Does God Exist?

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Submitted: May 31, 2018

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Submitted: May 31, 2018



1: God is an entity that we have never experienced, as there is no qualifying evidence to suggest that there is one.  There are many, though, despite the absence of proof, under the impression that God does indeed exist, and that factual affirmations are somehow an unnecessary factor in determining this.

2: God is present in our minds from an early age, but how do we arrive at the idea of His existence?  Have we been indoctrinated by our parents?  Or are our ideas of Him innate?  If the latter should hold true, does that mean God has instilled in us the inborn knowledge of His existence?

3: In no way can our proper organs of sense interact with the essence of God.  As mentioned in the aforesaid, He cannot be experienced.  It seems that He exists without existing.  But how can this be so?  Such a contradiction is logically unsound, yet readily accepted by billions.

4: The preceding passages were not contrived to provide a counter to the existence of God.  Rather, they were more an investigative on the part of the author, who wishes to understand how belief can supplant what empirical evidence cannot prove.

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