My Great country

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Our country has become a comedy, a tool for comic relief our honourable leaders as they seem to call themselves are the comedians, displaying foolishness and by all means making us to question
their sense of judgement. The country booms of corruption, it's a disease that has polluted the land and we are desperately in search of a cure.

Submitted: June 01, 2018

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Submitted: May 31, 2018



My Great country has enjoyed undisputed democracy for nineteen solid years but there's nothing to show for it except unfulfilled promises that like flowers have withered and only bear thorns that keep inflicting pain on us.

Our so called leaders sit like chiefs with their pot bellied stomachs that resembles that of a seven months pregnancy, they only care about their proportion of the national cake they are goalless they feel their position is a right not a privilege so they misuse it.

It's only in my country that money allocated for a particular project will be missing without any trace and then they stoop to their folly giving us meaningless explanations.

Our judiciary is flawed bribery and corruption flowing like a land filled with milk and honey, the last hope of the common man, day by day keeps going drown the drain with no hope of restoration.

poverty has been deeply rooted in the soil, it perches on human souls without no mercy, pulling them to the point of starvation and malnourishment leading to the untimely death of the leaders of tomorrow.

Nineteen years of democracy and children are still seen every day hawking on the streets asap means of survival, pastors uses the money o his congregation to build a university but the irony is that the members can't afford the University fees. Years of unpaid salaries and when they stoop to crime they are being rebuked but the truth be told they must survive.

Unemployed Graduates loose their paths and ends up in internet fraud as a way of making it. But our foolish president who can't provide adequate jobs as the audacity to come out boldly and call the youths lazy but ask him what has his administration done to improve the betterment of our country he would turn mute.

our country is in need of desperate revolution and I believe that we can take it to reach it's heights but we have to get rid of the so called political godfathers and our corrupt agbada and kaftan leaders.

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