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Submitted: June 01, 2018

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Submitted: June 01, 2018



Leo – I can’t breath


He was trying to escape from her hands but Tasa was hugging him more ad more strongly.


Leo – If you do not stop doing this, I’ll lost my bones.


Tasa told him with frightened voice.


Tasa – Please don’t move and just let me hug you.


Leo warmly smiled and he also hugged her. The weather was getting more worse, they were standing in the middle of the living room. Leo was feeling the strange dependence, he was looking at her like he loved her very much. Tasa did not go home that night, she stayed at Leo’s house. It was raining the whole night and time to time was heat lighting. They were sitting in the living room, on the floor and were playing cards. Leo was changing the game’s rules every time and because of it Tasa was lost every time, she even did not guess that he was kidding her.




. . . Next day Tasa woke up early, Leo was still sleeping such a deeply that she could not wake him up. Tasa did not wait for his awaken and just left the house. After a few minutes she already was at her home, she changed the clothes and entered the flower’s garden. She was just standing on the roadway’s path and was looking at the sky.

There was the midday when Tasa heard the steps voice from the other side of the fence. She faster ran to the balcony to see who was outside and when she looked down from the balcony she saw Leo, he was holding the wooden basket, There were a lot of biscuits and the coffee thermos inside it, he looked very uneasy and was mumbling with himself. Tasa started laughing, she could not stop herself, Leo was looking really funny, he was like a little bashful. After two minutes Tasa stopped laughing and quickly went down to open the fence’s door but she suddenly changed her mind and decided to steal up Leo and scare him. Tasa was slowly coming on to him but Leo suddenly turned back and he scared Tasa with horrible voice. She was standing such a bemused that could not say anything, she was very scared, but Leo was very happy, he was laughing more and more highly. Leo saw that Tasa was getting angry and he stopped, he gave her the basket and warmly smiled.


Leo – Would you like to drink coffee with me?


Tasa did not answer, she angrily took the basket and they entered the house. Tasa put down the basket on the coffee table and entered the kitchen to take the cups for the coffee. Leo was surprised when he saw the empty house, there was absolutely nothing, there was not even one photo, he was very astonished and asked Tasa.


Leo – So strange, your house is so empty, why don’t you have anything? There isn’t even a little souvenir.


Tasa entered the living room with two cups, she poured out the coffee into the cups and sat down on the sofa. Leo was still looking at the empty walls, Tasa shook her head and answered him.


Tasa – I don’t like souvenirs or accessories. The emptiness helps me to save my calmness.


Leo – How do you divert yourself? You don’t have a book, even no TV, nothing absolutely.


She smiled, bit off the biscuit and asked Leo.


Tasa – Why do you think that I can’t relax, without that things?


Leo – Ok! Then tell me what do you do, when you’re at home?


Tasa – Watching the stars, swimming, looking after the flowers. Sometimes I go near the city to listen to its pulse voice.


Leo was listening to her very surprised and was eating the biscuits.


Tasa – Have you ever listened to the city’s pulse voice?


Leo – The city’s pulse voice?


Tasa – Aha! The pulse voice. When you want to escape from yourself or just want to forget about anger, then you have to close the eyes and listen to the city’s pulse voice. This is the amazing voice, the voice which can help you to forget everything bad.


Leo – How much often do you listen it?


Tasa stood up and entered the kitchen, he also followed her.


Tasa – Too often!


She suddenly became sad. She put the cup in the sink and smiled timidly. Leo also put his cup there and said her with smiling.


Leo – Let’s go there today.


Tasa – Today?


She pondered on a few seconds, Leo continued talking and put down his hands on her shoulders.


Leo – I know that you’re not busy, so don’t try to find any reasons, you can’t cheat me.


She smiled and sat down on the chair.


Tasa – Ok! Let’s go but next time you’ll go alone.


Leo – Alright! Deal.


Tasa – Give me a second!


She entered her bedroom, after a minute Leo said loudly.


Leo – Let’s go by your car.


Tasa answered from the room.


Tasa – I don’t have a car. I don’t like technique.


He surprisingly whispered to himself.


Leo – She even doesn’t have a car.


Tasa – did you say something?


Leo – No nothing, just for me.




. . . A little far from the city there were the hills with beautiful green fields, Tasa and Leo went there to listen to the city’s voice. there was an amazing city’s view from that place, with shining bridges, the huge buildings and with countless cars. Tasa and Leo were sitting on the car’s roof, they both had clothed eyes and were listening to the voices quietly, after a few minutes Tasa opened the eyes and looked at Leo, he still was listening to it, his closed eyes were full of tears. Tasa was looking at him very sadly and after a few seconds she asked him.


Tasa – Can I ask something?


He opened the eyes and looked at her.

Tasa – why are you crying?


Leo fast changed his mood and warmly smiled.


Leo – When the whole universe turn away from you, betray you or just forget you, or that moment when you discover that you are alone in this giant world, then it’s normal to burst into tears.


Tasa smiled, jumped from the car’s roof, she looked at the sky and whispered in a low voice.


Tasa – It’s not perilous to discover you’re alone, it’s better because you will get a lot of time for yourself.


Leo – Seems like you know about these feelings very well.


He came closer to her, he was looking at her beautiful face, then he opened the hands, he again closed the eyes and whispered very contented.


Leo – This is really great t hear the city’s pulse voice. Thank you very much for today Tasa.


They were talking the whole night about relaxing subjects, they were talking such a lot that did not notice when the sun rose.

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