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Submitted: May 31, 2018

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Submitted: May 31, 2018




Once Mentally Torn

As I physically mourned

Love’s gateway to my inner temple

In the beginning God it was all so simple

Regrets now hovering my mind

Words you can never take back, so very unkind

Should I turn back for one last chance

Pride is now my partner in dance

So chilling and cold

Words so vividly bold

Hiding your façade under a veil of black-hearted mold

I go it alone. My feet is my guide

How do you measure love, its margin is so deep and goes so wide

The road I have traveled sinfully condoned

Now finding comfort in the words of Psalms

The Monkey finally flung off my back

Female hormones no more out of whack

Love with all you have to give

Find goodness in yourself with each breath to live

A weight off my shoulder

No more baring love’s heavy boulder

Mentally weighing me down

Making me to feel like I’m a clown

When no one else is around

No more cackling voices to make a sound

The assurance in my step is now back

No more written words meant to attack

I can smile to your face.

As I now bow at your grace

I can adapt to life’s beautiful pace

Sometimes letting go is our greatest fear

Just remember our Heavenly father does have ears

Kneel and Pray

Then say

It’s done

My battle has now been won

In his word, his promise, as I asked on my knees

Once you stand

Now comes the faith for the heart and mind to believe


This narrative goes out to anyone who is battling some form of addiction, rather it be, mentally, emotionally, recreationally, or physically

I truly hope this poem will help you in the moment you are reading it

It’s a New Year, isn’t it about time you fling that Monkey off your back, think about the benefits in the end

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