Woodrush Towers Agents of Odd

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It was like any other night until his nose scraped the ceiling of his one bedroom flat.

He witnessed the slaying of his only friend. Killed by Ronny; a man so feared he remains isolated. He walks the corridor; unaware the evil lurking behind reinforced concrete can reach him and
anyone he knows. Will a golden book foretell his future? Should he side with the criminally insane? Or trust the suited strangers who visit his friends killer and the only person he trusts?

Set in present-day Southern England. This character led supernatural suspense horror sees Danial Morris, an unconfident single male thrown into a world of spies, murder and paranormal activity.

Inside Woodrush Towers, a prison for the mentally insane. Danial befriends Len Happy. Len warns of pending doom and needs Danial's help to find the only thing able to stop an ancient spirit from
unleashing its full potential. Can the walls of Woodrush contain the evil within?

Thrust into otherworldliness, Danial questions his sanity. Struggles to believe the unbelievable and endeavour’s to uncover the reason for his involvement. And who – or what – he’s fighting…

Three entwined journeys collide in this high-octane tail leaving the door open for the next instalment.

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Submitted: May 31, 2018

Danial quickstepped it past Booze and News as he saw the two-legged arse-hanger-outers banging on the inch-thick divide between shopkeepe... Read Chapter


Submitted: May 31, 2018

Security cameras mounted atop tall metal poles covered all angles inside and outside the grounds. A glint of moonlight on the left tower ... Read Chapter


Submitted: May 31, 2018

The eye-level door flap squeaked open. Pressed up against it, Len’s wide eyes startled him. Flinching, Danial jolted his head back. ... Read Chapter