What have you done

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

The description of what it feels like to repeatedly trust people you shouldn't expecting simple friendship and ending up alone.

Submitted: June 01, 2018

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Submitted: June 01, 2018



You are every boy that ever slipped through my finger tips.

Soft words, curiously pouring out of you.

I’m so brittle.

You push, I pull.

I know this game well.

What have you done?

Those words fell out.

Did you mean to?

I’m uncomfortable now, squirming in my skin.

I can see right through you, I could see right through to you.

And suddenly, you are him, I am reaching out, his soulless eyes gazing back.

Suddenly, you are my failure, my worth, suddenly you own me.

Fingers around my throat,

I’m gasping,

I feel my legs begin to separate, my mouth fumble open.

My faith spilt onto the floor, a small flame inside doused.

It’s better to never.

What have you done?

Fingers running over me, in my dreams.

Strangers watching over me.

Cradle me,

savior me.

What have you done,

done to me?

I take a step back, glancing at my hands then yours,

like guilt is a color.

Then suddenly you're you, a tired boy, sad, alone. Confused.


It’s twisting, manifesting, slowly simmering from the smallest of sins.

It lays in wait. And I know its no fault of yours.

What have you done?

To your soul, to your heart.

To yourself?

I have hope In things now,

small things,

im learning how to trust the ground beneath won’t give way as I walk,

you are shaky ground.

Well, love falls apart and friends drift away.

Those words, “here to stay” fade into echos that whisper tales of misuse,

I love you.

You are every boy,

every hand,

every stale breathe of alcohol on my neck,

every smothered word.

What have you done?

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