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Submitted: May 31, 2018

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Submitted: May 31, 2018




Adults lie.

They describe their own childhood with this questionable and deceiving manner. “Lush, diverse, tranquil forests and cerulean, radiant, unpolluted ocean”was meant to be “an age of uncivilisation, buildings vulnerable, volatile, the deceased forgotten”. “We used to enjoy fun games like stick stacking and it improves our fine motor skills” Is merely just an unthoughtful way of saying we are too undeveloped, like animals in disorganised, uncivilised packs.


Of course, we can’t deny the irrefutable sliver of truth hidden between the lines. The environment and the ecosystem was, of course, less damaged. Unlike today, they used to play games that doesn’t involve the relying of technology. This, is the true story.


It was the nineteen forties, after the infamous, nightmarish, cataclystic supposed “World War II”. Everybody suffered horribly, either to the horrifying loss of their friend and families. Or just the plain, terrible fact that everybody had to start over again. It also provided some people the ideal opportunity to rise above all. An example would be Quintin William taking the position as the Minister of Immigration.

At that age of history, not only was it the opportunity to shine, but also opportunities for corruption to slowly evolve and melt into our society. Not only are there notorious, ruthless, savage people who would do anything in order to gain control over the country, but simple criminal offenses, like burgling. It was horrifying, to see children at the age of eight start to learn and attempt to master the art of thievery. They are inconspicuous because adults think they are just playing “Tag” through fences when in fact they use the chance to sneak into the victim’s house and take all valuables. Of course, the adults at that time are usually simple brutes who massacred at war and somehow, miraculously survived. They don’t suspect a thing. Those religious ones would think God took it for punishment of their crimes at war.


Of course, not all child burglars succeed. Many who were caught were beaten or shot and would hemorrhage profusely and experience excruciating agony before Death picked the up. Still,  they deserved it.


At that time, gambling was considered a beneficial activity, as it enhances “luck, strategy, motor skills for cheating, and the ability to calculate percentages.” Many women whose husband was killed and doesn’t have a balanced income relied on gambling. That thing is addicting, exhausting, and lethal. It was like a gentle zephyr that brought these people to death’s doormat.


It was a time when the Prime Minister Porte Trior was assassinated and everyone was hoping to be the Prime Minister. It was then this random guy that no one ever heard of came along and “Rightfully claimed his throne”. It indeed seemed weird, but the country flourished greatly until his death on the tenth anniversary of his election. Still, during that ten year period, the country is now unbelievably rich.


From the downfall to the uprise, Australia’s growth was interesting. Even though adults really indeed overexaggerated the story.


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