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Chapter 2 (v.3) - Seeing for once

Submitted: May 30, 2018

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Submitted: May 30, 2018




Five freakin’ hours. That’s how long we’ve been driving. Five hours of smelliness. Five hours of bad music. Five hours of ‘Are we there yet?” s. Five hours of tension. Five hours…

“STOP THE VAN!!!” I yell, and mom slams the brakes. I jump out, into a field nearby. I hear a sigh, and the others are coming. We set up a picnic, and I sigh, and lay on the cool grass. We start eating, and I watch the clouds, thinking about them...and  the book. After drinks, and dessert, I decide to walk to a pond that I know has been there for quite a while.

"DJ, come on, let's swim!" I call to him, wanting to see him. I carry my backpack as I walk, and pull out the book. I decide to look up my brother's monster. As I look, he runs ahead of me, to the pond. Finally, a page flips, and I see his type, a very bad, but trying illustration of it. A Wilrone, a type of water monster. When we get to the pond, I get into my bathing suit, then jump in. The water is cool, making the sun hotter than in reality. He jumps in after me, and I see his full form. He smiles as he swims, quickly, stealthily, showing his perfect, pearly white teeth. No incisors, but molars. His nose, only slits, with lacy skin-scales, around them. is eyes are a magnificent pink, with yellow specks dotting his iris. His green blends with the algea in the blue pond, and the cirlce of blue cirles both eyes, with bubbles clinging on, while his scales ripple a bit. His feet (fins?) are sun-yellow, and have a bit of purple dancing with them. Soon I swam up, and he pretended that he needed to do the same, both of us gasping, me from his beauty, him from a secret untold.

"I know, DJ, I know." I say, ruffling his half of his head that has hair. He looks confused, until I say, "You're a Wilrone, a water monster. I know, okay?" I say, bracing for impact. He looks scared, and jumps out, then hugs me.

"At least that's one less thing off of my shoulders." He says, then hugs me, and runs off. Now that I saw, it's too cold. I pull a towel out of my backpack, and try to dry off, I see a cloud, and realize that I won't be able to make it to mom in time, unlike DJ, and people get electrocuted out here in thunderstorms. I decide to walk up to a cave in a cliff nearest to the pond. I climb, and climb, as the thunderstorm gets worse,and as I near the cave, I trip, and skin my knee, as well as yelp, causing quite a few deer close to me to run off, in fear, and knowing. I start to cry, and try to get up, but something is holding my arm down, twisting it a bit. I look to the side, and see a calm, yet angry boy holding one foot upon my arm, moving it slowly, and slightly, to the right. I look at his eyes, looking bored, and red, so, so, red. He looks up, and smiles hungrily. I feel the book pounding under my chest, as it sees something, but I don't need the book to know what he is...he is a Vampire. He smiled even wider as he saw my fear, exposing his razor-sharp teeth.

"Well, little one, have no fear, I'll make it quick. Though I shouldn't, especially after you scared away my main corse, but, since you are very... hurt, I guess you'll have to do, at least for now." He said. He smiled nicer this time, as though actually seeing a human, not a meal. I looked at him, and saw that he actually was pretty handsome. He had longish brown hair, pale skin, was pretty, tall, and lean, and had a sweet smile.

"What's your name, Vampire?" I asked as he picked his leg up.

"I'm Bishop. Bishop Owens." Said he, "What's yours?"

"I'm, Alyssa. Alyssa Bridgeton." I said, and looked him straight in the eye. He gasped, and backed away slowly.

"I-I'm sorry, Alyssa, but I guess, I'll just make another meal. Soon." He said, with a harmonic, silky voice. 

"Why?" I asked.

"Oh, well, then, okay. Umm, you have fire in your eyes, meaning, that you're a-a, a..." He said, coming closer.

"A Linuer?" I offered, smiling strangely. He nodded, "Well, then, let's make a truce, a pact.

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