The sudden dismay

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We all have certain goals we hope to achieve at a particular time but as they say life is not a bed of roses, unfortunately we might not be able to achieve our certain goals leading to desperation
which becomes the beginning of our doom

Submitted: May 31, 2018

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Submitted: May 31, 2018



As we grow we make important decisions that will determine what the future holds for us, we all want appraisals, accolades and respect but all this come at a great price before we can reach the pinnacle of our destinies life has to take something from us but unfortunately most people are not ready to see reality as it really is, our problems is not that we don't dream but we don't put adequate effort into making that dream a reality, so at the end it's all futile and it becomes nothing more than a mere dream.

We are pieces In a puzzle, just because we can enter a space doesn't mean that's where we belong and this is what causes disappointments you think you have everything but when you look at your dinning table all you see are setbacks and difficult moments without happiness; the rich also cry.

Our fates are most times twisted till it grows to become a great bond then it gets knotted, most times we get what we don't expect and unfortunately most of the time what we desire we don't get but what differentiates a wise man from the ordinary one is the ability to make use of every possible situation to find hope

Most times our disappointments turn to anger which makes us so desperate as we look forward any means possible either by hook or crook not minding the toes we will have to hurt to get there but at last we end up seeing that all is vanity and the people you would have want to share your happiness with a life long commitment have most times slipped from your watch

We are haunted by our past mistakes backstabbing us irrespective of who we have become; we therefore become a misfit in the social world

Disappointment is a silent sound; dead men tell no tales that's just how it is, we all try our best to prepare but some disasters are inevitable.

We can only hope that we complete the puzzle before our time runs out and utilize all our given potentials before we go back to the soil.

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