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Submitted: May 31, 2018

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Submitted: May 31, 2018



we all know the story of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs but  when it comes to finding our story in theirs ,  we see that the failure part is true but the success part is only a dream . Now , If i tell u that you are going to be very successful , you might not believe me but if i say that you might  NEVER GET WHAT YOU WANT then you might believe and that is because you have given up  .Sometimes we think we will never get what we want and that we are alone but the truth is every person gets this feeling once in their life , it might be because of their loss in business or their studies , their grades, their job or some other issue and here is how to deal with it :

. find your mistake :

go on and think . think why you failed in your task . Now , some people don't like thinking about their bad day or their failure so let me tell you that you don't have to let it haunt you, you just have to find your mistake . tell yourself " okay , i have messed it up but how did i do it ? " and thats when your story will begin .

. motivate your self :

now that you have reviewed your mistakes  tell yourself that life has not ended , tell yourself that you can do more , you can do better . you were not born to watch YouTube or TV or use social media . if you spend all your time watching movies and YouTube and playing videos games then you have given up . DON'T LET LIFE HAPPEN TO YOU let yourself control it .its your possession not failure's .

.move forward : 

now that you know what you did wrong you better move forward . GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE AND PLAY IT ALL AGAIIN.prepare for your next exams , work hard at your job , think of new business strategies . attack your failure with your  your  success.



failure is not the end of our lives we are all bor for a reason and we shouldn't keep that reason waiting for us to come . For youngsters that reason is to work hard for their country , help its people and clear its name. work hard with determination because there are many people who depend on you may be a whole country or maybe your own family. you have two paths in front of you today , the Path of a lazy meaningless life or a happy , successful life . THE CHOICE IS YOURS .

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