Can I tell you?

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So the question is can I tell you?

Submitted: May 31, 2018

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Submitted: May 31, 2018



It's a secret
People say that secrets are for special people's


but once pasted here... it already gets viral... but is it true or not?




But let's reveal few cards
1) I am not the guy who think I am 


2) This is false
3) Hate me... but I always lie
Let's first start from the beginning...
school was passing and I was thinking about getting out of school...
Now I am out of school... I like being in events like Toastmasters

But story continues... I like to fuck with people and I like people to challange me ... I don't get offended
or do I?
But the pee hole... it's a hole... and if it's not possible to put a pinky finger inside

I am creep freak... my name is Bill and I fucking did it...
The suspension and the regret bothers my mind it goes for
hours in the dark...
Tension and sparkle....
And let the word be spoken... I am not a freak... or I am a creep?

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