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Submitted: May 31, 2018

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Submitted: May 31, 2018



The Stranger

(A Short Story)




This is the story about a young lady by the name of Renee Pace.  A girl raised by a single mother.  She was a woman, who believed in going to church on a regular basis, and praying through her struggles.  Renee who had been sheltered most of her life began to get curious at the age of seventeen.  About what was outside her front door.  Not really trying to be understanding to her mother’s wishes any longer.  Renee felt she was old enough to make her own decisions.  One weekend Renee snuck out of the house to a neighborhood bar.  Where she started drinking with all her friends and flirting with all kinds of men.  Not paying attention to the company she was keeping.  Renee befriended the wrong man who introduced her to a life of drug addiction.A few months later Renee has started to live a different kind of lifestyle completely.  A devoted mother worrying about her daughter began to pray each night.  That Renee would make it home safely every evening before the morning light.  Now two years have passed and Renee is now the mother of two sons.  Every night Renee would drop them off at her mother’s house and leave them alone.  To go and work that same corner she had come accustomed to.  Now Renee had to buy the drugs that she now used.  This was the same corner that she visited more than she did her own home.  Raised in the church and knowing the word of God.  Renee knew deep down inside what she was doing was very wrong.  Not worrying about her children or if her mother was okay.  Not particularly caring about what she was doing or how she was living each day.  Renee had sunk deep into the street life with no plan to escape.  But things changed one evening after she had been out working one day.It was winter and the money was coming real slow.It was wet and somewhat kind of slippery because it had just recently snowed.  For some reason the low temperature didn’t bother her one bit.  This is strange considering she had never been a fan of the snow or cold weather in the beginning.  There she stood now very familiar with the street life she was living.  At that particular moment, she was in the middle of a conversation with a young lady who occasionally worked this same corner some days and evenings.  Renee and Denise were gossiping as usual and yelling at the men passing. Looking to spend.After about two more hours and no real money had come their way.  Denise, feeling cold, in need of the ladies room, said Renee I will be back in a few minutes.  Renee said okay watching her walk down to the bar across the street.Renee continued to try and convince someone to pull over and speak.  After about fifteen or twenty minutes had passed.  And having no persuasion or luck.  Renee was expecting Denise to walk back up at any moment.Renee began to look hard into the distance hoping to see Denise’s figure coming toward her in the night air.  Just for a minute Renee turned to look and see what was coming in the other direction.  To her surprise, she saw a man dressed in black in front of her now standing there.  He wore a black trench coat, a black hat pulled down close to his face, black shoes, and black gloves.Renee could not make out his face or his skin color from her view.The stranger knowing her name began to speak to Renee and said God doesn’t want you doing what you do.  He has something else in mind for you.  Renee was not in her right mind because of all the drug abuse.  She felt very irritated by what the man had said to her.  Being very abrupt and sounding disrespectful and rude.Said you are just one of those church goers trying to save my soul.Then she rudely turned her face away from the stranger.  Disrespecting this man of God.  Two seconds had passed and Renee turned back in his direction. Only the stranger was gone from her sight completely like a ghost in the night. Renee did not see him walking down the street in the immediate area. Renee could not find anyone fitting the stranger’s description.  It hadn’t even been five minutes later.At that moment Renee felt this overwhelming feeling of sorrow.This strong feeling of insecurity consumed her.  Renee no longer felt comfortable out there and began to make her way home.  On her way she ran into her pimp, on his way to the club.He had another woman on his arm.  Renee’s man asked her to join them and she being jealous said no.So her man and his lady friend kept going.  Then Renee jumped in a van with another strange man she really did not even know him.  Renee had taken a ride from this working class guy on his way home.The man agreed to give Renee a ride with one request.  That she would drink a beer with him on the way.  Renee agreed to have the drink with the stranger she had met.  So the strange man driving stopped at a convenience store and purchased a forty ounce of beer.  Then he drove five blocks away from the store.  Pulled onto this side street and locked all the doors.  Then he moved to the back of the van saying they would sit there and have their drink.  So Renee got up from the passenger seat and proceeded to follow right behind him.  Renee asked what kind of work he did or if he had any kids.  Then he twisted the cap from, the bottle, and began to take a drink.  When he passed the bottle back to Renee he answered saying that he was married.  Mentioning how he and his mother had never been the best of friends.  So Renee then passed the bottle right back to him.  He took another drink then giving the bottle to her again.  As Renee lifted the bottle and took a drink.  Out of the corner of her eye she saw the man lunging toward her armed with a weapon of some sort.  Renee dropped the bottle, in disbelief, and fear.  She quickly, threw her hands up, in defense, since she was scared.  The man began to throw punches with great force directly at Renee. So far the man had managed to hit Renee which left a cut under her right eye.  Blood flowing profusely from her face feeling blow after blow.  Renee began to fall over onto her back now lying on the van floor.  The man now having Renee unconscious then began to rip off all her clothes.  He grabbed Renee pulling her close to him by the throat.  Saying I am not going to kill you.  Although when I am done you are going to wish you were gone.Renee could feel the salt from the tears as they passed over the fresh cut under her eye.  The man was clearly unstable as Renee began to except this in her mind.  He started shouting and blurting out immoral thoughts and beliefs.  While spitting in Renee’s face and putting out the cigarettes he had lit on her skin.  Once the man had sexual intercourse with Renee he told her that if she wanted to see him again.  To look him up at Howard Johnson’s in the room number # 000.  What the man truly said to Renee would be those three numbers that stand for darkness.  I will not put those numbers in this book, but I am sure you know what I am getting at.  Then the man started biting Renee on her breast so hard he was breaking the skin.  This left swollen lumps all over Renee’s chest.He kept saying bad things about MJ and his mother being a b!@&%.Renee started to feel lifeless, and weak, in a horrible nightmare, not yet over it seemed.  All of a sudden the man shouted out angrily demanding that Renee turn over onto her stomach.  Explaining he wanted to have sex from the rear.Renee, who had given up and had no energy or strength to turn her injured and bruised body.  She could only continue to lay there in tears and just shut her eyes thinking it was the end this time. The man fuming with anger shouted out” where’s my gun?”  So afraid, Renee just kept laying there in silence as her life flashed before her eyes.  The first image she saw was the stranger dressed in all black.  Who had tried to warn Renee before all this happened in her life.  Then Renee saw her two sons and her mother playing and her siblings at pivotal moments in her life.  Renee had accepted that she was going to die. The man continued to search furiously, for his pistol that night.  Renee was still on her back, ready to give up the fight.  Then she heard a voice as clear as day whisper in her ear saying “reach for the passenger door.” It made Renee turn her head to see who was there.  Seeing know one there Renee did not move because she was dazed and severely bruised.Renee’s face and right eye were swollen up so bad that she could not see very well.  Renee heard the same voice again say the same words to her again “reach for the passenger door.”  The man then grabbed Renee by her hair and proceeded to bang her head repeatedly on the cold metal floor.  Being Renee had been very reluctant to do what was asked of her.  She was now laying there, about to fall into an unconscious state again for sure.  Continuing to lay there in silence covered in blood and tears.With no hope left she had given up on any way out of the situation.  As the crazy man turned to look in this lock box he had in the back of the van.Renee heard the voice say to her one more time “reach for the passenger door.”  Renee could not explain what was going on at that point. Renee felt this burst of energy come over her with no control.  Before she knew what was happening her body somehow leaped up from the van floor. Renee was now over the front seat, at the passenger door.Handle in hand, Renee opened the door and jumped out of the van.  Renee was so scared at that point when she took off running stark naked.  The only thing she knew to do was to run.Once Renee had reached some distance from the van.  She quickly glanced behind herself to see if the man was catching up to her.  When Renee looked back she saw a man’s image standing on the ground right outside the two rear doors at the back of the van.  Terrified, Renee turned around and began running faster and faster further down the dark street.  Luckily for Renee there was an apartment building in the distance.  Hurrying inside of the building and running up as far as she could get from the outside door to the street.  Renee reached the top floor and knocked on the first door she saw.  Not getting any answer she turned and started knocking on the door across the hall.  Shouting in fear, Help me! Help me!  This man just raped me.An African American woman slowly opened her front door holding a nickel plated thirty-eight.Once Renee saw her face she repeated help me! Help me!  This man just raped me.  The woman looked out the doorway taking a closer look at the disfigured woman standing in the hallway.  The woman could see Renee was bleeding and naked as well as in shock.  The woman looked behind Renee and down the stairs to see if anyone was there.  Gun in one hand she hurried Renee inside with the other hand and quickly closed her door.  After locking the door the woman called the police and ambulance and reported there had been a rape.  The nice woman who opened her door and saved Renee was a registered nurse.  She gave Renee a pair of scrubs to put on and instructed her to rest on the sofa.  Renee tried to relax some knowing she was finally some place safe.  So thankful, that God had spared her.  That whole situation was now considered a miracle in Renee’s life.  The image of the stranger in black has stayed with her since that very day.  Renee never got the opportunity to speak with that stranger in black again.  Although she believes the stranger was a messenger from God.  Renee has never seen the woman again who helped her on that dark and cold night.  Even after it was over a week later Renee went by to find the apartment empty and abandoned this time.  The woman could have been put there by God also, Renee will never really know for sure. Renee knew that it was the grace and mercy of God that saved her from certain death and gave her a true life to live.Renee believes deep down inside the stranger in black was trying to warn her of trouble coming and for her to get out of the way. Renee not truly listening or understanding did not take heed to the message given her.  So wrapped up in the streets Renee could not hear God when he was speaking to her.  This will always remain a very unforgettable memory.  The Lord being so merciful still saved Renee’s life in the end. Since he sent his angels that night to help her escape.  Renee has since then turned her life completely around giving all glory to God.  Finishing her education and now raising a family with a man that loves her dearly.  Renee has taken a vow to never give up on God or on what he has in store for her life.  Truly, he has never given up on her.  Praise God for the miracles in us and in the ones that transpire in our lives! Amen.

The End

© Copyright 2019 Latonia Sears. All rights reserved.

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