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what if elemental warriors guardian characters met marvel cinematic universe

This event happens between book 1 and book 2 of Elemental Guardian Warriors

Submitted: May 30, 2018

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Submitted: May 30, 2018



The Multiverse of Elemental Guardian Warriors begins

As Dean was giving his report about the vampire attacks in Utah until Matt walked over to him.
“Hey Dean do you want to see cool I made?” asked Matt.

“Is it a new gun that kills anything,” answered Dean.

“Nope it's better,” said Matt.

As Dean followed Matt to his laboratory, Dean sees these watches that looked different.

“You wanted to show me watches,” said Dean.

“Nope better,” said Matt.

“Multiverse watches,” answered Dean.

“How did you know that?” asked Matt.

“It’s on your whiteboard,” said Dean.

Matt looked behind and saw that his invention was completely exposed. Matt flipped his whiteboard and covered it with an invisible cloak.

“You weren’t supposed to see that,” said Matt.

“Why did you invent this Matt,” wondered Dean.

“Well remember when Cratos told us how Ramiel escaped his dimension prison what if he was able to free his other fellow horseman so that’s why invented the multiverse watches so that we can prevent Ramiel from releasing his comrades,” said Matt.

“Interesting since Ramiel was released we are going to need every invention tech we need,” said Dean.

“Well Dean here is the catch,” said Matt.

“What's the catch?” questioned Dean.

“We can’t tell anyone about this,” said Matt.

“Why is that?” questioned Dean.

“The actual US government have been trying to get a hand on this tech and I can’t let it fall into the wrong hands,” said Matt.

“True, do you want to test it out,” asked Dean.

“Might as well I’m just curious where Ramiel was put a prison in,” said Matt.

Dean puts on one of the watches and sees multiple universes.

“So which universe was Ramiel in prison in,” asked Dean.

“I’m guessing the first one on your left I call it the Marvel universe,” said Matt.

Dean was surprised to hear the Marvel universe and said, “Really and how did you know this?”

“I went there,” said Matt.

“What did you see there?” questioned Dean.

“Steve Rogers on becoming Captain America,” said Matt. “But it seemed I was in the year 1942.”

“Wait you were in World War 2 and Captain America was there,” said Dean.

“Yeah, and I will tell you it’s not pretty,” said Matt.

“I’m gonna try it,” said Dean.

Dean pressed the go button and Dean was teleported to the universe where Xiao-Fang was in prison in and he was suddenly teleported to a battle of a city.

Dean quickly took cover and asked Matt on the watch, “What year is this and why am in this place where the city is under attack by aliens.”

‘OK I’m checking,” said Matt watch. “It turns out you’re in the battle of New York where Loki and the Chitari have just invaded and Avengers are trying to stop them in the year 2012.”

“I better go help them then,” said Dean.

“Dean, whatever you do don’t reveal your name to the Avengers because you’re not from this universe,” said Matt.

“Got it,” said Dean.


As the Avengers were fighting the Chitari, Dean was helping them from the shadows. As Dean was about to help Captain America he was then spotted by Iron Man.

“Cap you got someone behind him,” said Iron Man.

Captain America swung his shield at Dean but Dean quickly caught and Dean said, “I’m not enemy I’m just here to help.”

Dean threw Captain America’s shield at Chitari that was going to shoot at Captain America and the shield was flung right back, Captain America.

“Who are you kid?” asked Captain America.

“They call me The Guardian of Light,” said Dean.

“Cap. less talking more fighting,” said Black Widow from the com.

“What she said,” said Dean separating from Captain America.

After the Avengers captured Loki, Dean secretly teleported away as no one was looking.


When Dean returned to his own world, he looked at Matt and said, “That was amazing.”

“I know right,” said Matt.


It was night and Dean had just got out his car and saw that his door was open in his house. Dean went inside. Dean was about to pull out his sword until he heard a voice calling to him, “Dean Lee Zhou.”

“Yes,” said Dean.

A man then appeared from the shadows said to him, “I’m Nick Fury and I thought I might find you here.”

“How did you find me and how did you get here?” asked Dean.

“You think you and your friend are the only ones to discover the multiverse well guess my scientists and agents also discovered it as well,” said Nick Fury.

“What do you want Nick Fury,” said Dean.

“Just to give you this,” said Nick Fury as he disappeared.

Dean was handed the symbol of Avengers and said, “Well then let my road to heroism begin.”

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