Richie Dreams

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A sleepy child will make a bed of almost anything and drift away to dream land within seconds. There is no stopping a tired soul that is as innocent as it is creative. As children sleep, their
brain creates extraordinary images for them to dream of. Some of these images are very likely to transpire in the real world, while others are simply a child's imagination at its best.

Submitted: May 31, 2018

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Submitted: May 31, 2018



Richie sleeps, Richie dreams

Of magic, space, and other things.

He dreams of rockets flying high,

Going deep into the sky.

Richie sleeps, Richie dreams

Of magic kingdoms; Kings and Queens.

Dragons, Martians, Dinosaurs

Richie dreams of this and more.

Richie sleeps, he dreams all night

He eats large planets with one big bite.

Richie dreams when he’s at home,

He dreams he’s tall because he’s grown.

He dreams he’s smaller than a bug

He dreams of smiles, shapes, and hugs.

Richie dreams on the couch and in the car

He slides down rainbows on a star.

Do you think you can dream this, too?

Fast asleep and all night through?

Richie sleeps, Richie dreams

Of many places, times, and themes.

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