Midnight Sun: A Dreamer's walk

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In the short story "Midnight Sun: A Dreamer’s walk” Begins with a character who Is a intelligent introvert boy, Who would rather be invisible then be around people who he thinks do not matter. Zane
lives an ordinary, simple life; he is an only child and he has two controlling parents who have him under a microscope. Something very odd has been happening to Zane when he sleeps. He begins to
have these magical dreams where it feels completely real to him. When Zane wakes up, that confirms it was just a dream. He finds it very interesting and begins to write about it in a book he calls
his “Dream journal”. His fantasy world begins to unravel and Zane discovers that fantasy might be the better alternative then his reality.

Submitted: May 31, 2018

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Submitted: May 31, 2018



Midnight Sun: A dreamer’s walk


Zane Collins, I'm nothing and no one around here. It is the beginning of Senior year, this  summer I have managed to keep myself isolated from everything and everyone. Like this summer I practiced playing the piano and lost count on the books I read. Almost forgetting that there was a whole world out there, filled with people.  It is September the 5th, I can't find the strength to get myself out of bed. Mom barges in and has no problem rushing into my room, attempting to get me out of bed so I could drive myself to school. Before I realize, I get ready pack my things and off I go to the first day of classes. This would be the year my entire world would turn upside down.


Welcome to King Burch High. I think to myself, and repeat “ this will all be over soon”. Someday i'll be out of this hell hole and I'll be a scientist, studying the world for the rest of my life. The kids at school have provided me with the oh so original name of “geek”. Provided I am more advanced at many things and they are insecure with themselves. I do not blame them or pay them any mind. It is a new year, and I hope I don’t seem as socially awkward as I did before. This year I want to have enough courage to ask the girl of my dreams out on a date. Her name Is Hanna. She is a senior and the most well known girl in high school. She wants to be a writer. We met in middle school and for some reasons she still wants to talk to me. I can’t find a reason why except she feels bad for me. When I look at her I don't feel anything around me. It was as if the world was still. This was it, she was right there, as usual I failed to say hello,  she smiles with that perfect smile of hers and greets me with a hug.


My day consists of studying, bad food and annoying basketball players, the same ones with consistent originality. Dean the captain  is not a nice person, he’s always taunting me about my height, ranting about how tall I am and how I would lack in a shooting hoops match. Since the rest of his friends are followers they join in. I choose not to react, nor pay attention to them and walk away. Next thing I knew Hanna bumps my hip with hers and latches her arm around mine. She begins to talk about her summer, and asked about mine. I swear I  lost my process of thinking. I realized we were in the parking lot already. I quickly said goodbye and drive off. What a strange day.


Home at long last, I go to my room and lay on my bed, then pull out my dream journal. If Hanna knew I owned a dream journal she would probably think i'm a freak and refuse to speak to me ever again. It was a blue book with stars on it and myself drawn on the front of the cover. I wrote about many things I have seen in dreams. Today  felt different, I felt like I was going to dream of something so special I would forget my life and everyone in it. My mom and dad walk in like their usual controlling selves, and proceed to lecture me about having the door closed. I do all they ask, and I keep out of sight but they still find a way to get to me. Katherine and Jason Collins. My parents, I have a mom that is a psycho cop and  the sleep deprived doctor dad. After they settled their words they leave me to my journal. I read it, then fall asleep shortly after.


It was dark at first, I wondered where I was and how I had gotten here. The light burst in and my eyes tried adjusting to the light. I see that I am back here, This other place. I wondered if I was dreaming or if this was real life. Right in front of me there is a blue door. I walk through it and fall straight down, I land softly on grass, the greenest grass i've ever seen. In the most beautiful place. I knew I had to be dreaming. There were these peculiar animals of different bright neon colors and they were so happy. The sky was bright and a rainbow painted the sky. It was the most beautiful place I had ever seen. A cloud formed and  through the fog appeared a woman. She was wearing a white robe and carried a giant trident. She had fair skin and her hair was the color of a burnt sunset. She looked at me for a moment and asking me to follow her. So I did, I Asked her who she was. She told me her name was Luna, she was a fairy. Her beauty was captivating. She said the reasons I was here was because everytime I dream she can see into my thoughts and memories. I have a gift, she explained. She knew how sad I was and that I hated my life at home. We walked until we reached an enormous palace, it was magnificent, there was a pink waterfall, and infront of us a secret door  which we walked right through as if we were intangible. She lead me to a large dark space and a round shaped podium stood in the middle of the room with a light passing through it. It appeared to be a small cloud floating on top of it. She told me this is the way I could go back home if I chose. This dream world would only be here until two moons from today, she explained. I had to either stay in my world or live whatever life I wanted to in a magical dreamland forever with luna and her people. She explained that people with my abilities can walk in and out of dreams. It is rare and this choice is only given to the gifted. The people that live there are all dream walkers. Luna told me she would show me the large city of Dore and all of it’s wonders once I have agreed to live here. The rule is,  Luna can only have the portal open for a limited time, so I would have to decide quickly.


On the last night…

I just want to go somewhere, by myself. Start somewhere new, this is my last year and with all this information, I don’t  know what to do. There's nothing for me here, My parent’s live their lives; Notice me for one second, and when they do there are more rules. The girl I love sees me as her just her friend. Fact of the matter is I don't want to be here anymore, so instead of expecting and hoping everything around me will change. I will have to leave and start new where I will be happy.

It is a full moon tonight, I have written a note, cleaned my room and burnt my dream journal. I've distance myself away from everyone. Hanna  has been calling me non stop. I wanted to bring her with me. I wouldn’t dare to ask, she would think I was crazy. One last dream I thought, and I can stay there forever. I leave the note on my dresser explaining everything and fall asleep.


I fall into deep sleep almost instantly, next thing I know I wake up and I'm still in my bedroom. Everything is foggy and grey. Confused, I close my eyes tight and whisper “ Luna take me back, i'm ready”. No response. Then I begin to feel a pull,  and my body rises up from the bed. I look back, and could not believe what I was seeing, my physical body was still on the bed lying there. Everything froze, I call out to Luna loudly and close my eyes once more to see if I wake. I'm scared and begin to feel this horrific pain in my stomach. A shadow appears, it is Luna. I ask “what is happening to me, why am I still here”. She replies, “ You are dying,  this is not the dream world you have seen once before. That place was never there. It was an illusion to get you to come back through the portal before It was too late. We need you, all of you. You see, the dream world is a place where people with special gifts wander. They see what we want them to see, it is used to lure you to us. . We need life, so we use the gifted to feed our creator Eram. He will then feed on your fears through a nightmare maze and give our world life. Everyone's nightmare is different all your fears and things you have been running away from will come to life in new ways every day until you meet Eram the creator and fall into infinite sleep. Your thoughts will not be yours, after today. Good bye Zane.”


That was it, everything is gone, what have I done. I lost my parent’s, and hannah.  My eyes begin to water, as a sense of hopelessness moves through my body. I look over at my frozen self on the bed. I am in hell and I can’t do anything about it. Then I begin to think about what Luna said, about having the gift of traveling from in and out of dreams. I believe everything she said but what if she lied about the portal. Maybe Luna can’t travel to my world, and she is only able to see my dreams.

Quickly lay in bed and place myself over my body. I take a deep breath, slowed down my breathing and focused on being home once more.  I Began to hear Hannah's voice faintly in the distance and then my body began to shake. I closed my eyes and wake in my bed. I gasp for air, my heart  was pounding in my chest. I look around and the fog is gone, and I hear someone at the door. It’s Hannah, She walks over and sat on the bed; before I could say anything she kissed me. Her lips were soft, I felt the warmth of her body gravitate towards me. I kissed her back, and stopped. Then I asked,”  Why? She smiled sweetly, and said “ because I like you Zane, That’s what I've been trying to tell you. I pinched myself, closed my eyes, and then quickly opened them to make sure this wasn’t a dream. This is real, I'm Home again. I looked at her with overwhelming happiness and relief; I put my hands around she pushed her body close to mine and I kissed her. Fantasy is not always better alternative than reality. From that day on I vowed I would never  use my gift and dream walk again.


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