The Escort

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Ronnie Wigglesworth adopts the name COSMO and embarks on a life of servicing elderly women in Brighton England just prior to WW1. He meets Alana under rather humorous circumstances. They marry and
suddenly everything is turned upside down when one of his " clients" is murdered.

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Submitted: May 31, 2018



The Escort

Jack Kay


Chapter 1

A Chance Meeting in the  Park


Alana had noticed in the weekly Brighton Examiner that the very popular Irish Guards band were to play a concert in the Preston Park band shell on the following Sunday. She discussed it with her mother and father. They declined as it was a Sunday and without ever telling her that they engaged in their weekly copulation, by telling her that they needed a nap on Sunday. She was twenty years old but was unaware of what they did every Sunday except that made  it her mother cry and squeal like a child.


She took a tram to the Park rear entrance and began walking through the treed area to the Band Shell. She realized this was the back way but she felt the need to walk and it was a beautiful May day. Looking ahead she noticed a man strolling along on the same path. As she approached him he slowed his pace and made a sudden stop. She stood behind a tree with a very thick trunk and waited until he started up again. But he bent slightly at his waist and broke wind quite loudly. She giggled but he was not within earshot. Starting up again he broke his stride and without stopping had more flatulence, this time making her laugh out loud. He carried on but within a few minutes stopped completely. She followed up and slipped behind a bush but could peek through the leaves. He now removed his jacket and she notice he was wearing suspenders which he pulled down with his trousers and proceed to squat on the ground.


She was unable to shield her eyes for what came next. The man grunted a few times and with a groan defecated with a flood of excretion accompanied by more flatulence. He now stood and her eyes zeroed in on his rod which was long and very thick. She felt butterflies within her lower body. He now leaned over to pick up some grass and leaves and she saw his rounded backside which also excited her. He looked around and not spying anyone nearby wiped himself and quickly rearranged his clothing.




Alana Withers was twenty years old and worked as a typewriter 3 in a law firm. The year was 1910. She had been brought up very strictly. living a very sheltered life with her parents. They told her absolutely nothing about procreation or life in general. Going to work in the law firm was an eye opener for her because the women she worked with were all single. They often talked at the lunch hour about men , and relationships. She kept quiet and listened intently. They spoke casually about penis size with reference to length and thickness. One girl had a boyfriend whom she slept with regularly . She said he had a small dick and came “faster than lightning. ”

Alana was too shy to ask the meaning of the girl’s revelation. The office worked half days on Saturdays and she asked to meet up with another young woman who also spoke very little . Alana guessed she had a very limited capacity on the subject of men. She started up by saying maybe they could pool their knowledge or ask someone. The girl whose name was Betty told Alana what she knew. She referred to sex in the vernacular. She told Alana that the act was called Fucking.

“Men’s dicks become larger and harder and they stick them into a woman , and they push up and down until the man spurts his seed into the woman’s vagina. It is suppose to feel good.”

“I saw a man’s dick last Sunday” Alana suddenly announced.

Betty leaned in almost knocking over her coffee cup.

“Really you saw a man’s rod, how , that sounds fabulous- did you get your hands on it.”

They both laughed, for several seconds.

Alana told her the story of her walk to the concert. Betty listened wide eyed to the story. She then told her what occurred after the concert.



Alana began her depiction of the meeting at Preston Park:

“ The concert went swimmingly, the band is quite wonderful. They played numerous popular tunes and I applauded loudly as did the other attendees. The man sat two bench rows in front of me and I very often watched his animation during the music. Two very elderly people sat close to me and as soon as the music began they both began to snore. Other members of the audience were put off by the noise they made and which disturbed the performance. Within a few minutes a park custodian arrived and shook them awake and advised them to leave which they did.

At the interval, the man walked over to the bandstand to speak to the leader. He remained in conversation for some time and then as they began to play again he walked straight over to my park bench and asked if he may join me. I became quite flustered, as I usually am with males. I acquiesced, wherein he sat down next to me. I couldn’t help but notice that his pants were soiled, with leaves on his knees and dirt marks. I looked away in an effort to resist a smirk. I found the entire episode of his outdoor lavatory experience highly comical. “


She continued her story after taking a sip of her coffee

 “ We listened intently to the concert without speaking except to nod with the music as the band played some very popular tunes from the latest Gilbert and Sullivan Operettas. The ensemble played some marches and the concert was over with the playing of God save the Queen. He leaned over and asked if I would like to meet the bandmaster. I agreed and we walked over to the bandstand , where he introduced me to the band leader a Mr Godfrey. I told him in my shy way how much I enjoyed the music. He called forth his assistant who presented each of us with a coloured folder giving the dates and places of their concert schedule. The man asked if I would mind if he accompanied me to the Tram Station near the exit of the park. I said it was okay and we walked right by the place he made his deposit.”

At this both women laughed heartily . Betty asked if Alana wanted more coffee , but she demurred.


“Anyway he spoke very little except to say how much he enjoyed the concert . When we reached the Tram station he asked if could have permission to call on me. Again I was sort of speechless and replied I would address the matter with my parents. I sounded so business like that suddenly I laughed , and said ”I am sure it will be okay. How would next Saturday afternoon do?“


I began to board the Tram when he shouted to me asking the address. I shouted back 44 Paisley Crescent near the Heath in East Brighton.


“What is his name ” asked Betty

Alana glanced at her for a moment , she then hooted hilariously.

“I forgot to ask ”she said when she ceased her laughter.



Chapter 2

The Unamed Man

The man whom Alana had met in the park called himself Ronnie Cosmo. His real name was Ronnie Wigglesworth but after seeing the word COSMO at the opening of the new Astronomy building in London, he adopted the new name . He was a man who got by on his nerve. He had a passion for danger but he feared being caught. He had begun life in Hull in the North of England but ran away when he was twelve. A week later he was caught by a watchman who caught him lurking around at a outdoor market. His father gave good beating and he was placed in a church run boarding school , called the St Barnabus Children’s school. The place was operated by nuns and resembled a prison. Ronnie’s first introduction to the school was a hard slap on the face for not complying with orders regarding bed times.


His sojourn at the boarding School ended when he was enlisted as a boy soldier in the Royal Hampshire Regiment in 1897 at Statham Barracks in Winchester, Hampshire . The 2nd Hampshire formed part of the British reinforcements sent to South Africa in 1900. He was now 17 and the battalion, posted to 14th Brigade of the 7th Division, departed Southampton on January 4 and arrived at the Cape on January 23. He joined a contingent of 35 men, under Lieutenant Francis Geary, who had been sent out from England in October 1899 to join the 2nd Mounted Infantry. Ronnie  was trained as a Ferrier looking after horses.


Shortly  after arriving , the 2nd Hampshire moved by train to the front where F Company, under Major Norman Welch, was detached to join the 7th Mounted Infantry . The remaining companies accompanied the 7th Division, along with the 8th and 9th Divisions and the British cavalry, in a march north-eastwards to cut off the retreat of Boer forces under General Piet Cronje.


The 7th Division, including the Hampshire’s, were occupied mainly in protecting slow moving convoys of ox-drawn wagons. This kept them out of the main fighting which led to Cronje’s surrender at Paardeberg on February 27, 1900, but their work was nevertheless essential to that success.

On their return to Cape Town the Company were attacked by a large number of Boers. Ronnie was armed with pistol only but managed to fight off several Boer fighters. The company sustained numerous casualties. He had been riding in horse drawn wagon when they were fired upon. He was able to get hold of a carbine and kept firing until he had mowed down several enemy soldiers. Eventually they began to gain on him as the other riders in the cart were wounded. He received a bullet in his arm and another in his leg but kept on firing using all of the weapons in the wagon. Realizing that the he was unable to continue firing he dragged himself off the wagon and crawled to hillock nearby and was now out of sight of the attackers.


He remained hidden until a relief column arrived some two hours later. By now he had lost a great deal of blood but the bullet holes were dressed and they proved to be flesh wounds. Major Welsh the Company Commander praised him for his gallantry in continuing to maintain his position while under severe fire power. He was awarded a medal called the South African Campaign award. With the presentation came a monetary prize of 10 pounds.




Ronnie returned to England and with his enlistment up in the Hampshire Regiment , he left the army and took a job with a Omnibus company in London looking after the horses. The pay was miniscule but it was enough to survive. His accommodation was a flop house with ten other men . Their arguments and fights finally drove him out of there. He was just 20 years old and needed to find a place to live.


He needed some privacy and met a man whom owned three horses, the fellow said he would hire Ronnie to look after the animals and provide him a small living quarters along with a salary. Ronnie took the job immediately. The man he found was a thief who climbed up the side of buildings to enter houses while the owners were away. The man would then steal everything of value and sell the items to a fence. The Newspapers described the man as a Cat Burglar an Americanism.


The man owned a cabriolet which he used to effect his getaway. Ronnie looked after the horses to be sure one or the other was in good condition for doing fast running.

Ronnie found that he was becoming desperate for the companionship of a woman. He set off one day to find a prostitute that had a flat of rooms because the night walkers mostly had venereal disease. He asked his boss and he sent him to a girl named Dolly .She was known as quite a bundle. She was full figured with breasts that stood out quite magnificently and a bulbous backside that men at that time craved.

He took a day off to visit the woman, travelling to a house on a side street in Hampstead near the Ipswich Green. The door was opened by a black man who was a giant standing over six feet and with numerous scars on his face. He climbed some stairs as directed by the Negro and entered a room filled with a gigantic bed. Shortly thereafter the woman arrived wrapped in a robe which she removed showing her nude powdered body that was massive. She spoke very little but ordered him to pull down his pants . He was now erect and suddenly she stopped to gaze at his size.

“My goodness my man you have the biggest cock I have ever seen - Luther ” she shrieked.

The black man bolted through the door as she held Ronnie’s penis in her hand.

“Look here Luther , look at the size of this three card trick . It is immense, bigger than yours by a long shot.”

Luther gazed at Ronnie’s staff grunting in agreement with her, and shot out of the room.

So now my man lets see your Gary glitter and get to work on my posh she said motioning for him to get on the bed.



The experience with Dolly was an extremely satisfying meeting and one which he began to do on a regular basis. Dolly became his weekly entertainment. Her use of  just about every expression possible in her Cockney vocabulary became an education. For Dolly it was a quaint way to express the language of sex and he soaked up the descriptive words. Luther began to call him the man with the Hampton Wick, a colloquial name for man with a very oversized tool.


Dolly told Ronnie he had a prize which she knew some women would pay to be amused with on a weekly basis. She said several women were living unsatisfied lives , who would welcome his ‘Grumble and Grunt’ with them. The prostitute said for a fee she would advertise his carry on to a few acquaintances in exchange for a portion of his fee. He would receive ten quid and she five from each transaction for  the meeting as she described them. When he asked what terminology he would employ for his patronage of the needy women. Dolly said “ you may call yourself an escort.”



It was thus that Ronnie began his very lucrative escort business. The initial episode commenced with an unmarried spinster named Alberta Devon. Alberta was for all intents and purposes a very rich woman who owned several properties in the south of England. She had remained unmarried notably because she was cursed with a red mark plainly seen on her cheek which was described as a birth mark. Alberta otherwise had a very sunny disposition. Most of the male friends she had were interested mostly in her wealth which was estimated at 100,000 pounds. Despite her facial fault she lived a very glamorous life. She had had numerous lovers but most were inadequate.


Alberta owned an estate in Eastbourne, but kept an an apartment in Central London for her secret encounters. Ronnie arrived quite early for his first assignation with her. He noted that she was dressed in a robe and that she was despite her facial marking very nicely proportioned. She had been able to maintain a girlish figure. After tea and small cakes served by a silent young woman she motioned to him to follow her to a bedroom , which was very well furnished. She waited as he removed his clothing and then removed her wrap to display her very exquisite body.


When she spied his member, she became quite excited. Alberta had a number of liaisons but viewing the Ronnie’s splendor for some unknown reason she blushed.


“ My, my that is a full blown work of art” she said taking hold of him.

She then proceeded to take a sheath from her dresser which she rolled as far it would stretch. He then began to run his hands over her body beginning with her slightly sagging breasts and proceeding downward. She became quite thrilled and exhilarated with which she placed herself on the bed on her knees and taking hold of  his phallus led him into her raised Venus Mount from behind.


The act took no more than 15 minutes in which she was completely fulfilled by his thrusting and the enormous size of his shaft. She gasped several times when he pushed his full length into her. Alberta then began to cry out in ecstasy as he increased the speed of his strokes. He had reached his climax and grunted loudly as he came with a massive jerk of his organ.


She rose from the position and wiped herself before commenting to him. He unrolled the condom which she took from him to deposit it in a garbage receptacle.


“You are my dear man, a most delightful and knowledgeable collaborator. As you no doubt you have learned my need to have the entry from the back location. Next time you may hold my front and perhaps last much longer before ejaculating. It is my desire that we meet every week at this location until I go to the south of France in May, at which time you may join me. I will pay of course, and we will share a bed at my summer cottage there. I am very needy in regards to unions.”


“I am employed and I would loose my job if I leave to travel with you. This extra service I provide is to help supplement my expenses.” he said

“ Ah yes I have thought you were working beyond this most livaceous enterprise. I shall therefore recompense you the entire cost of your daily pursuit and I will loan you out to others. You can do your escort work on a full time basis, which I am sure will become very lucrative.”


Afterwards they discussed the finances, and again engaged in fornication in which Alberta now screamed with sublime pleasure. He left with an appointment for the next week and a fistful of remuneration. He immediately went to a credit bank where he opened an account with a very sourer teller. He did not tell his employer, hoping to be able to keep his job and housing. He was however surprised to see when he arrived, London Police standing in the entrance of the building where the horses were stabled .Ronnie quickly walked away , taking up a position to watch nearby in a doorway. Within a few minutes two husky bobbies frog walked Ronnie’s employer out of the building to a waiting motorized black Maria.

He was dressed only in his long underwear. Two other plain clothes police followed with suitcases and various other items which were placed in a horse drawn van. He watched from a doorway for several minutes waiting for a chance to slip through an alleyway to the back of the building. He found the back entrance which was hidden from view carefully finding his way into the tack room which did not have a door from the main building. His kit bag and bedding were kept in this location . He grabbed his bag and stole out into the alley, heading for the nearest pub to get his bearings.


He realized that they must have searched to building but had not allowed his boss to dress. There was a stash of money hidden in a the horse stalls. The horses would need care but he was not able to return to feed them. He waited in the pub until the call for the last drink and walked out into the darkness. He had a key to the building but now saw that a Bobbie was guarding the entrance. He once again entered from the rear door and crawled through a vent to the main building. The horses were now unfed and were beginning to stomp on the floor of their stalls. He grabbed up bundles of hay from the hay-loft and fed them . He also gathered the cash hidden in various places in the three stalls. He was aware of the hiding places unbeknownst to his employer.

His plan was quite simple. He would go to the Newgate prison where his employer Harold Quigley was being held to visit him He would wear his army uniform pretending to be his nephew, just returned from South Africa. He would then deliver clothing to Quigley and some money. He would look for Barrister to defend him and pay the man out of the money he had found. Quigley would tell him where the money was hidden and Ronnie would innocently accept the information.

Quigley he found was in a very sad state of affairs. The cell was a 4 by 8 holding cell located in the bowels of the jail. Ronnie had placed the clothing in a canvas bag and the jailer had made a very cursory check asking Ronnie mostly about his service. Ronnie wore his medal and most of the jailers he met shook his hand. They took him to a room where visitors congregated .Quigley was shocked to see him and they spoke in very low monosyllables. Ronnie told him that he would seek a Solicitor for his court case and that he would need money. He also gave Quigley 20 pounds for special favours from the guards. Quigley was astounded at Ronnie’s plan told him where the money was hidden when Ronnie was already aware but acted dumb.

The final outcome was that the judge gave him five years in prison and he knew he would be out in two  and thanks to Ronnie,Quigley became his friend for life . Ronnie found a small flat in East London and continued his ‘Escort Business’.

It was then that he was introduced to Matilda Bannister . She was the wife of a very powerful political figure in London and lived in a mansion in the exclusive area of Abbey Wood. Lionel Bannister was completely career driven and had married Matilda to have a trophy wife.After three years of marriage he no longer slept with her giving the excuse that he was impotent. She was extremely attractive and very feminine.. She was however a lonely solemn figure who found it difficult to make friends. She did have a slight speech impediment. Her best friend was Lady Alexia Montgomery , who had been serviced  by Ronnie and recommended him to Matilda to employ him in order to escort her to symphony and various concerts as well as other favors . The subject of sexual impropriety did not come up but it was considered by Matilda. She often called upon Ronnie to escort her and he became a frequent visitor to her home in Abbey Wood. He had even met her husband who encouraged her to go to events with Ronnie who he thought was a perfect gentleman and seemed to Bannister a perfect companion for his wife.

Finally Matilda wanted to have a fling with Ronnie without any repercussions. She selected a small Inn off the beaten track near a village called Braxton. The rooms were very small but perfect for their clandestine meeting.

She was very amorous by the time of the meeting and when she saw his erect mechanism she became breathless. She demanded that he penetrate her almost immediately and after several thrusts she became nearly insane with delight. They repeated the exercise three more times until she was unable to hardly breath. As the weeks passed he spent more and more time at the Inn and the concerts became a thing of the past.He now had a large evolving flock of sex-starved women whom he saw on a constant basis. His only desire , now that he had a good income was a girl of his own.




Chapter 3

Ronnie and Alana

Alana’s parents were not surprised that she had a caller scheduled for the Saturday following the concert. She mentioned the matter casually and her father asked the man’s name. Alana had prepared herself for the question and responded with one selected from a book she was reading.

’His name is Albert Thrackberry“she responded. Her mother laughed and responded ”That is the name of a character in the latest Sherlock Holmes mystery.“

Alana’s father was not amused and pointed his finger at her saying “ Listen young lady. I want straight answers I have noticed that lately you have become obtuse and your mother and I will not stand for it What is the young man’s name?”

Alana began to cry. She eventually wiped away her tears. She told the story of the meeting making sure not to mention Ronnie’s outdoor lavatory visits. She mentioned that she was so taken with him that she forgot to tell him her name or ask for his.

“And so he is the unknown man come to visit on Saturday” said her mother in a jocular way.

Alana agreed with her and went to her room.

Her father then turned to her mother and said. ’I think you are due for a bare bottom spanking my dear Frances.“

“It will be a delight my dear Warren”

Ronnie arrived at the door of their house before Alana was able to rush out and find out his name. Thankfully for her he introduced himself to her parents. Her father was impressed immediately. Ronnie had a way of being able to ingratiate himself with people.

Her father questioned him about his work and Ronnie explained that he was now employed with his partner as owners of a pub called the Hens and Chicks located in the center of Brighton. Warren knew the Pub but it was not his regular drinking hole. Ronnie was really lying but he had discussed the matter with Quigley who was soon to be released from prison. Alana’s father chatted with Ronnie for quite some time and Ronnie mentioned he had served in the Boer War returning in 1902 from South Africa. When Ronnie mentioned his medal, Warren was ecstatic with joy that the young man was a hero.

Eventually Ronnie and Alana went for a walk , before he was invited to have tea with her parents. Alana was dressed in the latest fashion and her mother had spent a great deal of time doing her hair. Ronnie commented on how lovely she looked and she went completely red with embarrassment. They discussed the screen shows that they had seen with emphasises on the Charley Chaplin movies. The Kinematic world had taken hold in England particularly because many of the artists were from Britain.

When they returned from their walk the tea was ready and they sat discussing various topics. Ronnie told them he would like to visit with Alana again with a view of to going to a movie at the nearby theatre. Alana was almost swooning when she agreed along with her parents. They walked out to the Tram station together and he bussed her lips before he boarded . She took his hand and held it very tight and told him how much she enjoyed being with him. For some reason he did not feel a sexual urge but a sense of immediate fondness for her, she was so natural and pretty as well as being a woman he knew he could love. He headed off to a tryst with a new customer Abigail Winterbotham in London. She was far away the oldest of his stable of his women with a penchant for sexual gratification at age sixty.


Alana was in seventh heaven as she retold her friends at work on Monday about every minute she spent with her new found beau. She stayed home on Sunday reading in her room as she listened to her parents indulging in their Sunday passions. At the afternoon tea her father told her that she should go out on Sundays, so they could be alone. She readily agreed and noted that her mother used a cushion on her chair and wiggled around making Alana quite amused.

Ronnie and Alana met frequently for dates. They picnicked, walked for miles on the beach and visited several restaurants. . He had avoided touching her in any way, except for hugging and kissing. She did not mention her first view of him until well onto their courtship. He sat with her on a bench in New Haven down the road from Brighton. He planned after asking her to marry him to speak to her father and ask for her hand in marriage.

He leaned over to her and taking both her hands in his announced his desire to marry her and said he would look after her for the rest of her life. He had an engagement ring he had purchased. She cried like a child and they cuddled on the bench and for the first time in his life he also felt the emotion of tears of joy. Later that day as they sat for tea, Alana left the room on cue and Ronnie stood up and spoke very solemnly to her parents asking to marry their daughter. They agreed almost immediately and they hugged each other especially when Alana returned to the living room. Her mother was so excited she dropped a cup of tea and Ronnie took hold of a rag and cleaned the place with Alana’s mother exclaiming what a good husband he was going to make. They settled for date two months hence , in June of 1911.

On the next saturday Ronnie decided to discuss a few marital matters with Alana. He found it difficult because he realized she was still a virgin but knew they should talk.

“ Alana I know you are not experienced in our future intimate relations but I really wanted to give you a kind of advance warning . I am extremely well endowed and it may cause you some discomfort.”

’Yes I know“ she replied turning away to smirk and eventually laughing out loud.

He became alarmed hoping his escort business was not common knowledge. “What do you mean and stop that laughing.” He said reaching over as if to tickle her.

She was by now bursting with laughter and by the time she was finished with her story he was red faced and totally embarrassed.

“So you see my most darling Ronnie I had a glimpse of your private parts as well as your out door privy habits. I hope on our wedding night I will be properly introduced to them.”



Chapter 4

The Strange Life of Abigail Winterbotham

  She was very rich , having inherited nearly 500,000.00 pounds from her father who had owned a steamship line to the Orient. Surprisingly Abigail did not live lavishly and chose never to marry with the fear that any man who came to her with a proposal was after her money. She chose instead to constantly hire escorts.The idea proved to be very satisfying. In the beginning she would attend various functions and travel to distant shores with an escort, taking the precaution never to sleep with them. The situation decidedly changed when she grew into her 40,s however. She had remained a virgin, but suddenly she began to desire to have sexual relations,She found however that it proved to be unsatisfying. She would always make sure to wash the male member before entry and thus causing premature ejaculations. With Ronnie she was more excited than she ever had been. She began using a new product called Petroleum Jelly which assisted her in guiding him into the rear entry position. She could hardly wait for him to arrive and be was brought to her sitting room. On the first occasion Abigail was astounded at his length and size . He also had the endurance for her to achieve a much sought after orgasm. His visits to her increased as her demands began to accelerate.

Abigail had become addicted to his sexual charm. She began to demand that he perform more than the usual for one session. Ronnie found that she was very difficult to deal with because she sent him letters constantly requesting his presence. He discovered that he had difficulties in mounting her because she insisted on remaining dressed except for pulling up her dress in back to expose her buttocks. Further she had become completely out control and bellowed his name numerous times with expletives. When he left each time the maid and butler would eye him with disgust.

His attention to her was causing his other customers to complain about missing his appointments. Ronnie was hoping to leave the business when the Pub that he begun investing in with his former employer was nearly ready for occupancy. His frustration with her constant demands finally came to a head when he told her that he no longer wished to continue to service her. She became almost violent . Shouting obscenities at him and coming within inches of striking him. She pleaded with him to at least visit once a week, but he was now firm in his decision to discontinue their sexual encounters. She made money offers that far exceed his weekly payments but he resisted the temptation, saying he would not return. She threw herself onto the floor , weeping and pounding the floor in a childish manner. He left in a flurry of motion grabbing the door handle swiftly racing to the front door past the servants. Abigail ran after him screaming violently at which time the servants raced to their quarters not wanting to be present during the altercation.

For the next two weeks Abigail sent numerous letters and telegrams begging him to come back. Suddenly they stopped and Ronnie began to breath easier. It remained that way until it was announced in the press with glaring headlines that Abigail Winterbotham had been murdered.



Chapter 5

The Spinster Murder

Inspector Alistair Newly was the youngest high ranking policeman on the major crime squad of Scotland Yard at age thirty-four. It was not unusual for him to be called to investigate murders in London and surrounding communities. His record on solving crimes was the highest in the Yard. He employed as much of the latest techniques that were available and with his partner Sergeant Harold Baker they had a knack for searching out criminals especially society murders. He was aided by the work of criminalist Dr. Charles Strong.

The body of Abigail was found by the maid Becky Hyde who on seeing the ravaged woman ran from the room bellowing to the butler Dennis Patterson who immediately called the local Sandberry village  constable. The constable arrived within minutes and went to the phone to call the Yard exclaiming that the mistress of Greenfield manor had been killed . A Sergeant from the nearby Constabulary arrived and ordered that nothing be touched or moved. He questioned both the servants but they were of little use as they were shocked by the discovery. Officers were placed around the grounds and at the doors as well as at the front and back entrance. Gardners were also placed in a room to await questioning. Becky did mention that all of the murdered woman’s jewellery had disappeared.

The call went out for both Newly and Baker . They arrived by early afternoon and took charge of the case.Newly examined the body of the woman who was nude with her bed clothing torn and spread around the bedroom. He noticed that the window into the room was locked from the inside and that there was no evidence of forced entry. In the meantime Baker began to interview all of the serving staff and gardner. Both of the house servants were terrorized by the murder and said they had heard nothing after their mistress had gone to her room for the night at about 9:00 which was her usual time.Baker also learned from the butler that The Lady of the house had numerous male visitors.

“ Did she not have a regular suitor.” he asked carefully avoiding the obvious.

“I am unable to say if any one of her visitors were to be identified as a suitor but simply for other reasons” replied Butler Dennis Patterson.

“ You mean she was inviting men to her home for the purposes of sexual congress.”

The maid began to cry and turned away from Baker , bellowing very loudly, thus ending the interview.


By early evening Dr. Strong had arrived from London. Newly and Baker compared notes with each other and brought the Criminalist up to date. Strong began his investigation of the body which had by now began to smell quite vile. He wore a white clothe mask and also suppled them to both the detectives.Newly found the body odor so overpowering he had to leave the room.

After several minutes both Strong and Baker exited the murder scene , heading to the downstairs sitting room where the butler entered providing tea and sandwiches.They now met with the local constable and the area Sgt.

Dr Strong began his comments by glancing at his notebook as the others had their pencils and incident report books handy.

“ The victim Miss Abigail Winterbotham was murdered by someone with a very sharp knife. Killing in this manner as we know is up close and very personal. She was stabbed multiple times mostly in her back, buttocks , vagina and colon as far as I can see without a full medical examination with the coroner. The wounds are of a vicious nature. The person or persons struck her with the knife several times with a chopping motion. Also I noticed that the person must have been very strong if you pardon the pun as he held her long hair, there are clumps of her hair on the bed linen.

Inspector Newly interrupted him by saying to the area Sgt “ Have you undertaken a search of the grounds as yet Sgt?”

“By all means inspector , my men are out now and have been out since we arrived this morning”

“Ah good work Sgt Jameson. Please continue Dr Strong.”

“ Yes, yes thank you inspector. The woman was also struck around the face with some other instrument, possibly a walking stick. I also noticed that there was a dried liquid near her and on vagina which I can only presume would be a mixture of  her seminal fluid with male ejaculate. I have taken a sample which we may be able to determine with some chemical analysis.She has emptied her bowels which will give us some time frame of her death, given when she had of her last meal.

After Dr Strong’s update on the murder, Sgt Jameson announced that the Police Mortuary vehicle would be arriving shortly to remove the body to the morgue. They moved back into the main living area of the manor house. The two Scotland yard detectives decided to stay overnight to question the servants. Baker had interviewed the gardners and had been told that they lived in the surrounding area off the site of the manor. They discussed the matter for some time and Dr. Strong departed by train to London. Both detectives retired for the night to a roadside Inn with bedroom accommodation.



Chapter 6

Wedding Alana and Ronnie

Alana and Ronnie exchanged vows in June, followed by a reception at the Old Town Hall auditorium. Two months previously the Pub in the heart of Brighton had re opened with the proprietor now known as Ronnie Cosmo. Quigley his partner worked some nights but Ronnie held forth with a bar maid most nights. Although Ronnie was the governor, Quigley was the major investor.

The young couple took a honeymoon in France and in Belgium returning after a week to take residence in a flat located near Alana’s parents. For Alana, Ronnie was the wonderful lover she had imagined. His use of petroleum jelly had help to make their consummation a delightful experience and she raved at his size and girth and reaching happy conclusions.

Ronnie had been very busy with the bar, and now dropped his escort business. He had not known about the murder until he returned from his honeymoon. He felt a short pang of fear but put the matter to rest with his new job commitments.


He had made a slew of new friends many of whom he had met while serving in South Africa during the Boer War. They began to show up at his pub The Hens and Chicks when it opened before he had married Alana. Most were now working men in different trades both in London and Brighton. Among them were several men , whom Ronnie had shared a few of his experiences as an Escort. They were not heavy drinkers but Ronnie enthralled them with information about his bedroom flings. They all laughed and joked with him but as he thought were harmless.

In the fall Alana announced that she was expecting their first child to the delight of both Ronnie and her parents.



Chapter 7

The Scene of the Crime

The two Scotland Yard detectives had stayed at roadside hotel and after a good night’s rest returned to the manor house by handsome cab.Newly decided to examine the servants individually.

He began his questioning with the Butler. “Please begin by telling us what you know of the visitors to see your Mistress. The information you provide is confidential and you may speak freely. Anything you can provide will be helpful.”

“ Madam had a number of men who came to the house but very few women. The visitors I can say did not stay very long and we never served tea or coffee. She never saw them out or met them on arrival. We were always ordered to go to our kitchen and have a break from our duties.”

Baker now stepped in to begin questioning as Newly stepped over to the window and glanced out at the grounds. “ Now I wonder if you can supply any of the visitor’s names.”

The butler began to search his memory. “They was always called only by their first names. One was a darky named Anthony, and another Ernie , a man who was quite swarthy with a large body. The one who visited often was one called Ronnie. He arrived often and stayed as we saw a long time. It was with that one whom she had a quarrel many times just before her … death.”

“Tell us everything you can about this man?’ said Newly as he stepped back into the questioning.

“Well both of us, you know both Becky and I saw him numerous times. He were lanky about 6 stone. He did shyly smile at us but went straight to the Madame’s sitting room where the action took place. He often spent about forty-five minutes and then left, letting himself out. The madame did not order tea at the usual time but after about an hour or so late into the afternoon she would let us in. The room did smell of the act as I know it to be.” he sniffed and glanced away from Inspector Newly.

“Now you said Mr Patterson that they had a quarrel. What was the nature of the argument.”

“It is my thought sir that the man was not wanting to reach her demand to ah….. perform so to speak.Madame did most of the yelling which we could out to the kitchen. He did not want to have anything to do with her. She sent letters to him and some telegrams as well,which the letters were poste restante and the telegrams from the rail way office at Alton . I was sent several times to the post office and rail way. Becky became very upset because of my long absence.”

Patterson the Butler hesitated for a moment.“ We are what you might say an engaged couple”.

Newly smiled and said“ No matter it is your business and none of ours. Do you remember the address of the letters and telegrams and man’s full name?”

The butler shook his head and replied. “ The letters were for pickup and addressed to a box number and the telegrams were sent care of the New Haven railway office for a numbered person 1762 for collection.”

“What else can you tell us about your Mistress.

Patterson glanced at both men and then began to sweat slightly.“ The lady was very strange at times. She would often go long periods of time without uttering a word. But of all her quirkiness her interest in our bedroom relations held the most interest for her . She wanted to watch us through the keyhole of our room. She would set it up so that we were in full view and she gratified herself when we did the act. We could hear her behind the door. We always received an extra payment of five quid for the performance. When men did not visit as she required she came to us and requested  us as we were her next option. The position was always the same I would have to enter Becky from the rear. We wanted to leave here sometime and we needed the cash.” he said finishing his dissertation.

“Thank you for being forthright Mr Patterson, now we want you to write down the names of visitors that you remember and some description.” Newly said providing the man with his pocket book to jot down the information.

Baker went to the phone and called Scotland Yard requesting that a constable be sent to the Train Station and Post Office in New Haven to make inquiries regarding the man named Ronnie.

In t he meantime the doorbell had rung and Becky had greeted a man whom she know all too well, Benjamin Younger , Abigail Winterbotham’s cousin from Liverpool.



Chapter 8

The Cousin

Benjamin Younger arrived at the door, having travelled immediately at night by train when he was advised through reading the Liverpool News that his cousin Abigail had been murdered. At least that was his version of events relayed to the Scotland yard detectives. When asked by Sergeant Baker how often Younger visited his cousin Becky Hyde reported “Many times Sergeant, as far as we can determine it was always about money. He sent letters that she threw into the fireplace and eventually this led him to make visits. For Mr Patterson and I he was a always making demands of us. We had to make him special meals and he wanted his bed made up just so, with silk sheets. He argued long and loud with Mistress sometimes late at night. He often arrived when we were going to our bed at night being very curt and arrogant.”

Baker and Newly interviewed the man whom they saw was not in slightest saddened or showed any emotion towards the murder of his cousin. Benjamin Younger was quite effeminate. He dressed in a worn suit with a shirt that was very creased. He became very difficult to question because he would not give much information. He related that he left Liverpool on the night train and arrived in Swansea where he had to hire a hackney to drive him to the Manor. Baker actually noticed that he smelled of  bad food and carried the slight odor of excretion. He told them that he was a shipping clerk in Liverpool and needed to advise his office of the death of his cousin. He often motioned with his hands and spoke in a very high pitched the same range of a woman.

“We are told that you often had loud discussions with your cousin. What were they about?” said Inspector Newly lighting a cigarette to cover up the sickening aroma from Younger.

“That is certainly none of your business, it was strictly between my and Abigail.” He said raising his voice to where it squeaked.

Newly stepped up to the man who was seated near him. “Now you listen to me boy-o everything with this murdered woman is our concern especially since you fought and argued with her . We want  to know everything you know, about your cousin and your involvement with her.”

Younger’s countenance changed with tears forming in his eyes and a sudden look of fear. “Yes of course, sir I will tell you everything I can.” he babbled. “She was very difficult to get along with.I need money often because of my low pay, and she has thousands of quid, but would throw miniscule amounts at me, watching me practically starve on my low salary with the White Star Shipping  Company. We argued because I thought she could give me a small annual pourboire, but she insisted that I I had only myself to blame for my circumstances.”

He was dismissed and told to remain in the house while Baker sent one of the local constables to the train station in Swansea and determine if he had arrived by train that morning. Baker called for a cab and made his way to nearby hotels and roadside Inns, in the chance that Younger had been in the area longer than he had reported.

The trainmaster in Swansea advised the constable that a man answering to the description of Younger arrived in Swansea on the early morning train from Liverpool Lime Street at 5:51 am. Baker was also not able to obtain information that Younger had stayed in any of the local hotels or guest houses. Younger was eliminated asa suspect for the time being.



Chapter 9

The murder investigation Begins

Newly and Baker returned to London and discussed the case with their superior , Superintendent Rolfe French. As usual he jotted down all of their information and investigation in his private short hand wit h a pencil. He asked several questions of both detectives, and finally asked for their expert opinions.

Newly spoke first when he said“ The woman Miss Winterbotham is exceptionally rich and never married. She craved sexual intercourse according to  both of t he servants. The slashing which the coroner told us was at least 26 deep cuts was not what killed her it was a blow to her head by an instrument for which we searched without luck. The stab wounds were in her back, buttocks ,vagina and  colon. Ordinarily as you know it our experience that stabbing deaths are attributed to frontal wounds to the chest. It is therefore my opinion that the killer was expressing his hatred or disgust for her. It appears that after finishing their mating that she was then murdered in the same position that they were in during the act.”

Superintendent French jotted down the summation by Newly and then asked Baker to proceed.The maid Becky and Patterson the butler also are not in my mind suspects. They however were part of this Abigail woman’s sexual fantasy by watching them perform sexual acts. My feeling is that the murderer was known to her, and was one the many men who visited her home. We do have several first names but the difficulty will be to begin a roundup of persons known to act as escorts for hire and especially those with known sexual proclivity. We will also have to visit bawdy houses to learn if any of the women are aware of escorts who engage with needy women.“

“Good, good reports, both of you now what is next beyond what you have discussed?” said French lighting a cigarette and offering his package to both men.

Newly and Baker continued their discussion by requesting two more detectives to be assigned to the case including a newcomer to their ranks, Harry Franks who had come to Britain from Canada where he had been in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police detective bureau.

“I want Franks because of his ability to sniff around snouts for selective information, figuring that someone must know something. ” said Newly.

His request was granted and later that day they met with the two detectives appointed to assist in the investigation. They passed ion what they had learned so far and gave the Canadian Harry Franks and London Metropolitan detective Ken Irons their leads to follow. Franks was very experienced as he had a nose for criminal activity, he was well equipped as well could take care of himself as he was very muscular and toughened in fisticuffs. Ken Irons was a veteran policeman with numerous credits in sleuthing  murder investigations . The men agreed to meet on a regular basis to discuss progress. They did not have very long to wait for incremental evidence and valuable tips to begin surfacing.



Chapter 10

Ronnie and Alana welcome a new face

The new face arrived in May exactly a year since Alana had met Ronnie. They called the baby girl Gloria after Alana’s Grandmother on her father’s side who lived in San Francisco California. Ronnie still continued to work nights but helped out with baby Gloria during the day and giving Alana break. Fortunately her parents were overindulgent Grandparents, visiting almost every day. Alana couldn’t help chuckling at her mothers dilemma of not being able to sit down. Since  Alana  married her mother it appeared to have a daily dose of corporal punishment. She had never spoken about it with Ronnie because she thought he might get the same idea.

In June Ronnie began to hear that Scotland yard and Metro Brighton police had been rounding up prostitutes and Escorts for questioning. He was not called but a few of the Escorts had bandied his name a few times as a guy with very rich patrons. Most however did not know his whereabouts as he had suddenly vanished. It did not take long for Detective Ken Irons to sense that the murder and the disappearance may have some bearing on Abigail Winterbothams murder.Their search for Ronnie was made easy by their having an unexpected good fortune.



Chapter 11

Ronnie is Arrested

The Butler and maid from the manor were both unceremoniously dumped by Abigail’s cousin when he took over the ownership of the manor. However they both were awarded one hundred pounds for services rendered according to her will. Becky also helped herself to several pieces of valuable jewellery, which the cousin was not aware. The petty cash amounting to seventy five pounds also disappeared with a painting that had been in storage. They left within a few days of being discharged.

They now had a nest egg which they placed in an investment. They rented a small house in a town near Brighton called Buxted.They discovered a stationers for sale and based on their investment funds were granted a loan to purchase the business. Their suppliers were located in Brighton. Patterson spent a day in Brighton at wholesale offices and then adjourned to a Pub. Ironically that proved to be Ronnie’s downfall.

The former Butler entered the Rooster and Hens Pub during the usual 6:00 reopening rush. As he waited in the lineup he immediately recognized Ronnie and dashed out before being spotted. He went to a Bobbie on the corner and asked where the nearest Station house was located. When he told him what he knew the policeman offered to take him there himself.

After questioning by a senior officer he was asked to wait while they contacted Scotland Yard. Since there was no phone in their shop in Buxted, they called the local constabulary and a message was sent to Becky that Patterson would be delayed. Almost within the hour Detective Baker arrived by train. Accompanied by two beefy constables from the Brighton Police and within minutes Ronnie was in shackles with the advice that he was under arrest for the murder of Abigail Winterbotham. It was a terrible decision on part of the police without first having any evidence.



Chapter 12

Ronnie is on trial for his Life

Ronnie’s friend and partner Quigley arranged to hire a barrister named Alistair Beem and he was joined by his second Brian Glossip. They both interviewed  Ronnie in the lockup in the Brighten Metro Jail, over the weeks preceding the trial. He said he argued violently with Abigail but only about the fact that he no longer wished to service her. The trip to her home was becoming too onerous for him and he wanted her gone out of his life. He gave various reasons why he was not able to have  killed her in the time frame suggested by the Crown.Glossip had made several inquiries regarding Ronnie’s movements the night of the murder . He discovered that a train ran at 11:05 from Brighton to the Swansea station arriving at 12:03. He also checked several Guest Houses and Hotels for anyone who checked in late the night of the murder.The mystery remained who beside Ronnie had possible motive to murder Abigail Winterbotham.


The trial opened on September 5th 1913 at the Hove County Court in Brighton near Victoria Gardens. The judge was a surely man known among the trial Barristers as “Old Mumbles” and  named Judge Scallion . He spoke in indistinct short sentences but thankfully because of his lack of knowledge of law he would rarely interrupt .

Barristers Beem and Glossip faced a Crown Council named Ernest  Blaus. He was a very astute lawyer whom they had faced numerous times as he had chosen to work for the Crown on a permanent basis.

The jury selection process was short as there were numerous volunteers .

Judge Blaus arrived at his appointed time and Ronnie was brought up from the Courthouse cells.

Judge Scallion: Prisoner at the dock are you Guilty or Innocent of the  offence of  Murder of Abigail Winterbotham?’

Ronnie “Not Guilty My Lord”.

Blaus called his first witness Becky Hyde who told what she saw in the Madame’s bedroom when she found the Mistress slain with blood everywhere.

Prosecutor: “Now Miss Hyde did you hear anyone enter the premises during the night passed the 9:00 am that your Mistress may have left into the house”.

“Not to my knowledge sir it were very silent and there were no wind or anything. Someone must have come to the door and Miss Winterbotham led them in.”

Prosecutor: “You did not hear any sounds of loud voices or of thrashing about or such.”

“No both Mr Patterson and I sleep very soundly and go to our bed at 9:15 every night.”

Prosecutor: ’I presume you and Mr Patterson have an intimate relationship?“

“Yes” she said in a very timid voice

Judge Blaus: “Your witness Mr Beem”.

Beem: “Now Miss Hyde, you said that it was a very quiet night and you heard nothing but in reading your statement to Sergeant Baker that you often heard roccus talking coming from your Miss Winterbotham’s bedroom.”

“ Yes we did but we were so concerned that we kept the doors to the hall way and our bedroom ajar so if she needed us we could race to her rescue”

Patterson was now called and he reiterated the story of how the Hyde had found the body and he called the local constabulary whom arrived within minutes to the Mansion.

He was also asked about the fact that they were listed in the will and were able to open a Stationer’s store. He replied that they had taken a loan to finance their business.

The Judge then ordered a short break and following that the Station Master from Brighton was called to the stand.

Prosecutor: “What is the last train from Brighton to Swansea he was asked and was he able to determine if a man answering Ronnie’s description had taken the late train. He responded that the conductor had told him that only two persons boarded the train in Brighton both of whom were a elderly couple on the  11:20 from Brighton.”

Next the Criminalist Dr Strong was called to describe the victim’s condition and the cause of the murder. He carefully read from his notes his discovery and the cause of death which he said was by stab wounds in the lower portion of the woman’s body.

“She was murdered in a most personal way in the rectal canal, buttocks and vagina followed by chest entries and a blunt blow to the head with a some very heavy item not found during a search of the grounds. Another thing I noticed was that she had been gagged with a towel shoved into her mouth to stop her from screaming. The weapon was not found but I measured the length of the wounds and I would say that it was a butcher’s size knife measuring at least one inch wide and extremely sharp in order to produce the size of the lacerations and stab wounds.”

Prosecutor: “Now Doctor Strong would you say that the person who committed this murder was a man of the size of that seen in the dock”

Beem“ I object to that line of questioning my Lord the question is speculation by the witness.”

Judge Blaus: “I would agree Mr Beem. I suggest you rephrase the interrogatory.”

Having no further questions the witness was excused and the coroner Dr Trewelling was called next.

He summed up the findings of the Criminalist that the woman age 58 was stabbed twenty times by a very sharp butcher knife. The single blow to her head by an unknown object however was the instrument used to kill her. He also stated that she no doubt had been engaging in a sexual congress due to red markings found around the vulva and a dried material found there which he advised was in his estimation seminal fluid.

The trial was then recessed and both lawyers met with Ronnie and discussed the trial with Ronnie in his cell.

“The question is how did I get home as the next train does not leave Alton Station until 6:45 the next day according to the man who gave the evidence. Alana said that I was home at the usual time of 11:30?”Also I was not seen on the last train!

Glossip and Younger conferred after leaving the holding cell and discussed the information given by Ronnie.As they needed to walk outside they toned down their voices.

He is obviously lying and if the fact that is  a horse was rented that night at the stables will certainly be found out very soon.“said Glossip as he lit up his pipe.


The trial reconvened t he next day .Prosecutor Blaus called as his first witness Inspector Newley to describe the scene at the location of the murder. He repeated what he had uncovered at the manor House in his preliminary investigation . His findings were that Abigail Winterbotham had been murdered during the evening while engaging in sexual congress. He went on to say that his investigation uncovered that the woman in question had numerous liaisons with men, one of whom was Ronnie Wigglesworth. He reported that they had had serious arguments and that according to the servants had nearly come to blows. She wanted him to visit often and the Butler Patterson said he took several letters to the post office in Swansea and telegrams to the telegraph Office in the  railway station bound for Ronnie in Brighton or New Haven.

Sergeant Baker was called and repeated much of what had already been given as evidence.

The final witness of the day appeared in riding breeches and a very dusty canvas coat. He pointed out that a person resembling Ronnie had rented a brown four year old stallion which was he found out was driven to a stable near Brighton and returned by a young transfer rider the next day after the murder.

Ronnie immediately sent a note to his lawyer saying that he indeed had rented a horse but it was weeks before the day the woman was murdered.

Beem now addressed stable manager and asked ’ Are you sure that it was the night of the murder October 25th or possibly  it was on an earlier occasion?“

’I am sure it were him“ said the man.

Beem “ Now sir if you don’t mind please take carefully look at he man in the prisoner’s dock and tell us again if the man you see is the same man who rented a horse on the 25th of October.”

Looking over across the courtroom the man blinked a few times, trying to remember if Ronnie was the man who rented a horse.He continued his gaze until the judge intervened.

“Certainly sir you can either recognize or not, is his the same height or some visable feature after all this is not that long ago but recently”.

The man looked down before responding. ’Looks a bit like the man but of course the man who rented the  horse had a beard so it is hard to tell.“

Beem: “I have your statement sir here in which you told Sergeant Baker of Scotland Yard that the man had a clear face , meaning there was no beard or moustache.”

“Yes but It were dark and I didnt geta good look.”

Beem: “Your Lordship, if it please the court I wish this man’s statement and testimony be stricken from the record as being a case of mistaken identity by the witness.”

Judge: “Are you agreement Mr Blaus

Blaus “Yes My Lord”

Judge Scallion: “So ordered and the witness is excused.”

Judge Scallion:’ It is now past the dinner hour and I will recess now . Since tomorrow is Sunday we will not hold court on the Lord’s Day and reconvene on Monday at 9:00 am.“

After meeting with Ronnie the two defence lawyers stopped  on the steps of the court house.

They talked about the case and Glossip said he had an idea which he wanted to follow up on Sunday by taking a train ride to Swansea.

“I need a break anyway and this might clear up something that has come to mind over the past two days.”

“By all means my dear comrade and have a nice day , I think I will ferry over to Dieppe and have a go at the casino. said Beem as he hailed a cab.



Chapter 13

A Strange Twist in the  Case

That night  Alana visited with Ronnie at the jail on Sunday and brought their little Gloria who smiled and giggled as her father talked in low whispers to her. Alana had been attending the trial and despite the fact that things did not look good for Ronnie she still held hoped he would be acquitted.

The trial reopened on Monday morning Judge Scallion looked very hung over and Prosecutor Blaus also appeared sleep deprived.

Before the trial both Beem and Glossip had a busy discussion. They spoke about Glossip’s visit to the Manor House and Beem became very excited at the account that he was given. He took out his binder and jotted down several notes and congratulated Glossip on his findings.

Judge: Scallion“ Mr Blaus do you have any more witnesses to present before your final argument?”

Prosecutor Blaus; No my Lord may I proceed?“

Judge Scallion “And you Mr Beem have you any other people to address before final argument.”

Beem: “Yes My Lord I wish to recall Becky Hyde and Dennis Patterson in that order. ”

Prosecutor Blaus “My Lord this is a bit much they have already been questioned by Scotland Yard and have given evidence here in this court and I cannot see what else My Friend can say and this is just a delay of the proceedings!”

Judge Scallion: “I will allow the persons so named to be questioned again in the name of justice, Sgt at Arms recall the two witnesses”

Becky Hyde took her place in the witness box and looked very pale. She had dressed for the return and was wearing a green smock which she wore in their stationers.

Beem began his questioning. “You said in your previous court appearance that there was complete silence on the night of the murder. You in fact heard nothing.”

“Yes sir there was total silence outside and we heard absolutely no sound in the house. No noise of shouting or any noise as we had heard on other times.”

Beem: You in fact did not notice the yelping or barking of the dogs that were tied up near the house“.

“No sir the dogs only bark when there are visitors nearby.”

Beem “’So if anyone came to the house on the night of the murder you would have known because the dogs always bark when strangers arrive. Is that correct.?

‘Yes “ She replied

Becky Hyde now knew  she had been tricked into giving some very important information. She took her hand and covered her mouth and began to weep.

“I don’t know why the dogs didn’t bark that night, but there was no noise and the lady was killed” she said lamely through the tears.

Judge Scallion asked Blaus if he wished to question the witness and noticed that Glossip had waved to Beem from the rear of the courtroom.

Judge “You have another witness I can see Mr Beem”

Beem responded in the positive and then  Blaus began his questioning of the witness Becky Hyde.

“Miss Hyde if a person such as yourself or your mistress were near the dogs or arriving would they always bark if they knew the smell of the person. Also could they know the arrival of say the prisoner in the Dock?”

“I don’t know” she responded.

Blaus sat down and the judge asked to hear his next witness

Beem ; “I now want to recall Mr Patterson My Lord”

Patterson was warned that he had already been sworn in and Beem began his questioning.

Beem: “You also told the investigators that it was a soundless night when your Mistress was murdered , did you not Mr Patterson.”

“Yes” Patterson now faltered and looked down .

“So then please tell the jury how then any person would have come into the grounds and waited until they were allowed to enter the Manor House Mr Patterson.”

“Well it must have been possible cause some person came in and put her  to death” he said in a very forceful voice.

Beem: ‘I don’t think anyone came from outside the house , you and Miss Hyde were in the house and it is my contention that the Mistress was desperate for a sexual congress and you were told or ordered to do so and in a fit of fury you stabbed her in her private parts and did murder her didn’t you Mr Patterson?“

The courtroom went into an uproar and Blaus objected several times

Blaus : “My Lord He has no evidence to prove such an accusation and the jury must be warned that his claim is nothing more than an effort to distract the Jury.

Judge Scallion: “Yes I agree Mr Blaus that Mr Beem is doing some Shakespearian acting and I  now direct the jury not to be distracted by Mr Beems statement which the court reporter will strike from the record.”

Prosecutor: “My Lord I think we have had enough of  this ‘Dogs Breakfast’ and it is just an effort to  sidetrack the jury.”

Judge Scallion : ‘You know Mr Blaus under ordinary circumstances I would stop this line of questioning but I myself have a dog and no one ever comes near without my Poppy barking” . Please continue Mr Beem.

Beem “I have no further questions for this witness and call Edger Pye to the witness box.”

The man was dressed in a very rough outfit with a dusty pants and a brown jacket.

After the man was sworn in by the Sergeant of Arms he stood in the box and the judge suggested he sit down as he looked quite elderly.

Beem “ Now sir will you please state your name and your home and your work to the court”

“ I am Edgar Pye and work as gardener at the Winterbotham estate near Swansea. ” I has been a gardener man for twenty one years at that manor and before me was my father.“

Beem: “Now I ask you Mr Pye about the two dogs that are tied up and have Dog housing . If they are rather dangerous how can they be fed?”

“Them dogs are snarly animals that the Mistress herself couldn’t get near any time. She said we need vicious dog to protect the manor and they was hard to look after. The stable boy Wallace is the only person who get near them hounds even him is afraid to get bit. So we fixed up a outside fence to their enclosure where them dogs can get food and water. They barks at everyone and no person will go near them ’cept Wallace. We opens the fence so thy can gets at their food. But boys oh boys they barks like crazy. ”

Beem : “So you can say that no one could get anywhere near the Manor at night with the dogs woofing at them or howling .”

“Sir if the people was walking in the forest behind the manor they would knows they were there.”

Beem: Do you recall the dogs barking on the night of Miss Winterbotham’s murder.

“ No that was quiet like the cemetery in Bolton Green.”

Beem “Thank you Mr Pye for coming today and your information. ”

Judge: “Do you wish to question the witness Mr Blaus”

Prosecutor “Yes My Lord.”

Blaus: “Now sir how is it that the dogs do not bark when you are at your work or nearby at night.”

During the day for some reason unless you go near their cage and while we are working they knowed that it is us nearby and they they don’t bark. So it just be me outside and Wallace sometime but he is in the stable most time, at night I lives in the coach house over the stable and Wallace comes from Newton Village nearby from the Manor House.“

Blaus: “I have no further questions My Lord”

Judge Scallion: Thanks you Mr Pye. We may now hear from the prisoner in the Dock as Parliament have now passed the law whereby all prisoners may be able to respond to the charges. Prisoner Wigglesworth you have pleaded Not Guilty to the charge of murder and may now speak if you wish.

Ronnie“ I will only respond My Lord with admonition that I remain Not Guilty of murdering Abigail Winterbotham.”

Judge: “Thank you and now Mr Beem you may sum up his defence”

Beem “Thank you. He began ” My Lord, Gentlemen of the Jury. My client Ronnie Wigglesworth was the only person investigated for the murder of Abigail Winterbotham. He was a convenient subject . After all he seemed to have motive. She demanded his services and he became agitated about it. So they argued several times. But you must ask yourself would a man who had recently married and had a child and a new business to  run  escape the rantings of a elderly women who sought constant sexual gratification by murdering her. Then also study the witnesses provided by my Learned Friend. The man who rented horses who said it was Mr Wigglesworth who rented a horse on the night of the murder but couldn’t actually identify him sufficiently and his testimony was sriken. The rental barn in Brighton could not describe the horse rider either. The Scotland Yard detectives did not interview anyone else to uncover the person or persons who murdered Abigail Winterbotham.“ Let us now discuss the two servants Becky Hyde and Dennis Patterson. Becky Hyde said the night was completely quiet not a sound no dogs barking just a quiet evening in the English country side. So Gentlemen you must ask yourself how is that if  there was anyone that  came near the Mansion the dogs would bark and nothing was heard on that night  . My second Mr Glossip just returned from the entrance to the Manor yesterday walking almost up to the door and the dogs , both of them barked insanely. How then could anyone come to the house at night without there being a round of howling and constant barking by the dogs at a stranger.Ronnie Wigglesworth did not murder Abigail Winterbotham, you know that both of the servants had a motive to slice up their Mistress. They were recipients of a large sum from her will and no doubt took several pieces of her jewellery which they claimed were missing from her Gem Box. The Maid admitted that they could hear all of the goings-on in the main bedroom even when the door was shut. It is my scholarly opinion that they both are guilty of the murder. Mr Wigglesworth is innocent of the murder and the Crown do not have a shred of evidence to prove his guilt. Furthermore I ask you in your considerations to remember that you must be perfectly clear that Mr Wigglesworth is innocent . In our courts of Britain justice must be seen to be done and the prosecutor must prove his guilt beyond a shadow of doubt my client does not have to prove his innocense.

Judge Scallion: Mr Blaus you may sum up.

Blaus: I ask you Gentlemen to disregard Mr Beem’s histrionics. Only one person is in the dock and  charged with this murder and I absolutely must tell you that we have the culprit . He viciously murdered the poor woman and to show his contempt stabbed her in the private parts mercilessly. He then smashed her with an unidentified large object after having  had an intimate congress with her. He then went to a stable rented a horse and raced across the countryside on the Bradley road back to Brighton. It is clear that the Prisoner had been to the manor House several times and the dogs were were now accustomed to him and he was able to immediately calm them. There is also a very good chance that he put laudanum in the dog’s water so they would have fallen asleep. There is no dearth of sufficient evidence to show that he had  every reason to murder the woman. She was becoming a burden, constant calling , writing , telegrams and she was interfering with his new life with his wife and baby. Not only that she could have told him that she was going to tell his wife if he didn’t come across with regular gratification for her. She need to have coitus, it had become like a drug for her and he was her provider and in the final analysis he had to shut her up and murdered her in cold blood. “

Blaus then pointed at Ronnie, “this man is a murderer and so Gentlemen bring in a guilty verdict so he can made to pay for this terrible crime!”



Chapter 14

The Verdict and After

The Judge gave direction to the Jury of twelve men , who were taken to the jury room in the bowels of the Courthouse.

The foreman was Norman Adelmann a second generation British Subject whose family had emigrated from Germany.He began by saying that in his estimation they could come to a Not Guilty verdict in minutes. Others were not so sure. A wizened elderly man names Kenneth Hodge said based on the fact that he rented a horse he and had several arguments with the lady he probably murdered her and then ran. Others said that was not proven. Finally after a long period of chit chat Adelmann spoke up  by saying: “The man Wigglesworth had really no reason to kill her. Further the evidence regarding the dogs weighs heavily against him being able to come to that Manor House at night. Finally it is plain as the nose on your face that those two servants are lying. The Crown did not prove their case and I don’t think anyone can argue against that.”

An hour later the Jury returned from their deliberations.

Judge Scallion: “Jury Foreman you have come to a decision and how do you find the prisoner Ronnie Wigglesworth”

Foreman: We find the prsoner NOT GUILTY My Lordship.

Judge “So say you all”

They all lifted their hands. The Judge thanked them and then spoke“ This is a just verdict in my estimation and the prisoner is now free to go with our apologies. I also now order that the two servants Dennis Patterson and Becky Hyde be held by Scotland Yard pending an investigation. My thanks to the Crown Council Mr Ernest Blais and Barrister Alistair Beem both of whom have tried a very judicial case .

Ronnie was taken to his  cell and released . He couldn’t stop smiling and shook Beem’s hand several times. Quigley told both lawyers that they had done a marvellous job and payment would be sent forthwith. Alana kissed Ronnie several times but also caught the eye of the lawyer Brian Glossip.



The servants were charged with the murder and Becky Hyde in order to save her hide related how their Mistress had become mad for sex. She demanded that the butler give her what she needed, he told he wouldn’t do it, but Abigail said she would give him 20 pounds. He agreed but later she reneged  on the deal saying after all he was an employee. He went to her bedroom , had sex with her and then in a fit of anger struck her with a statue of Queen Victoria, went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife and stabbed her in numerous times. He washed the murder weapons returned them to their place in her bedroom and the kitchen drawer. He then tore her clothing tossed them all over the room to make it look like it was a murder-robbery.

He was convicted of murder and executed by hanging in February 1914. Becky Hyde was given a prison sentence of ten years and walked out in 1919.

Alana and Ronnie returned to their normal lives but it was never the same they slowly fell out of love. Ronnie was drinking more excessively  and became surly, frightening Alana quite often. She decided to stop sleeping with him and he became very angry. She was not able to take his moods and moved out of their apartment to her parents home. She then sought to get back into the work force as more woman were obtaining positions. In an effort to return to legal work she applied at the firm called Humber and Beem where she again met junior partner Brian Glossip. He was taken with her immediately and recommended they hire her asa typewriter as she was very experienced. By the end of 1913 Glossip wasa steady visitor to Alanas parents home. He also said that she should apply for a articling position in which she could obtain a license to law. This excited her and she undertook the exams for entry level law clerk, passing with flying colors. Glossip also helped her to make a application fora divorce from Ronnie. He objected but eventually gave in and they were granted a separation and had the five year waiting period.

Events however changed the entire matter. War broke out in 1914 and Ronnie joined his old regiment The Royal Hampshire Regiment and after training was dispatched to France where he was killed by a German sniper at Ypres in April 1915. He was awarded a set of medals which were sent to Alana. She married Brian Glossip in 1916 and they had a great life together with their daughter Gloria. Alana finished her articling and in 1918 was called to the bar, being only one of only 20 female lawyers up to that point in Britain.


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