Guardian Angel

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Short story about a girl who found a special something in a boy.

Submitted: May 31, 2018

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Submitted: May 31, 2018




She saluted him along with a smile as she was passing by, as usual. After their eyes lost sight of each other, she could feel something was not right. A strange, silent tension was in the atmosphere. She stopped, pondered for a moment while in an uneasy state of mind. She turned on one foot, rising up the pace as she was walking towards him. After a few steps, she stopped and she was covered in complete and utter fear. The man pointing the gun at him could be barely seen through the thick bushes just a few meters away from them. He had no clue how his life was about to change just a few seconds later, absorbed by the book he was lecturing so thoroughly. Her heartbeat began to quicken, her eyes racing from the unknown man to the boy, and back to the man, her body stiff as a rock. Millions of thoughts were going through her mind as seconds passed. Suddenly, all the words inside her head vanished and she began running like she never had done before, coming to a stop right between the man and the boy. After not even one second, she could feel her an energy pulsating through her entire body, then her chest was feeling hot, the hotness turning to pain. She could feel everything, and nothing. Seconds seemed like years. He had risen his sight from the book, to her, his consciousness already telling him what happened, but his mind not wanting to believe it. As he reached to her, he saw the trail of red running down her chest, catching her as she slowly collapsed into his arms, like feathers falling on fresh snow. A crowd had gathered around them, people yelling and shouting for help, some of them with phones in their hands, trying to get all the aid they could find.

Neither of them said a thing, the silence between them was more powerful than all the sound around them. The mix of his emotions ultimately led to a single one, the one that can express them all: tears. Confusion. Sorrow. Frustration. Anger. Denial. He knew the bullet was meant for him.

She was almost asleep now, her breathing deepend, her eyes slowly closing and opening again, if only for a few seconds, all she was trying to see was him. She didn’t ask for help, no cries of pain or despair. His image was all that mattered for her in those moments of deathly calmness.She sensed something beautiful in him, something she had seen before, in other people, people she had known for only a day, and then never again. It wasn’t enough to gain any understanding of it. She hadn’t known him for long either, but it was enough to decipher the strange beauty she witnessed. She could sense magic in his eyes, and it is said that the eyes are windows to the soul. If only she could have found the words to tell him why he meant so much to her. If only she could find the strength to tell him why she’d done it, just one word! Before he could regain his sense of self and tell her anything, he noticed her closing her eyes and not opening them again. Her breathing gradually slowed down, and the faint smile on her face faded.

She slept.

He wept.

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