Krystal's Best Forgotten Friend

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Why did Krystal decide to erase her own memory of her best friend?

Krystal is a real girl from New Zeland who messaged me and inspired me for this story. Enjoy. :)

Submitted: May 31, 2018

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Submitted: May 31, 2018



“What did they mean when they said I was selfish? Was it the way I said it? I just said I needed her. Did that sound like I’m using her? Is it so bad to be upset when you are losing someone? Are we all selfish? When someone dies, they don’t care anymore. They’re dead. So why do the rest of us mourn them? Because we will never talk to them again? Hug them? See them…? It’s all about us, us, us … Not them. Does that make all of us selfish?”

The red dragon bent his head in Krystal’s lap, and she stroked him. His eyes looked up at her, trying to say he doesn’t think she is selfish.

“Why do I always cry on the Family planet?” Krystal smiled sadly and wiped her tears. “It’s always hard to stay here too long. But I do like to visit you, red dragon.”

She hugged him around the neck and gave him a quick kiss.

“I need to go now.”

She stood up and looked down. She and her red dragon were standing on a small red planet called the Family planet. The ground was transparent, and Krystal was able to see all her family problems through it. It was like watching flashes of memories that were locked in the centre of the orb.

Krystal raised her eyes and looked around. There in the distance was another one of her planets. It was yellow, guarded by the yellow dragon. Krystal called it the Writing planet.

“Bye-bye, red dragon.”

She bent her knees and jumped hard. She flew through space in a big leap and landed on the Writing planet.

“Hello, yellow dragon!”

The dragon spread his wings in excitement and rubbed his head against Krystal’s chest.

“So, where was I? Oh yeah! I was looking for a quirk to give my ten billionth character. What are some good quirks? Help me.”

The dragon raised his eyebrows and looked all around, not being able to think of one.

“Hm … What about biting nails?” Krystal suggested. “No. I used that one before. Talking very loudly? No. I used that one before too. Of course, it’s possible for two characters to have the same quirk, but that is no fun. Okay, let’s think about what we know about this character. He is a teenage boy named James. He has a lot of problems at home, but he is very introverted and never wants to talk about them at school. He tries to hide everything, but he can’t hide the sadness in his eyes. That’s it! His quirk! He is always smiling, but he has sad eyes.”

She knelt and started putting down her new ideas. After a while, she got tired of writing and looked around again.

“Which planet should I visit next? There is the Studying planet with the blue dragon … The Career planet with the turquoise dragon … And the Relaxing planet with the pink dragon … Wait, what’s that?”

She pointed at a planet that was the farthest away. It was grey and barely noticeable.

“There is a grey dragon there, but I don’t remember him … Do you know him?”

The yellow dragon shrugged.

“And if I see correctly, there is another person on that planet. A boy! These planets have always been mine only! Who is that?!”

Krystal wanted to get closer, so she jumped on the Studying planet. From there she leapt onto the Career one. Then hopped on the Relaxing planet. From here she could see the grey planet more clearly.

“Who are you?!” she shouted at the boy.

The person on the grey planet did not reply. The grey dragon put its long tail in front of the boy in protection.

“You are guarding him? You are my dragon! Why are you guarding this stranger?!”

“Stranger?” the boy spoke. His eyes filled up with tears.

“Yes! This is the first time I see you! What are you doing here? This is my universe, my planets and my dragons!”

“You don’t remember me?”

“No.” She turned to the pink dragon who was stretching lazily right next to her. “Do you know this person?”

The pink dragon shook her head carelessly and prepared herself to take a nap.

“Come over here,” the boy said. “I won’t harm you.”

Krystal hesitated, but finally, she jumped and landed on the grey planet. It was a weird feeling being here. It seemed strangely familiar, but at the same time, she felt as if she had never been here before.

“Why did you abandon me?” the boy asked.

“Abandon you? I don’t even know you.”

“But it’s me, Mike. Your best friend.”

“I think I would have at least known your name if you were really my best friend,” Krystal snorted.

“But we are best friends,” Mike tried to convince her sadly.

“You are friends, Krystal,” the grey dragon spoke for the first time. Both of them looked up at him. “You erased your own memory of him.”

“I did what?” Krystal’s jaw dropped.

“The two of you faced a problem for the first time, and you couldn’t cope with it. You said it would be best if you burn Mike out of your memory and never have to deal with him again.”

“I would never do such a horrible thing,” Krystal argued. “Not to someone I considered a best friend.”

“But you did.”

Krystal looked at Mike.

“I would only do that if you had hurt me really badly. Did you?”

“Krystal, listen …” Mike tried to explain.

“I’m out of here.”

She turned around. In a few jumps, she was on the Studying planet with the blue dragon. She tried to focus on her studies but couldn’t get Mike out of her head.

“He must have hurt me. Otherwise, I would not have erased my memory of him. What could he possibly have done? Of course, people who are close to you, hurt you the most. But for me to take such a desperate measure, it needed to be horrible. But what if he is lying? Are they both lying? That could be possible. Or maybe Mike is one of the characters I invented, and he came to life!”

She suddenly remembered the character called James that she was choosing a quirk for. Sad eyes and a smile. Mike resembled him!

“Or maybe I do know Mike, and I subconsciously made a character who is just like him! Yes! But that doesn’t answer the question why I deleted my memory of him. Did he tell me he loved me and I wasn’t prepared for it? Or maybe …” Suddenly her heart sank. “Maybe I did it because I’m a bad person. Who knows? Perhaps I just did it because I was mean and wanted to hurt somebody. It’s possible. I can be cold-hearted and mean. So I have been told.”

Her thoughts were rushing through her head like a tornado. Finally, she couldn’t handle it anymore, so she decided to return to the grey planet.

A few leaps later, she was back, standing next to the grey dragon and Mike again.

“I told you she would be back,” the grey dragon smiled at Mike.

“I decided to let you explain yourselves,” Krystal informed them.

Mike nodded, his eyes full of hope.

“Let me take you on a journey,” the grey dragon said. “Hold on to me. And don’t be afraid.”

“Afraid of dragons? Me?” Krystal laughed.

She and Mike climbed on the grey dragon’s back, and he spread his wings. He flew through space and left Krystal’s planets far behind.

“My planets!”

“Don’t worry. We will be back in no time. Speaking of time - I will take you on a journey through time.”

Far away in front of them, a big screen appeared right between the stars. A video appeared on it. A baby held by her mother.

“That is you, Krystal,” the dragon explained. “ When you were born. It was the first time the red dragon was created. He guards your Family planet.”

He flew away, and there was another screen. On this one there was a little girl sitting on the floor drawing.

“This was the first time you developed your talents for storytelling. You used to tell them through drawings. That was when the yellow dragon was born. He guards your Writing planet.”

He flew away. On the next screen, there was little Krystal on the first day of school. She looked nervous.

“Here is when your blue dragon first appeared. He represents your Studying planet.”

He moved to the next screen where there was Krystal on a beach, relaxing.

“We don’t need to say which dragon was born there, right? The pink one, of course. She is the guardian of your Relaxing planet. And finally …”

He moved to the last screen. There was Krystal, nervously looking at different flyers and biting her lips.

“The first time you had to consider your career path. The turquoise dragon was born. He guards your Career planet. But there is something else on all of these screens. Something you decided to erase.”

He waved his paw, and all the screens were added a missing piece. On the first one, there was another baby held by his mother … On the second one, a little boy was next to Krystal, also drawing … On the first day of school, he was sitting next to her, just as nervous … He was even next to Krystal on the beach … And finally, he was nervously looking at the flyers just like his best friend.

“I am your second-oldest dragon,” the grey dragon said. “I guard your Friendship planet. The one you decided to abandon.”

Krystal was at a loss for words.

“But … But … I still don’t understand why I did it.”

“Dark times came … You are worried about your mother’s health. Whenever you are on the Family planet, you cry. The red dragon, the oldest one of us all, feels helpless. The sight of your misery saddens him. A month ago, your best friend Mike tried to comfort you. But you got angry. Sharing your private stuff has always been hard for you. So you snapped at Mike and pushed him away, saying: ‘Let’s see your parents suffer from a deadly disease and how cheerful you will be!’

After you said that, you felt incredibly guilty. You were sure that you screwed up your friendship for good. On top of everything, you were still worried about your mother. You were concerned about your career, your writing … It was too much for you. So once again, you decided to escape your problem the easy way. You erased your memory of Mike in the hopes of deleting all the guilt and burden that came with it. But you didn’t realise that by doing so, you were at an even greater loss. Mike was never interested in ending your friendship. He still wants to be your friend and make peace with you.”

Suddenly all the dragons appeared, smiling and flying towards them. The red one, the yellow one, the blue one, the turquoise one and the pink one. They surrounded them and greeted the grey dragon as an old friend.

Krystal looked at Mike. Her lips were trembling, and her eyes were teary.

“Mike, I … I’m …”

“It’s okay,” he whispered. “Let’s start over.”

He took her hand and smiled sadly. He was precisely the way she described her character. And she loved every bit of him. Slowly all the memory came back. All the pain, all the guilt. She remembered how she snapped at him and felt so ashamed of herself. But what also returned was her affection. Now that he was back in her life, she felt complete again.

“I’ve missed you,” she said.

“I’ve missed you too.”

“Let’s go home,” the grey dragon said.

He carried the two friends back to Krystal’s planets.


The End


© Copyright 2020 AleksHarp9. All rights reserved.

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