Chapter 7: If You Go Down To The Woods...

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Act 4, Chapter 7: If You Go Down To The Woods

*Two Days Since Brittany and Mason died*

Anthony awoke as he heard Brianna scream. Rolling his eyes, he grabbed a pillow and rolled over, clutching it to his ears.

The moaning and screaming coming from that room had been going on for 3 hours now, and as morning approached, the speedster was not happy about it.

He assumed she was with George, but right now he didn’t have any idea. She’d been acting strange since Brittany left, not like you could have brought that up.

But now… she was dead. Mason was dead. Looking up at the ceiling, carefully rolling as to avoid waking Abbie he just watched as the sun beams gently danced upon the cream mosaic that littered the top of the room.

He had to give props to Alex, killing them both was an incredible act of power. Then again, Alex’s powers were incredibly OP. He’d gone from the weakest to the strongest in these last three years.

Sitting up, and still making sure he wasn’t waking his girlfriend, he began to vibrate in bed. His whole fluxing and within a second a copy of him was stood at the end of the bed. Completely naked.

“Mazel Tov.” Anthony chuckled as he observed the copy, who he also controlled.

Willing his copy to put some pants on, the obeying version of him did so, before having him go start breakfast. Anthony still wasn’t prone enough to use the ability in battle, well, not with any mastery of control. But he was learning.

And that was all that mattered he supposed.

Plus… Abbie liked it when there were two of them.

Smirking at the thought, he kissed her cheek before wrapping a leg around hers.

“Morning…” She giggled as he bit her ear. “Not today Mr, its mission day.”

Abbie had been chosen to lead the agents going with Director Rojas and Alex, off to see whatever this mission was, not like she’d been debriefed. But, it didn’t exactly matter to her. Director Rojas said it was all good and safe, so she’d followed dutifully.

Anthony worried about her though, as he knew he should.

“Be careful today… it’s a dangerous world out there right now…” Kissing her forehead, Abbie smiled as she kissed his lips, then his chest, before moving down lower. “Oh… I thought you didn’t have ti-”

He shut his mouth as he groaned slightly, falling back into bed, and back into comfort.


The mission room was busy as Alex and Liam entered, Brianna already sat in one chair, playfully waving them over.

Alex almost fell over his own jaw as he Jack and Iris stood near Brianna, Jack smirking at his brother’s apparent shock, the older sibling having completely forgot about what Nathan had said about Jack joining.

“Chill bro, we got this.” Jack stated as he put his hands on Alex’s shoulders, nodding to him. “You don’t have to protect me.”

Alex shook his head as he pulled Jack into a hug.

“And when are you gonna learn, I’m never going to stop protecting you.” Alex replied, holding his brother. “You’re my little bro, and I’m always gonna be your big brother.”

Jack pushed him off then, looking at the other agents who were snickering.

“Whatever, look, let’s just get on with it. Try not to embarrass me!” Jack stated as he stropped over to the group, Iris and Alex watching him go.

“He does love you, ya know.” Iris assured him as Alex watched his brother fist bump some agents.

“I know… But one day I might not be here to protect him, and I’ll truly worry about him then.”

Without another word, Alex moved back over to Brianna and Liam, who had now been joined by Anthony.

“So… this is it.” Anthony said as he watched Alex sit down. “Nervous?”

“A little, I’d like to know what all the secrecy of the mission was but… yeah, I guess so.” Alex replied, leaning on Liam slightly.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll be fine.” Liam stated as he smiled back at Alex.

“Well, I’ll tell you what, if any of you need some stress relieve, I know a good doctor.” Brianna laughed as she chuckled to herself. “He’s the best doctor I’ve ever had.”

Liam and Alex laughed as Anthony rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, I know, I heard him examining you all night.” The speedster huffed in fake mockery as he shook his head.

“His tests do go on for quite a while.” Brianna assured as she flexed her shoulders, before cracking her knuckles.

The doors slid open to the control room, and Nathan, Daza and Joe entered, looking gravely serious. Joe’s eyes immediately ran to Iris, who merely shone a sheepish smile at her father.

The busy room went deadly quiet as Director Rojas took to the podium.

“Hello everyone, welcome to the mission briefing. We have two teams today, with two different objectives. ‘A Team’ will accompany myself to the Canadian wilderness. Here, we will move to locate an old, nuclear power source.”

Nathan showed pictures of a huge cavern with a strange looking machine in it. The pictures were photo shopped, but nobody could tell. Nathan smiled as he moved to the next slide.

“This is a low danger mission, hence the smaller squad. ‘B’ Team will be led by Mr Catterson, they will follow the remaining members of the Crystallites to this location here, near Yellowstone National Park. Reports of a hostile terrorist unit have been detected known as the White Fang. These are Terrorists who are planning a number of attacks across the city. Be prepared for serious warfare, and make sure to follow the Crystallites.”

Nathan moved to the final slide, a picture once again of the old nuclear power source.

“The White Fang wants this power source at all costs. Our job, is to make sure they don’t get it. We’ll take out there few recruits guarding it, but once they realise they’re getting no answers, they’ll likely rush to secure the area. It’s a good hundred miles away from their main base, but B Team, be prepared for a firefight. Wheels up in twenty.”

As the crowd dispersed; readying themselves to head for the hangars, the four members of the team looked at each other.

“Good luck guys, go give this White Fang hell.” Alex stated as he hugged Brianna and Anthony, before turning to Liam. “Stay safe yeah?”

Liam moved then, grabbing him into a hug that was almost bone crushing.

“We’ll see you in a bit. Good luck.” Anthony stated as he and Brianna set off to go get their costumes on.

“I need to tell you something.” Liam said as he held Alex, who smiled at him. “I’ve been meaning to say this, for… a long while now. And I think it’s the right time.”

Alex looked perplexed but also happy, his arms around Liam’s neck as he spoke. Liam seemed to be shaking, his hands trembling slightly.

“Are you ok?” Alex asked as his boyfriend continued to shake ever so slightly. “You seem, nervous?”

“Yeah… it’s just… I…” The words seemed to get caught in Liam’s throat as his grip tightened on his other half’s waste.  “I-”

“Mr Smith, we’d better go.” Director Rojas shouted as he poked his head through his door.

“Erm, ok, I’m coming.” Alex replied as Nathan vanished again, before turning back to Liam. “Sorry, go on.”

“No, its ok, we’ll talk about it when you get back.” Liam stated, and before his boyfriend could say anything else, he kissed him and untangled himself, heading for the opposite side of the room.

“See you on the other side.” Alex replied with a smile as he got to the opposite end of the room. “And Liam!”

“Yeah?” Liam replied as he turned back to see his boyfriend halfway through the door.

“I love you too.”

And with that, Alex had gone through the door, while Liam stood in shock, before breaking out into the biggest grin possible.


The plane was crowded as Alex sat to one side of the Quinjet. With him, were three agents he didn’t know, Director Rojas, Jack, Iris, Blaine and Commander Dyer, who had stumbled on after a last-minute kiss with Ant. Two pilots entered, both sauntering in while the Director huffed at their calm attitude.

“It’s go time!” Jack yelled as the Quinjet took off, and Alex looked back to see Joe stood, waving to them as they took off.

There was something in Joe’s eyes, a sadness. Turning to look at Iris, she wasn’t even looking at her father, rather focused on a joke Blaine had said. Nodding to Joe, it was a silent agreement that he’d keep her safe.

“Are you excited Mr Smith?” Director Rojas asked as he turned to look at Jack. “You must be excited to see your brother in the field.”

“I’m more excited to just be in the field sir, whether my brother is in it or not makes no difference.” Jack retorted as he glanced at Alex, a coldness in his brother he’d not seen before. “I’m here to help people; not stand behind my big brother, hoping he can protect me.”

Iris shook her head as Jack continued, Director Rojas smirking at the younger Smith brother.

“My father always told me I was strong, and one of the best. I plan to prove that here today sir. Maybe I’ll show Alex a thing or too.” Jack raised his eyebrows at his brother. “After all, we can’t all have powers that keep us safe.”

“Indeed… we can’t.” Blaine laughed as he agreed with Jack. “Some of us, have to get down and dirty with fighting.”

“Strange, you’re all so quick to jump on we’re better without powers, but let’s face it, at one time or another, we’d all be dead if it weren’t for the Enhanced.” Abbie countered as she loaded her gun. “You wanna be tough? You stay close to the powerful ones, and you don’t do anything stupid. Or do we have to go over the incident in Mexico again Blaine?”

Blaine rolled his eyes as Alex laughed at that, remembering all too well.

“Yeah, that’s right Blaine, remind me, how exactly would you have survived that fall from your ripped to shreds helicopter if Liam hadn’t caught you?” Alex questioned as he sat back, arms folded with a smug smile on his face. “And, my muscles are aesthetically bigger, isn’t an answer.”

Blaine replied with his middle finger, and the whole group laughed.

“I’m just excited to be on a mission.” Iris laughed as she felt for her gun. “It’s ok, thought I’d forgot it.”

“All I’m saying is.” Jack responded, trying to get his point across to the Director. “I am not my brother, I’m someone who is dedicated, hardworking, and physically much fitter. I was born for this.”

The Director smiled, before patting Alex on the shoulder.

“And the day you kill two powered people, will be the day I believe that.” The Director stated, while Alex shivered at the thought.

Nathan knew he hated himself for killing Brittany and Mason, but he couldn’t deny the Director. No one could.

And as the Quinjet flew off towards the Canadian wilderness, as chit chat set in, as Abbie put her earphones in and drifted to sleep, as Alex continually worried about Jack, Nathan smiled.

Soon this would all be over. SHIELD would be gone. And he would rule… the whole world.

Submitted: June 01, 2018

© Copyright 2022 Torchwood Boy. All rights reserved.


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