The Full Bladder

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Horror. Humour. Flash Fiction.Sometimes You Have To Go!

Submitted: May 31, 2018

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Submitted: May 31, 2018



The Full Bladder


- That was great!

- Sure was Syd!

- Let's do it again Jill!

- Ah no, I think I need a rest.

- Me too, actually, I feel like a piss.

- Get up then, you know where the bathroom is.

- I thought I might go in you, I'm all comfortable here.

- Piss off!

- Well I feel like going, sex always makes me feel like going,

especially using condoms.They always make me want to piss.

- You're not wearing a condom.

- No, not today, haven't other guys told you that?

- What guys? I was a virgin till I met you.

- Come on Jill, I'm busting to go! It won't hurt you!

- No!

- Come on Jill, I'm going to go!

- If you don't get out you'll get bitten.

- Bitten? Bitten by what? You got teeth down there?

  But it's too late, I piss and piss and piss...

- Get out you creep!

  And as I withdraw I see them, thousands of black hairy

spiders, shrieking in terror, fleeing out of Jill's parted vaginal

lips, and across her pubic hairs to escape been drowned!

  I always wondered why Jill's hymen was made of cobwebs,

now I know!

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