Vengeance and Forgiveness

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Tejah and her friends were living their normal lives until a mysterious black cat came into Tejah's bedroom, telling her that it's time to save the world. Tejah and her friends accept the mission,
but will they succeed as they will have to battle a certain Hellhound, a demon, and a man that a few of our heroes seem to personally know?

Table of Contents


Prologue Morning June 24th, 2017 The sky is painted with the color of blood, the clouds being blood clots. The sun is now... Read Chapter

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Night June 19, 2017  The moon pours its silver light against everything in the plains, as the stars shimme... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Early Morning June 19, 2017 Screams of  agony and moans and groans full of pain fill the atmosphere. Hel... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Evening June 20, 2017 The girls have went all around the mall, but they are still hyper and energetic. They wer... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Morning June 19, 2017 Cerberus I: So let me get this straight: You want to take over the entire world by basica... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Evening June 19, 2017 The bat has been sitting on the chessboard for half the day now. Akuma gave everyone the ... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Hours after meeting Amethyst, Tejah called her friends, telling them to come over her house. Rose couldn’t make it beca... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Afternoon Tejah, Jacqueline, and Melissa watch TV as they wait for Amethyst to come out of Tejah’s room. Five minut... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Akuno flies above the army of demons, making sure that they go to the right direction. He sees a neighborhood up ahead. H... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Evening Akuma sits on his throne, looking at the chess pieces. Cerberus I smokes his weed; Cerberus II sits down, loo... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Morning June 22, 2017 A car parks near a bank. The driver leaves the car running, and the passenger in the bac... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Jacqueline: Ame, why the fuck were you so mean to Pierre!? Amethyst: I’m not being mean, I’m being logical. We... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Afternoon Akuma and Tenshi have been the only ones inside the cave the entire day, while the Cerberus brothers and A... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 After baking and eating their homemade cookies, the girls lay in their sleeping bags, Amethyst in her original, black ca... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

Chapter 14 June 23, 2017 Morning Tenshi wakes up from the sun rays entering the cave’s entrance. He wipes the sleep out... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Evening News Anchor: We interrupt this program with urgent news. Just now, a fire has been reported at the local for... Read Chapter

Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Night Cerberus III: I’M TELLING YOU, THAT FUCKING PAWN IS SOMETHING ELSE!! Cerberus III paces around in fury, th... Read Chapter

Chapter 17

Chapter 17 Akuno manages to make it back to the cave with no one seeing him, or at least he thought. He walks into the cave, seeing... Read Chapter

Chapter 18

Chapter 18 June 24th, 2017 Early Morning Demons upon demons surround and fill the cave. Tenshi holds onto the side of the t... Read Chapter

Chapter 19

Chapter 19 June 23rd, 2017 Night Usiku walks into the cave, his bats flying in. The Cerberus brothers see him first, but st... Read Chapter

Chapter 20

Chapter 20 The demons all disappear simultaneously, leaving only Joey, Issei, and Katsu standing. CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! Slow clapping e... Read Chapter

Chapter 21

Chapter 21 Akuno: My name was Pierre Avril…….I was a resident of this village. Where the trees are now….used to be houses. Ev... Read Chapter

Chapter 22

Chapter 22 Morning The entire town is shaking. The world is cracking and falling apart. Screams of the neighbors can be heard. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 23

Chapter 23 Akuma uses his White Queen piece to knock over all of the Black pieces except the Black Queen and Black King, and puts a... Read Chapter

Chapter 24

Chapter 24 The brothers expand their wings, and they fly upwards. Usiku looks up. Usiku: …. Delilah: USIKU!!! Usiku l... Read Chapter

Chapter 25

Chapter 25 Mid Morning The crew went to Tejah’s house, and Thomas laid on the couch in the living room. Alexander sat next ... Read Chapter

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