Twisted Souls (Remastered)

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

On the outskirts of Oxford, England, there is a large manor run by an old man and his daughter. This place is known as Aetherius Manerij. Here, few people are saved from their sufferable lives and
taken in for rehabilitation. These people can vary from orphaned teens to former asylum inmates. What they all have in common; they've all been through hell.

One day, Lydia Rein is shipped out of prison and to Aetherius Manerij. The people seem nice, the manor looks grand, and the meals and clothes offered are both well, to say the least. However, minor
oddities have always plagued the place. These seem to worsen when Lydia arrives, or so the other patients say. While it seems like nothing, Lydia does not realize that her arrival has triggered
something to awaken. It doesn't take long before the darkness begins to grow, as a mysterious force drives these mentally-challenged inhabitants to their knees...

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Table of Contents


        Darkness holds dominion, its shadowed veil ha... Read Chapter

The Verdict

      In Oxford, England, it is Autumn of... Read Chapter

The Decision

    “Beg your pardon, Lydia?" When hearing that voice, Lydia immediately stirred, breaking from ... Read Chapter

Blood And Tears

    As dawn broke the next morning, Lydia was surprised to find that she was even more nervous than she anticipated. No... Read Chapter

We're All Unnatural

    After so long in a dreamland of blackness, Lydia was annoyed to feel light on the other side of her eyel... Read Chapter


      The morning sky was still bright blue, very lightly speckled by clouds. It was surely a... Read Chapter

Routine Inspection

      After Alice made the decision to go inside for tea, Lydia thought things would be norma... Read Chapter

Something Strange

    Time passed slowly, making half-an-hour feel like six hours. At least, for Lydia it did. It was hard to ... Read Chapter

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Recent Comments

Red Hunter

Oooh I like where this is going very much! I really enjoyed this chapter, and I've already got more than a few questions about our main character here. She seems a bit odd, what with the blood and all, but I think it's safe to say she doesn't belong in some asylum.

I'm really excited to see where this goes and I'm already digging the vibe of it all. Keep up the good work!

Fri, June 1st, 2018 2:05am


Ah, you decided to read the new side-story. Hope it doesn't disappoint, lol Thanks for reading and commenting! :)

Thu, May 31st, 2018 7:48pm

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