The Poetic Ambitions

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Submitted: May 31, 2018

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Submitted: May 31, 2018



1: The poet is randomly inspired and does not really have a main objective that he is looking to qualify, as he is influenced by various impressions that he filters through his emotions.  His contemplations, as a result, are not prone to invoke logical reasoning, because everything he declares is passionately driven and idealistically zealous.

2: The aesthetic sentiments of the poet are wild and interchanging.  He seeks to and replicate his mood in a series of phases and ironies that are coherent in an unusual way, leaving them open to interpretation. 

3: No laws can bind the poet.  The eloquence of his wordplay need not to conform to any set of grammatical standards.  This is because the poet is possessed by a waging spirit that cannot be driven amiss.  Before his pen falls weary, he will have been lyrically enchanted.

4: The conceptions that emerge in his inspirational visions are usually momentary and fleeting, and render only an abstract essence whereof he is advancing to communicate.  But this does not relegate his ideas to uselessness.  Emotions, after all, must count for something.

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