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Submitted: May 30, 2018

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Submitted: May 30, 2018




A Story by bluessadmood


never thought such misery would run free on earth and not one ever interested.. what to say

Warda was so proud of herself,she was almost 18 y,her dreams were always high
she never thought one day anything will stop her dreams,where seems they
just will never end..
she lived with mother and father ,in a sweet home,home was small,but was like heaven
she was good at everything after school,she would visit some friends,she loved acting done some plays on local stage ,she would bewilder her friends with the way would do her role
like naturally born actress..yes she even would sing ,once she starts the lyrics and words
would stun everyone..seems no end to her ambitions ,and pride..
yes she was so proud she got all those talents..one day i will be a star,she thought
and she loved a young boy,he was so good looking but so different,he was amazed at her
vitality,what free will and high hopes she got ,he thought..he would just bring her news 
how thing are going so bad,lots of killing every day..
she just dismissed it all,she was so reactive to what sufferings she heard about..
it was just a way to deter her thoughts,to never think a lot,or everything will just 
fade away ,dreams and hopes she kept building on..suddenly she turned around
was it a dream ,ohh no.. she was some hundreds of miles away,where her father smuggled them at night after a very heavy bombing near their house..now they stand in a wilderness on the border with a different country among lot others misery waiting to cross the border
even here she was optimistic there must be a way to keep on her dreams,maybe in 
that other country things would be easier,be a star one day ,she dreamed,so proud
a man looked like a refugee worker,came closer ,he just seemed bewildered at those
green dreamy eyes,still filled with so much faith and strength,he must have thought
she was in kind of shock..for looking at everything,who would stand so erect,and strong
and proud where all were so miserable and shamed and hungry just looking for a place
to lie and if lucky even die in peace..but this girl was different,she was like lost,and smiling
he handed he a sandwich and some water,the poor thing was like shivering though it never showed on her face..it was like a hit on the head... she saw whats offering,she just could not pull herself together, not anymore,like suddenly she knew whats happening ,how proud she was,she was but no more
and she gave in to some hysterical cries,and started sobbing,tears would never stop
yes she told him ,hardly the words flowing..yes i am hungry starving ,and dying
dreams are dying,but i wanted to be a star one day..that day will never come,now i know....


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© Copyright 2018 bluessadmood. All rights reserved.

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