Night at the 666 Inn

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Based on a nightmare I had

Submitted: June 01, 2018

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Submitted: June 01, 2018



Night- 1

Location- Room #666

Time- 4:52 pm

Our first night here. Beds are fine. Staff seems a little strange. Food is horrible. We are at the haunted hotel. I best not name it, for if I die here I don't want to give this hotel a bad reputation. Why I might die, you may ask. I may die tomorrow because of paranormal activity. Me and my friends are spending the night at a supposedly haunted hotel. It doesn't seem haunted, but it is very strange. There are three stories. The floor I'm in is the strangest one of all. All the rooms on my side of the corridor are the number 666. The rooms on the other side are all 777. I should go now. I will write tomorrow.


Night- 2

Location- Corridor

Time- 2:34 am

Our first night was terrible. There was crying and screaming and knocking on the doors all night long. I'm in a corridor right now. The room that the sounds seemed to be coming from is in front of me. One of my friends had the genius idea to hide in the vacant room and see if anything happens. We will do that tomorrow. I'm sorry this entry was so short. But I have to go. The sounds are coming.


Night- 3

Location- Room #666 (not mine)

Time- 3:01 am

This is ridiculous. I’ve been in here for one hour. Just sitting on the bed. Waiting. What am I waiting for? I don’t even know. Something paranormal I guess. Crap. The door opened. I’m hiding in the corner behind a dresser. My friend is under the bed. I shouldn’t be writing this. The pen is too loud. It will notice me. OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!! The thing sat on the bed and dragged my friend out from under! I had to cover my mouth with my hand… She’s still in the room. She has grey hair that looks like cartoon zig zags and a long grey dress. She’s just standing at the window. She sees me. Wait. She’s just walking out… I think I’ll be leaving now.


Night- 4

Location- Lobby

Time- 4:27

I got out. My friend didn’t. I’m in the lobby. There’s a sketchy looking arcade on one side, next to the bathrooms. It reminds me of Pizza Put in Vermont. I have to be going. Oh my god. I just saw her in a mirror. She said… you’ll be back…


The body of James M. Willserburgh was never found. He was supposedly murdered at the Cecil Hotel in LA, California. R.I.P this fictional person.


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