A Mirror of Illusion(Game in description!)

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A kid named Marco is set on a quest to find the mirror dimension. He will journey with his friend Pablo on the way. Together they will find a way to save the world.

Play the video game here (No Download!!!): https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/226107344/#player

Submitted: May 31, 2018

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Submitted: May 30, 2018



Today is a great day. It's almost not real, except it is. I Marco get to go on a quest. A quest I don't know the mission is. And today I must go to the king to find out of this mission. So enter the corridor to find the king has been getting a serious illness that has no cure. That is until this person dressed in purple came in. "Who are you" said the king. "My name is Pablo and I am a prophet to tell of the chosen one" said the man in purple. "So what is so special about this chosen one"? asked the king. "He is the key to getting your cure, he is the only one who can pass through the mirror dimension, and that man is him" Pablo chanted. But then I realized he was pointing at me. "You are the only one who has the powers to touch the portal to the mirror world" said Pablo. And then he told me to reach out and aim my finger at him. And then kaboom, I shot a laser right out of my hand. And then I started turning the colors of a rainbow. Pablo told me this is my true form and it only last's until after a battle. He also told me I had the power to turn invisible by touching magical sphere's in the air. Also if I yell the words heal I can cure some of my wounds. But the cure is at the dark castle protected by a black night. So then he told me that I need to come along with him so then I know my way. And then we took a very long journey to the portal. But then we notice this kid with spiked hair come toward the portal. "My name is Ocram and I am here to stop the one named Marco from getting in this portal" said the spiked kid. I start getting ready for battle and then he starts to have the same powers as I do. So then I jump right into battle. He uses a lightning bolt and I doge it. But every time I hit him he keeps healing himself. But then I see this buble come out of nowhere. I decide to touch it and see what happens. I suddenly turn invisible and he can't seem to find me. So that's when I start throwing as much fireballs as I could. He looked very injured and told me that it wasn't the last time I was going to see him. So then I take a few steps and walk into the portal.

------------------------------(End of Part 1)--------------------------------------------------------

Sorry this was so short of a story but part 2 will have part 1 with more story to it and some more content continuing. Try this game in the meantime while I edit this story. By the way the game was made by all me. Write you commets below on how the story should continue and also in the game's comments on how you want me to fix the game too.


Game Link:https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/226107344/#player

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