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Chapter 1 (v.2) - Waking Up...

Submitted: May 30, 2018

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Submitted: May 30, 2018



Chapter 1

I wake up at 7:30 am, thanks to my mom.

“Honey, wake up, or we’ll be late to your camp!” Mom says, shaking me.

“MOM!!!” I groan, putting the pillow over my head, “I need at least 2 more hours of sleep!”

“Okay,” She says, shrugging, “I guess you’ll be late to camp…or not go at all, your choice.”

She leaves the room, and I get up. I guess I’ll have to get up.

I get out of my bed, and change into a crisp and clean white shirt, and tight black pants. After I heard my mom grab her coat and go out the door (she smokes), I slink to the kitchen and grab some waffles, and put them in the toaster. I start on a cup of OJ, when the waffles pop up. I grab them and scream “OUCH!!!” they were very hot. I scarf them down, along with the OJ, then run into my room, grabbing my suitcase, and bringing it out of my room, into the living room. I have all that I want, and need in there, well, almost everything. I run to my brother’s room, his name is DJ, and grab his snack bag, along with his treats, and homemade sugar-free Twinkies. He’s not awake yet, so I go free. I put the goodies in my purse, and sit in my room. I look around at the half-empty, half-full room, and remember that I forgot to pack my lifejacket. I walk over to the closet, and take it out, look down, and see something… strange. A worn-out book, with a crimson cover, and ancient gold letters, and a lock on the side. I look around, hoping for a key, and notice it was under the book.

“Silly me,” I mutter. I unlock the book, and a whirlwind of dust whips out at me. I wave my hand around, and cough. Though I knew for a fact that I had never seen this beautiful book before, it had a sense of Déjà vu. I looked at the first page, and right there, across the very top of the cream-colored page, is my name, my full name, written in blue, stand-out letters. Under that, an arrow points, with the inscription, “To the next page, please”. So I flip the page.

“Alyssa Marie Bridgeton, you have been recognized as one of the greatest magical beings on Planet Earth, a Linuer. You possess the power to recognize, advance on, and help other magical beings, such as Witches, Werewolves, Derannes, Vampires, Halles, Reimsangs, Banshees, and other magical creatures. In case you are wondering, you received your full power a while ago, August 12th, 2016, your 16th birthday. You are now 17, and have emotions that can handle this, on August 12th, 2018, you will have officially mastered magic, or else your body will have, if you cannot. Please remember that this is an advancement, so you will see many strange things, starting with your brother. Check and add entries. Thank you.” Then, the book shut on me. Now, in my brain, tiny “people” (my cells) were panicking, thinking I had a stalker, but I walked to my brother’s room, and saw a half green face, with a blue circle around one eye, and scales on that same side. All on his right side, his “good” side.  I shake him awake, too scared that he’ll kill me if I tell him I know.

“Hey, little bro. Wake up. We’re going to be late to camp if you don’t.” I say.

“Hi.” He whispers, waking up. He rubs his eyes, and I gasp, see his gills, and his webbing between his fingers. His eye, so beautifully pink. Right on cue, mom comes into his room.

“Oh, honey. Thank you for waking him up.” I looked at her to see any monster, but there was none. At least she was normal I nod, “Okay, now let’s go. Don’t wanna miss check-in, now do you?” So she pushed us to the front door.

“Wait!” I yell, and run to my room. I grab the book, and a poster, and shove them into my backpack, taking that out. I run out the front door, and jump into the front seat of my mom’s van. She gives me the “I don’t know what you were doing, but it now has started the new ripple effect” look. She starts the van, and we drive off.

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