i am only eight

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Submitted: May 31, 2018

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Submitted: May 31, 2018



Title?I Am Only Eight


My name is Okoye, I am 8 years old, and I come from Rwanda. Although Rwanda isn’t a wealthy or successful country, I am still energetic and full of life. After school, my friends and I go to the forest and river near our village to play. Not only am I the fastest runner out of all my friends, but I also swim the fastest. To us, the teak-brown forest and icy cold river were the sun in our lives.


Nothing affected who I was as a person, not until two nights before. According to the news, people were told that we coloured skin people were different from the rest of the world. They continued by saying many offensive and racist things about us. They also mentioned something about only wanting ‘purebred’ humans in society. To keep the others safe from us, they would transport them to another planet.


Shocked by what I heard on the news, I hurried to my mom and asked her, “Mommy! Mommy! They’re gonna send something after us, won’t they? Will the thing take me away?”


“Silly boy, as long as you stay by me, they won’t hurt you.” my mom reassured me. “We have something they don’t know about”. Since then, I would always stay by my parent’s side, being afraid that something would take away.


Yesterday, my dad told me the chief of our village went missing. He theorised that the chief was killed by the government. He followed on by stating the government’s plan to eradicate all coloured skin people had begun. My dad told my mother and I that if that were the case, we must flee from here. He said to her that we had to use the device they kept inside their closet to escape from home carefully.


“Father. Father. What is that? How does it work?” I emphasised, carefully examining the mysterious ball. The ball-like object was made of what seemed like metallic silver, with three glowing blue buttons surrounding the outside. The closest resemblance of the object would be the football my friends and I used to play down at the forest, only much smaller and ‘beeps’ coming out from it once in a while. To say the least, the object was otherworldly. Before I could ask my dad any more questions, he briefly explained what the object was and how we could use it to our advantage.


“This object is called an M.T.S., short for molecular transforming shifter. The M.T.S. allows us to become invisible for a short period of time. With this, the things that try to come after us won’t be able to detect us, smell us, or even hear us.” my dad declared confidently. He said something about the M.T.S. creating a magnetic field around the person, causing our bodies to reflect light off of the human eye. In all honesty, I didn’t understand what he said.


That same night, I was awoken by the sounds of many loud footsteps and what sounded like machinery whirring. I decided to look through the window from my room to see what was going on outside. “What in the hell is that?” I whispered to myself. Even though they had the body shape of a regular human, something was off about them. The way they moved was completely different to how humans walk. They all had the same broad body shape, head, and most horrifying, their eyes shared the same bright red ruby eyes. I could feel a killing intent emitting from them. Worried by what I had just seen, I hurried to my parent’s room to tell them what I saw. My dad shot up in a blink of an eye, heading straight for the M.T.S. with one hand and the other grabbing onto me and my mom’s hand. “We have to go. Now”, my dad said in a cautious tone.


“Where are we going?” I questioned him while stuffing a loaf of bread into my pocket.


“Somewhere far from here. Listen, in case we don’t make it out alive, I want you to know. Daddy and mommy loves you.” What my dad said made me scared of what was about to happen. Before I could respond, my dad said “Quick, here’s our chance!” my dad whispered while pressing the buttons systematically on the M.T.S.


We ran for our lives at the speed of light like there was no tomorrow. For what seemed like two days of straight running, we finally came to a stop. “We are safe, son”, my mom chirped cheerfully. “There’s nothing to worry abo-”. Just as she was about to celebrate our success, a sharp needle-like spear penetrated through my mom.


Before I could react anymore, my dad snapped and said to me, “OKOYE! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! DON’T LOOK BACK! I’LL FIND YOU!” He shouted at the top of his lungs. Running like my life depended on it, I could hear my dad in immense amounts of pain. The feeling of hatred and spite overwhelmed me. I knew I couldn’t do anything to stop them from hurting my dad. Looking back, I could see the faint silhouette of robot grabbing ahold of my dad by the neck, strangling him with ease, and alas, the robotic-like creature twisting my dad’s neck off his body like it was de-stemming a cherry.


I knew I couldn’t go back, for the fate of my life would be as horrible as my parents. Bursting into tears, I silently screamed, “why do I have to go through this… I am only eight and this is want I have to endure?”


Two weeks after the incident, I have only eaten one loaf of bread. I’ve become weaker and weaker over time. I could feel a presence looming over me, following me wherever I went, like a bloodhound following a fresh scent. It was the robot-like figure. As I found myself walking slower and slower, I noticed the robot would match my pace When I stopped, the robot would stop as well.


When all hope had seemed lost, when life itself appeared frozen in time, a glimmer of hope appeared before my eyes. A man with a camera walked towards me, similar to an angel descending from heaven to me to offer salvation. He crouched down to his knees, taking his camera to take a picture of me while the robot stood behind me. After taking the photo, he simply got up and returned to his vehicle without saying a word to me. I thought he was going to save me from it. So many questions filled my head. Why didn’t he save me? Why didn’t the robot try to kill him? Then it all became apparent to me, this gentleman must have been a reporter for the news. This gentleman was not attacked because he was white and not of my colour.


I used to be strong and full of energy. Now, I’ve become a kid who can no longer move. Not long after, the robot moved towards me. It held me by the head with cold caress. A face I was taught to scorn, detest, and dread brought me comfort. I didn’t fear it. I feared not knowing what it might do and where it might take me. It causes no pain beyond what life provided me. It is not greedy, it is not rude, nor is it being rough. It merely carries me, my burning soul to a cool rest, where I lay benumbed of the greed, rudeness, and hatred of the living world.


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