair. She was a member of a Rock and Roll band. However, stardom in the end led her to what she believed in. Don`t get me wrong my readers, I am not underestimating her or her music. Her condition is sarcastic somehow. She got the life she wished for. Fame, fans and a fancy car. On top of that she is still young and pretty. If life was just fair enough, she would be living the life that was meant to be ahead of her, not this life. She is my favorite one, I waved her good morning and forgot that the insiders couldn`t see through the glass door, only we can spy on them all the time. 
Unit three, unit four and unit five. I checked on every patient until I reached unit six and got shocked. The door was open and there was no one inside. I freaked out and tried to remember whose unit it was. However, I think fear paralyzed my thoughts. I ran back to warn the others that a patient might have escaped and that we needed to lock the place until we find her. 
By the time I arrived, I found no one.  “ Where the hell did they go? ”, I asked myself.
I checked my watch to make sure what time exactly it was. It was afternoon, the break time, I was relieved for I knew I would find them outside in the garden or downstairs. 
“ Wait a second, why are you afraid Alex?” 
I whispered to myself while I remembered every word I once said to everyone including myself.
“ I am not scared of my patients.”, I have always said that.
So why am I now freaking out just because one has found her way out. I would find her and bring her back safely inside. There is no need to inform the others and spread fear all over the place. Besides, Mrs. Valerius would soon arrive so there is really no need for such mess, I`ll solve everything by myself.
I went back as fast as possible to unit number six but before that I had to bring the key from Dr. William`s office. He kept one special key that can lock and unlock every door in this building. It is sure for emergency cases and I thought that was a special urgent one. As I stood before unit six, I took a deep breath and wiped the drops of cold sweat over my face. I was shaking and my heartbeats were running fast. I looked around to make sure no one was around ,grabbed the handle of the door and locked myself out.
As soon as I walked my way back along the corridor, all the patients in their units stood against their locked secured doors. I knew they couldn`t see me and it was only me seeing them but I was afraid to death. 

The clock struck 3.00 P.M and its voice was like the emergency alarm in my head. I had to pull myself together, I sat at my office and waited for Mrs. Valerius arrival. Nurse Nina Knocked the door to inform me that Mrs. Valerius and her stepson have just arrived. I asked her to let her in and hoped that nothing bad would happen until she leaves.
 “ Good afternoon Dr. Alex ”
Said Mrs. Valerius with a wide smile on her face.
“ Good afternoon Mrs. Valerius, would you please take a seat ”
I replied while I took a quick glance at Tom who looked, at first sight, a normal child.
“ Thank you Dr. Alex. You know you`re nothing like I imagined you.”
She said and laughed. Her laugh seemed inappropriate to me. I raised my right eyebrow and said:“ And how did you imagine me Mrs. Valerius? ”
She sat fixed and settled,
“ No offence pretty lady, I just thought you would be like regular psychiatrists. You know, hair pulled behind your neck, Big weird eyesight glasses and most importantly they look much worse than their patients. However, you`re young and beautiful. I think you would be doing better if you were a model. The way you look pleases ones` eyes.”
She said with a look of wonder as if she was implying I was not good enough for my job or I was not matching her expectations. 
I raised up from my chair for there was no necessity to go on with that conversation.
“ Would you like me to give you a tour around the building before the sunset?” 
I offered when I knew she would refuse, she had no interest in that. It wasn`t her residence, it was that poor child`s whom she is trying to get rid of.

“ Oh, I would really love to but as far as I noticed, it would be an endless tour. This building is huge and I`m afraid I wouldn`t be able to get back to town on time for my meeting.”
She excused herself as I thought. 
“ As you like Mrs. Valerius but please before you leave, I need you to sign some papers for me.”
I said and I handed her the form she had to sign on. She didn`t even pretend to move her eyes across the lines. She signed as fast as she could, stood up and greeted me. As she reached the door to leave my office, Nurse Lily came in with her eyes full of hatred. I then didn`t blame her, I thought she was right in judging her.
“ I was doing my best to avoid eye contact with her, however, I got in when? The moment that wicked witch planned to leave.”
Nurse Lily said irritated.
“ She said she has a meeting to catch up with. Be thankful otherwise she might have stayed longer”I said to Nurse Lily in sarcasm.
“ A meeting ? ”
She said in a disbelieving voice.
“ She was apparently dressed up for a date not a meeting. As soon as she dropped off this poor kid, she went back to catch on with her wicked life.”
She added while she moved toward Tom. 
 “ What`s your name, my dear?”
She asked Tom as she pampered him.
“ Tom.” 
He answered with his eyes fixed on the floor. 
“ Don`t worry Tom, we are here a one carrying family. You are from now on one of us.”
She assured him with the kind soft voice of hers. He added no further and kept his eyes fixed on the floor. 
Nurse Lily took him out to prepare him to be one of us. He had to go through the usual path every patient in here went through. Starting with undressing him to search for scar marks or any tool he might hurt himself with, ending with pathing him and putting him in his unit. Speaking of the units, I almost forgot about the patient in unit six and the danger that has been unleashed.
“ I must find that patient no matter what.”, I said to myself. 
To start my searching trip, I had to think of certain things and carry something to defend myself with in case I was attacked. I thought of the place I would find that patient in. Where would a patient in a mental hospital hide or be? If I were that patient, regardless of how I got myself out of my unit. Where would I go after I put my first step on the door of freedom? There is no way for that patient to be literally outside the hospital. She is still lost inside these walls. She might be more scared outside her unit. What if she got hurt? God, I would be responsible for that. I should have called the police or at least informed the staff but it was too late then to regret.
“ I would find her and bring her back just in time.” , I said to myself. 

It was 6.15 P.M , 45 minutes from then and I would start my lone night shift. So, no need to worry no one would get hurt and if there would be someone, it would be me. 
I got out of my office, locked it behind and walked the long endless corridor. On my way to the first floor to start my night shift and searching journey, I met Nurse Lily. She told me that Tom was ready and she locked him inside his unit. I asked her which unit he was put in for I needed to set with him for his first recorded session. She said: 
” I - at first - planned to put him withMs. Veronica. However, he protested in a very nagging way. He said he doesn`t want to share his room with someone else. So I found unit six empty and placed him in.”
The moment she spelled unit six out of her mouth, I stood still with my eyes opened wide. She noticed how pale in a second I turned to be.
“What`s the matter dear, are you feeling sick?”
She asked in a worried tone.

“ No I am fine it`s just my first day, you know how my period tires me.”
I replayed trying to fool her.
“ I will take your place, you need to rest. Go home and get some sleep.”
She offered as she laid her hands around my shoulders.
“ No way I would let you, believe me I am fine. I would get some rest here. It is just a night shift I could lay down with my eyes open, right?” 
 I insisted nicely.
“ Alright then, make sure to eat something and if you needed anything give me a call.”
She said as she left.
It was 6:50 P.M, ten minutes later and I would be locked inside this mental hospital  alone with a released patient. I didn`t know what that patient was up to. I didn`t know where to start searching. I sat down on the cold floor with my arms around my knees. 

Remember the times you enjoyed  playing hide and seek with your siblings when you were a child? The rules of the game are simple. One only person is blindfolded and he should count to ten. After he finishes, his mission is to get you out of your shelter. He walked slowly and quietly trying to listen to your heart beating fast. His mission was mainly based on following his instinct all the time because he knew each one of you so well. He knew you are smart enough not to hide inside the closet or under the bed. He searched for you in most unexpected places. He knew you would even try to fit yourself inside most dangerous places like an oven so that you wouldn`t get caught. He knew the rules of the game and so did you. However, the second he takes off his blindfold,  his vision becomes blinded by the desire to find the truth. He then forgets the nature of the game which is fun. He starts looking for you to prove he is smart. You become the prey for him to haunt. He becomes the dominant of the game while you are still locked inside yourself.
The first place I searched for patient X was the patients` locker room where we kept their belongings. It crossed my mind that I might find something there leads me to her. The room was one of many other rooms in the nurses` station in the first floor. The station where the visitors also used to set and wait until they can meet their patients. It is the only floor in this huge building that is occupied with sane people only. As I reached the door which was open for it was within the safe zone, I turned on the lamb and started looking around the place. It seemed neat and clean, there was not any mess indicating a break in. The locker of unit six belongings was easy to be found among the other lockers. I brought out its key and unlocked it. It was empty like it was never used before. I was shocked, however, that was not a bad signal of anything. I mean maybe that patient had nothing to keep. 
The moment I shut the locker, I heard the door slowly shutting down. I ran to see who was there but there was nobody but I. I can`t deny the blood flow in my veins was running fast. I was afraid but not from the released patient. I was afraid of walking that huge building alone without knowing what was waiting for me. I needed to go back to my office and start Tom`s first recorded session before he falls asleep. On my way back, I couldn`t stop thinking where patient X would be and if there was a possibility she is even hiding. For it was not making any sense, how could you hide when you have been locked inside a prison as every patient says? If that patient got herself out, she wouldn`t be still inside. She must be out by now or on her way to be out. Freedom is valuable whether you are aware of it or not. Who would like to be stuck inside a unit without any rights? You don`t have the right to at least schedule your time. You are fed through a small cavity down the door. You don`t have the right to order what you want. You just have to eat what you`re giving to survive. You live the life of a dog. However, dogs seem to have a virtue after all.
Before I started Tom`s recorded session, I had to prepare myself for it. So I read what was written on his file. Sure there was not so much since he arrived that afternoon. However, I needed to go over it for basic information.
“ This is Thomas Adam Valerius  first recorded session dated 4 April 2016 by Dr. Alex Kameleon.”
I said after pressing the recording button on the recorder. 
Tom was sitting right in front of me holding his torn doll. It looked like a doll for a girl, not a boy. He kept playing with its hair which was messy and kept pressing against its eyes. 
 “ Hello, Tom.”
I said with a soft low voice to grab his attention.
“ I don`t like it here, why am I in this place? I want my dad.”
He said in a very scared tone. 
“ Don`t be afraid Tom, I would get you out after we play a little game. I will ask you few questions and I promise if you answered me honestly, I would safely get you home.”I added some lies for his own sake. Who would get out of this place once he is in? Even if you are not insane, what we do would make you one. Tom then beckoned his head to show agreement. 
“ Good boy, now tell me why did you start a fire in Mrs. Valerius House?”
I asked with my eyes fixed on him.
“ It wasn`t me.” He answered.
“ Then who was it? It was only you and her in the house that night ”
I asked again.
He was silent for perhaps a minute and finally said:
“ It was Retta.”
“ Who is Retta” 
I asked wonderingly. He then pointed at the doll he was carrying and said:
“ This is Retta.”
“ Retta couldn`t do anything by herself Tom, it is just a doll.” 

I added while he kept looking at Retta and whispering things I couldn`t hear. 
“ What are you telling Retta, Tom? Could you speak out loud so I can hear you both talking?” 
 I said staring at him.
“ I promised Retta not to tell anyone and now she is mad at me. She said anyone knows about her must die but I asked her not to kill you because I like you.” 
 Tom said nicely. 
“ She cannot hurt me or anyone Tom. It is just a doll.” 
I assured him but he kept that worried look for so long. For a child, that was so unmerciful, the way he acted and the way he seemed worried.
I relaxed my back against the chair and asked him the same question again.
“ Tom, Tell me why did you start the fire? Now I don`t want anymore playing games, just tell me the truth.”
I said in a very serious tone. “ I told you the truth why don`t you believe me? It was Retta.” 
 He said screamingly with his eyes full of tears.
My patience was running out. Usually, I can control myself but I couldn`t with Tom for my mind was just thinking about Patient X. I stood up and slapped the desk with my right hand. I hated what I did, it reminded me of Dr. William`s  toughness with his patients.
“ Listen little boy, I have no time for playing games. You better tell me the truth now or I swear to God I …..”
I said cruelly but before I could finish my threat, A sound of a slammed door filled the place in violence. I was afraid and I hurried up to see what was that.
“ You can`t stop it.”
Tom said and laughed.
“ Stay right where you are, I`ll be soon back.”
I addressed Tom and locked him in while I went to check the place out. The sound was as I assumed coming from the rooftop for there was no opportunity it would come from where the units are. I was sure it was from the rooftop. I climbed the stairs as fast as I could. Once I reached the rooftop, it was so dark and quiet. I tried to turn on the light but it was not working. I hesitated to stay at first but something kept me.
“ Hello, is anybody there? ”
I asked with a confident voice yet I was afraid to the core. Silence was the respond to my question. There was not a single voice but that of my heart beating fast and my cold breaths. The rooftop was as huge as the building and of course as creepy as it was. Not denying its only advantage, it had no ceiling. As a part of a mental hospital, the rooftop was the best place to present freedom. No barriers, no locked doors nothing. Just you, the sky and the scent of fresh air.
After exploring the rooftop without finding anything, I decided to go back down to my office. The moment I reached my office, I found the door open and Tom wasn’t where I left him. That was extremely creepy. Come on, I was sure I locked him in, remember my readers? How the hell did he get out? or to be more specific who the hell got him out? The latter question was the right one to be asked yet the scariest. It meant a presence of someone else besides me in this place. Could it be patient X? Why would she do that? Was it some kind of playing with my nerves game? I was so damn puzzled, I couldn`t stop blaming myself for taking the responsibility for all of that. I couldn`t wait to catch the person behind this tough creepy night. I knew there was someone playing with me but I wasn`t sure who he was. I stood in my office looking for some kind of clue. I looked here and there until my eyes were upon the recorder. Guess what people? it was still recording, It seemed I forgot to pause it for a while. I ran to it and played it back hoping something in there would help me out. I skipped the part when Tom and I had our discussion until I reached the moment I got out and started to listen carefully. As I told you people, I am not crazy, it was even recorded on the tape, the sound of the key locking up the door before I left. There was only silence recorded for maybe five minutes. It seemed that Tom didn`t even talk with his doll he claimed talking to. A minute after, footsteps sounded so loud. Someone got inside my office. Someone broke in for sure. The sound seemed to get closer to the extent I felt someone standing by my side. Someone stood where I was standing at the moment. Someone did even open the box under my office. I slowly placed my hand near the box to open it. There was nothing missing or added to my box. Everything was exactly as I left it before. Except for one thing, remember the magical key I earlier told you about? It was gone. The key that opens each and every door in this place is gone.
“ In whose possession is it now? ” 
I asked myself. I can`t deny everything I felt right at the moment. Manipulated, insane or maybe worse. It was like someone was playing me like a pawn. It was obviously not an act of a patient, a sane person seemed behind all of that but  “ Who is that? Who is that? ”

To Be Continued ...!!

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