Miss Annabelle Kray

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Young Miss Annabelle Kray left her home on a Sunday morning. This is what happened to her on that day.

Submitted: May 31, 2018

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Submitted: May 31, 2018



Miss Annabelle Kray,

Who slept on a sleigh,

Woke up on a Sunday.

She patted her stray

Beagle dog, Gray,

And left her home down by the bay.


Everyone liked Miss Annabelle Kray,

She always gives true flattery.

She skipped away,

All joyful and gay,

To buy some fresh hay.

In the shop, she had to pay

Five dollars and walked away.

She went to church to pray,

God’s word she’ll obey.

She went to the bay

And sat on some hay

Which she bought that day.

Then came across a boy named Jay,

And he said to Anne, “Hey hey hey!”

He gave her food from a buffet

And asked her to join him in croquet

She said no to his little game,

Gathered her hay, and skipped away.

She went to buy tickets to Norway

So she and Gray can get away.

She skipped past the delicious buffet.

She skipped past where they played croquet.

She skipped past where bodies decay.


Annabelle’s little beagle, Gray,

Was told to wait by the doorway.



Gray just waited till he faded away

For Annabelle never came back that day.


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