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This is a short story on power. What is power? When do you first feel powerful?

Submitted: May 31, 2018

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Submitted: May 31, 2018



Power They both sat there, his expressionless black eyes, and her skin as smooth as polished marble. Hardly a word was spoken. They sat, in the vast, blank, empty room, looking at one another. Their questions unanswered. They didn’t know why they were there, nor were they willing to ask. As the man closed his eyes, a tear blossomed. “Why are you shedding tears?” whispered the pale girl, concerned. The words that the man said, sparked up a question, “I have everything, yet I feel like I have nothing.” The girl grasped the man’s hand, pulling it close to her heart. “What do you aspire to have, a hope, a dream?” mumbled the girl. This made the man confused, because he had never really thought of it. His life moved so fast that all he was left with was full pockets. No memories, no hopes. He never knew what he wanted from life. All he knew is that he wanted to be wealthy. Looked up to as someone who succeeded in life. An aspiration. And that is exactly what he became, at least to the eyes of everyone else. Fifteen hours a day. Fifteen hours a day he would spend sitting in an office, filled with stacks of paperwork and files. You could say, he was burning the candle at both ends. The day ended. He would be driven home in a black Mercedes. It was so quite, you could hear his heart banging against his chest, trying to find a way out. Entering his home, a grand palace filled with possessions so significant, you wouldn’t dream of having them. But, it was empty. No love, no happiness, just emptiness. He was a square in a world of circles. He had no one, no one but his money of course. But was it worth it? Was it worth being a square for wealth?

She was a free soul. Someone who lived life for the soul purpose of seeing things, experiencing new things. Her life was an adventure. Waking up every day with empty pockets and full a heart, ready to grasp whatever life threw at her. A narrow- minded young girl, with her life ahead of her. But her actions one day caught up with her. She woke up one day with nothing. No money, no home, just memories. Memories of the days she was a free soul. But was it worth it? Was it worth being a free soul for no home at all? Which gives us more power? Is it worth having anything you desire but lack of freedom and prosperity? The man slowly died. His life became so reclusive that he couldn’t handle his own money. The girl died too. Her actions finally caught up with her, but she was ok with that. She was ok with the life she lived, satisfied with the things she accomplished and experienced. Money can fulfil your needs, but it can’t buy you happiness. The man showed us this. Showed us that you can own all the grandest possessions there are, but you’re not rich until you have something that money can’t buy, which he didn’t. Power. What is it? Is it having money and being able to accomplish whatever you desire? Or is it being able to live as you wish? But it is not about having power, because with the first breath you take, the first step you take, that is having power. What is important, is what you do with it.

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