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You may own this scripted unwritten message as your unborn life without a spelling mistake. This day is so true within your lifetime here. :)

Submitted: May 31, 2018

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Submitted: May 31, 2018



When sky is your limit,

And opportunities pay off limitless,

When small savings offer easiest investment,

And beyond its gathering you live fullest,

When a huge difference between trust and truth doesnt exist in your life,

And you appreciate little things you like in others hearty in your praise,

When you rise up in a friendly way every chance you get to motivate others,

And that always grows without requiring any capital,

When failures doesnt kill ambitions,

And you water every feedback for your next turning point in this life,

When you can manage your own earning power,

And you are your best asset,

When we associate every change successfuly to emulate ourselves as a role model,

And you will get to the top how long you aim high,

When your friendship never drift in the direction of give and take,

And you drill out with people to wear away all odds in this life,

When your attitude move up in life hanging out with confidence wherever you are,

And within you this person draw us up spending much of your time investing in knowledge,

When your faith how may you are gifted here,

And from our nearest star in this universe God made you so high in this blessing,

When you are influenced undoubtedly to say right,

And do no wrong in every thought you express as words or action,

When you listen this designer who shades those heart beats in an unusual shade,

And your life own this art God may hear without a break,

When Gods grants always recieve your hardwork in the care we are born as witness here,

And our eternal unity in the pursuit of happiness be the final gratitude this new birth care in God's highest order,

When a hope be blessed for my home I honor unending in faith,

And these beloved days rinse your hearts wake up call in the greatness God gave us the last chance,

When you light this candle unending in faith may your life tribute for all the days besides peace,

And a silent voice within went through the destiny ahead unread,

When you know what you feed and lead into its delight,

And unknown business you trade with this moment fall from a hope,

When your spirit may bring back a sign in a time prone to booms and busts,

And this turning point test how to motivate your workforce for made or lost money,

When your life is debted with flying colors offering this society own a share of your gifts,

And you enjoy how this point of abdication own a piece of this wonderful life helping the best friend anyone could have,

When your most frustrating omissions look us right in the face before a judgment call within,

And you question yourself for what you don't act on,

When our eyes know the game before a place in this mirror to assist you again,

And God's hard questions through the fingers of time may not miss them around miscalculations,

When reinventing the truth learned from missed opportunities,

And our noses pay attention to those spelling mistakes,

When one day you are out of this job,

And your goodones want you back,

When all the life you sacrificed everything for a home so loved,

And your generation ought to start doing the other person's want and needs,

When you think in terms of what they want,

And stop thinking in terms of what you want,

When you know this treasure living with your family here,

And the entire universe credit the great love for these choices why you need all,

When you adopt everything that allows these blessings without conflicts,

And a rule forbear that we must lead all in their own positive assertions,

When these days ask us,

And we engage ourselves in everything no thought be a error,

When the entire universe ask you to serve humanity in these little differences,

And the language be your obssessions,

When the ruler who own this authority of the highest order ask us to share this gift in your blessings,

And the art of delegating this cause never drop anyone,

When you try to start everyday leading the great love in your action,

And you own this smile for the great sacrifice our teacher has made for us,

When you begin with what you have, and build from there;

Not waiting for things to fall into place,

When you do what gives your future serve who need you the most,

In the end by serving the present that gives you this happiness and good health,

Be true to yourself,

May this gift you full career security to be courageous and fearless,

Helping the open, green spaces around our home retain its beautiful abounds with trees and quiet lanes;

When you are willing to give what it requires for this ambience,

And your family love every steps they will witness our fortune in this lifetime,

I hope may you enjoy the beautiful days anyone may be blessed here,

With these Christmas sundials be your peace hope and joy bless wherever you are...

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