Cold Mountains

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This is a short story about the village's inhabitants in a place called "Cold Mountains". It's totally about goodness in human-beings and the results of bad behaviors.

Submitted: May 30, 2018

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Submitted: May 30, 2018



Cold Mountains


In a distant region of the capital and urban civilization, people lived in the mountains. Although the region was very cold and its people had a hard life but humanity was alive among them. The inhabitants of this region were known as Cold Mountains Inhabitants, were divided into several groups. The first group was climbers who collected herbs and hunted in the mountain. The second group provided clothing for inhabitants and the third group was responsible for trade business. The fourth group also was responsible for essential jobs in the village.

A man named Peter Craft lived in this village who had two children named Alan and Sarah. Peter was a prominent mountaineer in the village but he always worked alone because his wife had left him for an unknown reason and Peter suffered from an irreparable mental shock. Alan was seventeen and along with a home-study, he had created a site for himself and he raised a herd of sheep and he was really diligent at his work. Sarah was nineteen and she had learned hairdressing profession in the city but since she had gone to the city instead of focusing on her profession she had met luxurious girls who had trained her free-living and she suffered from sexual abuse illness from men.

In this village, a middle-aged woman named Catherine Ellis lived who was responsible for administrative affairs of the village and of course, she was very fashionable and solemn. Catherine had a deep sympathy for Peter because of that she always watched his daughter's affairs, Sarah, and she occasionally created barriers in her affairs to not reach her filthy desires. Sarah also knew this and she always tried to spoil the brilliant image of Catherine among the villagers by making rumors and slander which of course she still hadn't succeeded because Catherine's services to the village's inhabitants were so large that people couldn't believe these rumors.

Among the villagers, there was another person from the retired army troops Tom Gareth who had a lot of conversance in the military affairs and often helped the village sheriff in arresting the perpetrators. The sheriff of the village was also Tom's nephew who called him Ranger. The rest of the village's inhabitants often carried out the affairs of the village spontaneously and without wage which they didn't expect to receive wages.

A group of climbers, as well as a number of volunteer inhabitants, decided to build a number of forest houses for the urgent time in the mountains. To perform this goal the group prepared its own first accessories to go to the mountains for a few weeks and start its work. The group was led by a person named Richard Gallon. Richard had a lot of information about the construction of forest houses that's why the group had chosen him as its leader.

Richard's group went to the mountains. There were two paths in the mountains route which none of them were easy to come and go. Richard gathered the group and agreed with them to build two suspension bridges for these two paths. But the problem was that all of them weren't dominant in mountaineering. So they decided that people who weren't good at climbing would stay on one path and help and the rest go to the other path.

The group began its work and built two wooden suspension bridges after a few days and the other group was divided into two groups and each of them went to one path. Richard told two climbers to go with the cable from one side of the path to the other side which they could eventually tighten the bridge on the cables. The two climbers who were women and of course, they were very coordinated with each other, began their work. After a few hours, they reported to Richard via Walkie-Talkie that they reached the other side of the path.

The scaffolding group started its work which included four professional scaffolding workers. One of the path work took more than a week which the group eventually succeeded to exploit the bridge on the first path and all of them celebrated this success. There was a debate among the group that their supply is low and a group should go down the mountains and bring more supplies and of course, also more workforces to the top of the mountains. Richard agreed to this and this group went.

The second path was a very dangerous path and even a group that was on the other side of the path had been working in a hard situation which they informed Richard about the early advancement of their work. Richard asked the two women who had installed the cables on the first path, to contribute on the second path but both of them refused to do this work because of the danger and both of them proposed Peter that he was the only one who could install these cables on this path. Eventually Richard and one of the people of the group went to the village with him.

On the way back to the village a cougar attacked Richard and his companion who unfortunately was killed and with a little bit of effort and fight by Richard the cougar ran away from the incident place. Richard who was very shocked left his companion limpingly and went to the village. When he arrived at the village he went straight to the sheriff's office and shared the story with the sheriff where the sheriff and the relief team went to the incident place and Richard also returned to his home to rest and regeneration. After a few days of rest and cope with the incident, Richard decided to talk to Peter about the suspension bridge but he was informed that it was a few days that Peter had gone to the outside of the village to buy and do personal affairs.

Sarah in her hairdressing shop was informed about the incident had happened to Richard and his companion but instead of being unhappy about this incident she became very pleased. This was one of the most Sarah's evil and bad actions when she was faced a bad event. The reason for this reaction was that at times she wanted to make out with Richard's killed companion and reach her personal pleasure she wasn't successful. Of course it didn't have a difference for Sarah making out and having sex with man and woman and unfortunately, there was also no psychoanalyst in the village for those people who had such illness to be under treatment. That's why Sarah continued her work to disturb and disassemble the sentiments of the village's people. She was very sensitive to her brother and if anyone wanted to harm in slightest scale to him most likely his or her life would be at risk by Sarah.

There was a female doctor in the village who had been taken her surgery permit from her because of a medical mistake at a hospital and she only had medical examination permit but she illegally carried out surgeries by coercion and she did it according to the will of village's patients themselves. They called this female doctor Lucy Fraud who had accustomed to this name and no longer used her real name. Lucy had a substantial role in the abortion of some women that had caused hatred and bad rumors about her in the village and sellers and the other village agents less cooperated with her. The house and of course her workplace was near the waterfall a little further away from the village that had provided a good opportunity for doing illegal medical examinations for Lucy.

In an exciting day Alan had taken his cattle to the pasture and in the middle of the path, he crossed the river that he noticed a girl who was washing her clothes by the river. Alan stopped for a few minutes but he didn't approach and looked at the little girl that she ultimately noticed Alan, smiled and left there. Alan also looked into the sky, sighed and continued on his way. In the following, Alan noticed a number of armed unidentified riders who passed by the mountains that seemed they were in a very hurry and looked terrible at Alan and crossed him. Alan wondered what kind of work these people could have had in this mountains.

In the following path, Alan was thinking about the riders, he realized something strange in the water. He got off his horse and went into the water and realized that a red color substance was boiling from the inside of the river. Alan thought to himself what it could be; he went a little bit forward and found an unconscious naked woman by the river where blood was shedding from the middle of her legs. Alan quickly put the poor woman on his horse and left his cattle and set off to the village quickly.

Alice was a disabled girl who watched people crowd from the porch every day and simultaneously was painting. Alice Cooper was sheriff's daughter who suffered from a mysterious spinal cord disease and became paralyzed but her hope for life was so high that shook every person. Of course, Alice had a good income by selling her paintings that had made her financially independent of her family.

Margaret Fun was Alice's friend who always came to Alice around noon to rest and before opening her restaurant and she talked about daily issues with her and of course, after rest, she also took Alice for lunch to her restaurant. Margaret was a beautiful woman whose husband deceased in an oil mine explosion and she was widowed early in her youth. But she didn't lose her morale and continued her life by opening her restaurant. Margaret had a lot of information about bandits and it was because of her environment in which she had lived in childhood and she had struggled with many disasters but she had never talked to anyone about this because it reminded her pain, suffering and very bitter memories.

A priest lived in the village who was addicted to alcohol but everyone knew this secret but nobody talked about the priest's problem. The priest had a good feature and that was silence at the time of people's protest because he knew if he intervened in the people's protest no problem would be solved so he always tried to find a solution for the problems. The priest provided a questionnaire and put it in the post office of the village whereby the people who went there participated in the survey and the results announced by the priest after two weeks. In this way, the priest's addiction also caused no problem and the people's problems were solved too. At the end of solving the problems father Farrell toasted to himself.

A shipment of military ammunition was supposed to arrive in the village but it had a few weeks delay. The sender of ammunition used smugglers to send military shipments to the remote areas. The reason for this was that he had to use smuggler for the safe delivery of ammunition and piracy risks. But why the smuggler? Nobody knew the reason for it better than him because the shipments had been taken to delivery by the ordinary people in previous times all of them had been abducted and the deliverer himself had been killed. He usually used the attractive female smugglers to deliver the shipment who did usually correctly for the receipt of some drugs and money and they also didn't have any friendship with anyone and performed as a robot.

The riders, Alan had seen in the forest, had apparently been informed about the arrival of the shipment by the spy, therefore, they rushed to a certain place. These riders or bandits were all former officers of the army who, usually for sabotaging in the security systems of the country, did such things that most of them demanded certain demands from the government that the government had not paid attention to them and rejected by the elite politicians. For this reason, in the clothes of bandits in order to adjudicate their right and establish an anarchist group they were engaged in piracy of war ammunition which was very dangerous for national security. But nobody had information about the vagrancy of these people and experience of their hard and painful lives they had and only under the influence of media, people thought that their lives were at risk and in the previous operations of these people nobody had been killed but they had left several wounded.

In the village, an agricultural expert named Paul Roberts lived who worked at the post office instead of his specialized field. Paul usually went outside of the village two or three times a week to conduct post office assignments and was familiar with many people. His boss at the post office knew that Paul was an agricultural expert but the mountains didn't have a suitable condition for agricultural work. But Paul in his free time in his small hut had built a laboratory and worked on genetically modified seeds of his own but he wasn't always successful in his work and he usually encountered problems and tried to examine another way. He had enough good relationship with Peter because he didn't interfere in someone's life and he did his own business.

Alan along with the unconscious naked woman arrived in the village and directly went to Lucy's house. Margaret saw Alan along with that woman from her restaurant's window and immediately called the sheriff's office. Alan came to Lucy's house and asked for help. Lucy came out of her house and helped Alan to get that woman to her home-clinic. Lucy asked Alan to go to the village immediately and provide the necessary medicines from the pharmacy which wrote them on a piece of paper immediately and gave it to Alan. Alan took the prescription and immediately returned to the village. When Alan got in the pharmacy to provide the medicines, sheriff's deputy stopped him and asked him to explain the story. Alan said to the sheriff's deputy: I have to provide the medicines for now and give them to Dr. Lucy, you can come with me, I'll explain everything to you. Sheriff's deputy thought a little and looked at Alan and agreed to his request. Alan provided the medicines and set off to Lucy's house with sheriff's deputy.

Sarah became aware of the incident through a phone call that Margaret had taken with her. But she didn't act hastily and waited for the right time. At the same time, one of the smugglers who had come to the village for delivery of ammunition shipment passed through Sarah's shop and went straight to the police station. Sarah came out of her shop and saw a woman who had been got off her truck to deliver the shipment and completely forgot about what had happened to her brother and had completely enchanted by the beauty of the female smuggler. The name of this woman was Linda Mendez who came to the Cold Mountains village for the first time. Linda informed the forces of the police station that she had brought the shipment and instructed her where to park the truck which could easily evacuate the shipment.

The sheriff and the group who had gone to the place of Richard's companion corpse, on the path sheriff found out some movements near the corpse and hinted the group to stop so to check what the matter is. He prepared his weapon and calmly and calmly approached the corpse. He looked at the back of the rock a little bit lower than the corpse and in fact, he could see from the top of the rock. He noticed that there were a number of hungry wolflings near the corpse but they couldn't come up and feed the corpse. So the sheriff took his weapon toward the sky and fired and the wolflings fled. But the danger was still not resolved because it was unclear whether there were adult wolves and other predatory animals nearby or not. Finally, he pointed out the group to come and prepare the corpse to take it down the mountains.

Peter after several days of absence in the village returned from his business trip and the first place he went that was Dr. Lucy's house. The reason why he went to Lucy's house was unclear and it was so strange for Sarah who had accidentally seen his father in the village and chased him partly on the path going to Dr. Lucy's house. The reason for it from Sarah's view was that his father had no interest in meeting Dr. Lucy for works she had done for Sarah.

When Peter arrived at Dr. Lucy's house and knocked on the door and Lucy opened the door. Lucy was very surprised because she didn't expect to see Peter there. Peter looked at Lucy's bloody clothes and hands and asked her: What are you doing? Are you doing an illegal work again? I hope you get an incurable disease and die and he spat on Lucy's face and left there. Alan who had heard his father's voice there and saw the event stealthy from behind the window but he didn't dare to inform his father of his presence there, he stayed silent. Lucy cleaned her face and returned to her home-clinic where she took a serious look at Alan and continued to treat the wounded woman. Apparently, the wounded woman had severely raped under Lucy's examinations but she was very lucky that Alan had brought her to Lucy's house for surgery in good time. Lucy and Alan, after a few hours of hard surgery, did what they could do to save the wounded and waited to see what the result would be.

Tom had seen the riders from top of the mountain and also had seen Alan during the transfer of the wounded woman to the village. Tom according to his experience about military affairs thought with himself that these riders and that wounded woman were most likely connected and the riders for a special target with such a speed were galloping to the village where the coming and going in there was very low. As a result, he returned to the village and went to Catherine's office. Tom explained the story to Catherine and Catherine began to think deeply and began to send an email to the governor. She asked for help from the governor because of the probable danger to the village's inhabitants and sending them more security forces to the village and governor answered her positively.

Tom came out of Catherine's office and went to the police station but he realized that the sheriff had gone to the mountains as well as a military shipment had just arrived in the village where the agents of the police station were evacuating the shipment. Tom certified that the riders had surely been informed of the shipment's arrival in the village. Tom thought to himself what had happened to the wounded woman and she had to have some information about it. So he decided to know her condition and the first place came to his mind, the commonplace for the suspicious wounded people, was Dr. Lucy's house.  Then he went straight there.

On the path, Tom saw Peter where he was coming back from Dr. Lucy's house. He stopped him and told him the story. Peter thought to himself and said that he had to inform the village's inhabitants about the probable danger. So he told Tom that he would go to doctor's house, stay there until the wounded woman become conscious, take some information about the riders, he himself went to the village to gather the inhabitants and inform them about the riders to prepare for an imminent battle. Meanwhile, Catherine prepared some statements and ordered her agents to immediately distribute them in the village.

Linda settled in the village guesthouse and because she came to the village through the government authorities, they served and welcomed her extraordinarily. In the guesthouse, the news of the riders approaching the village had spread around because of the new shipment's arrival. Linda became also anxious about the situation and she would get into trouble because of her infamy. She decided to leave the village as soon as possible but as the sheriff had not yet returned to the village she still had to wait until the sheriff sign the papers and she could leave the village. So she was enforced to stay in the guesthouse until the sheriff return when her room's phone rang. The receptionist told her that one of the village's inhabitants intended to meet her in the lobby and invited her to drink coffee. Linda was surprised by this and decided to go to the lobby. In the lobby, she saw a girl waiting for her with a half-naked and attractive dress and waved her. Linda went ahead and said: Do I know you? Sarah told her: No, but we can have a good night together. Linda was surprised but she didn't feel bad about her suggestion and decided to accept her invitation.

Alan stayed beside the wounded woman for all night and told Lucy to go and rest. Alan had been suffered from insomnia due to the images of riders and wounded woman had seen and reviewed them in his mind repeatedly. This state was due to Alan's sensitive morale and his sister, Sarah, was aware of this and for this reason, she always defended Alan to prevent him from mental stress suffering. Lucy went to her bedroom and was so tired that she fell asleep immediately when she laid on the bed. Alan had been struggling mentally for a few hours that the wounded woman woke up and asked Alan for water. Alan filled a glass of water and gave her. The first question the wounded woman asked Alan was: Did you see the riders or not? Alan answered: I saw them. The wounded woman asked Alan: What's your name? Alan answered: Alan. The wounded woman told him that my name is Dakota. Those riders you saw were the people who raped me, burned my clothes, left me by the river naked and wounded until I fainted of fear and of course I had internal bleeding that apparently I am better now. Dakota told Alan that I am your new village manager, one of the riders knows me well, they chased me near the village and killed my driver and raped me collectively. The reason was that I didn't want to help them in national sabotage and this was my retribution. Dakota looked at Alan and said: Alan you have a special calmness that I told you the whole story. It's better to go to the village and tell the story to Catherine Ellis. Alan asked her: Do you know Catherine? Dakota said: Yes, she's my sister.

The priest went to Margaret's restaurant to eat. He saw Alice a little bit anxious there and in time for ordering the lunch asked Margaret about what had happened to her because she looked anxious and Margaret said: Apparently, a group of notorious riders who are wanted by the state has been seen by Alan for a riot and an attack near the village. The priest said: Well, how has he seen them?  Margaret said: When he went to the forest to graze his flock, he had seen them near the village and a little bit further he had found a naked and wounded woman and took her to Dr. Lucy's house. Father Farrell asked: How did you find out? Margaret said: Sarah defined the story for us and an announcement has distributed in the village that you could see it for yourself. Margaret gave Catherine's announcement to the priest and he sighed and said: God leads us all to the right path.

Paul was in the restaurant too and heard the conversation between Margaret and father Farrell and asked for his bill. Paul, after paying his bill, went straight to the post office to talk to his boss. Paul posed the subject in his boss's office and asked his boss to ask for a number of CCTVs until he could install them in different parts of the village with the help of inhabitants to observe the situation in the village. His boss hesitated a little and said: It's not a bad idea and he wrote a letter, gave it to Paul and Paul immediately went to the city to provide the CCTVs. Paul's boss also went to Catherine's office to inform her about the CCTVs. Catherine welcomed it and issued a permit on one condition that monitoring the situation in the village must be done in her office.

The sheriff and the relief group brought the corpse to the village and the sheriff went to the police station. They informed the sheriff that the military shipment had arrived for them, he had to sign the delivery papers, he signed them immediately and informed Linda that her papers are ready. The sheriff asked for the sheriff's deputy. They told him he had left the police station and had no news of him. The sheriff called the sheriff's deputy and the sheriff's deputy shared the story with him. The sheriff noticed a possible danger and told his troops to be ready for a military action. At this time, Peter went to the sheriff's office and told him the story that he found out the sheriff knew the story and went back to his home.

Peter saw Richard on the way back home. Richard told him about the suspension bridges, Peter decided to go home first, check Alan, then go to the mountains with Richard, help Richard and his group for performing the project. Richard went to the restaurant and Peter Reached his home. He called Alan, he found out that Alan wasn't home and called Sarah to ask where Alan is but Sarah didn't answer. So Peter prepared his tools, called Richard to ask him about his readiness to work, arranged somewhere with him and they went to the mountains.

Tom arrived at Dr. Lucy's house and instead of the doctor, Alan opened the door, Tom surprised and asked: What are you doing here? and Alan said: Come inside and hear it yourself. Tom went inside and started talking to Dakota. At the same time, the sheriff called Tom and asked him for help. Tom told sheriff the story of Dakota and the sheriff went to Catherine's office to tell her about her sister. Tom and Alan got out of Dr. Lucy's house and Dr. Lucy observed their exit from behind the window. Dr. Lucy went to Dakota to check her condition and hear the story from Dakota's tongue. Dakota also patiently defined her the story again. Dr. Lucy prepared for Dakota comfortable suits, helped her to wear them and went to the kitchen to cook something to eat for Dakota and herself.

Sarah, after making out with Linda, wore her clothes and left her in cold blood. Linda got ready because the contact had been taken with her and went to the police station to take the papers. Sarah went back home but Alan wasn't there. Alan came back home after a few minutes and Sarah questioned him about the wounded woman, Dakota. Alan answered the strange questions of her sister, went to his flock to check and feed them. After drinking a cup of coffee, Sarah changed her clothes and went to her hairdressing shop.

The sheriff's deputy went back to the police station and according to the sheriff's order, prepared himself to protect the village. Richard and Peter also reached the second group to build the suspension bridge and Peter began to install the cable. In a few minutes, Peter reached the other side of the path and the group started to install the suspension bridge quickly. After five hours, the installation of the suspension bridge finished and the group was very happy to build the two suspension bridge to ease the traveling. But Richard informed the group of the imminent incident that everyone decided to return to the village to help the inhabitants.

Linda decided to get out of the village after receiving the papers immediately while the riders arrived. Linda started her truck that one of the riders approached her, pointed to Linda with his weapon to get out of the truck but she didn't and he shot Linda. The sheriff and the other military forces took a military position, the sheriff told the riders to surrender themselves but they started firing, screaming to disrupt the village's conditions and creating fear in the hearts of village's inhabitants.

Margaret closed her restaurant and told her customers to take shelter to see what happens. The sheriff's daughter was as usual in the restaurant and of course, she was very scared. Margaret prepared her weapon to defend herself and the others in the event of an imminent attack. In the same situation, father Farrell sounded the church's bell to inform all of the village's inhabitants about the attack of the riders. Catherine, Paul, Tom and Catherine's colleagues observed the situation from the office by the CCTVs that had secretly been installed everywhere in the village by Paul with the help of the inhabitants. This was at least they could do when Catherine's phone rang and they declared to her that the auxiliary troops were near the village and Catherine also informed them about the attack of the riders to the village. So they waited for the auxiliary troops arrival but Tom couldn't stay there and left the place to help the sheriff.

The riders sent a message to the sheriff to hand over a number of military items to leave the village. The sheriff waited until Tom arrived, the sheriff told him the story and Tom informed the sheriff about the closeness of the troops. So the sheriff decided to accept the riders' request while Sarah, the crazy girl, appeared naked in front of the riders. The riders, instead of accepting the shipment and leaving the village, forgot their purpose completely.

Richard, his group and Peter arrived near the village and noticed the messy situation of the village. Richard and his group decided to secretly make handy traps, get guns and wait for the suitable time to attack the riders. On the other hand, the auxiliary forces closed the main entrance of the village and sent the rest of the troops in appropriate places to attack the riders. But Peter was very surprised that he saw his daughter, Sarah, naked near the riders and anger took all of his existence. Some of the riders prepared themselves for sexual satisfaction and Sarah entertained them will full pleasure. Alan had been lurked with his own weapon in a corner where no one knew his existence except Catherine and his colleagues in her office.

After sexual satisfaction of several riders suddenly, a shot sound was heard and blood flowed from Sarah's head. Yes, Alan ended up with a bullet to his sister's life because he couldn't bear the shame and also one of the riders fired at Alan that of course, didn't hit him and he fled from the place. While Tom was watching this incident, he was not only upset about this incident but he was very happy that his child had ended up to this story and he was worried about Alan and went after him.

The riders attacked the police station, began firing which they killed many of them and took some of them as hostages. The head of the riders ordered to prepare the military shipment for leaving the village and sent a message to the troops who had closed the entrance of the village to open the place otherwise they would kill the hostages one by one. At the same time, one of Richard's group members told the head of the auxiliary forces that they are ready to fight with the riders. The head of the auxiliary forces told him to wait for his signal. The head of the riders ordered several of the riders to prepare the village's buildings with bombs and be ready to explode them.

The head of the auxiliary forces signaled to his forces as well as to the village's inhabitants to attack who were ready to attack. After the declaration of the attack signal, suddenly, a large group of the riders arrived behind the auxiliary forces and began firing. This group of riders killed all of the auxiliary forces, village's inhabitants and according to their boss blew up all the buildings in the village. The riders loaded the required military shipments and left the region. All the village's inhabitants were murdered and only Peter, Alan, Dr. Lucy, Dakota and father Farrell survived. The only place the riders didn't explode was the church. They didn't know about the Dr. Lucy's and Peter's houses.

Peter and Alan Decided to leave the village and start their lives elsewhere. Dr. Lucy decided to stay in the village and continue her life. But Dakota was appointed as the governor of the Cold Mountains village after the arrival of the government forces and rebuilding the village. Father Farrell was drunk as usual, was completely unaware of the village's problems and the only thing mattered to him was a glass of pure wine. The riders in a difficult conflict in the other region killed a large number of government forces but didn't achieve all of their goals and hid in the shadows.

The End

© Copyright 2018 Behnam Zeraat. All rights reserved.

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