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Submitted: June 01, 2018

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Submitted: June 01, 2018



There’s no light in darkness
Only this hollow feeling in my soul
Craving for something I cannot have!
To darkness I give in once again
There’s no comfort in the light
It burns my flesh and it hurts my eyes!
It’s cosy here where no one can hurt me
For I lost faith in human nature
Betrayal, deceitfulness, deviousness…
Just a few traits of those who live in the light,
I trust not them… dangerous they are!
I long deeply for what I cannot have
Yet desperately I wish so much…
Long is the night and the path ahead
The moon is my guide, the stars my companions
There’s some comfort in this dark loneliness!
There’s no light in darkness but’s it’s all right…
Shadows embrace me in this empty forest
The owls are my private symphony
Whispers of the night follow me
Leading me the way to somewhere I might belong
Heading to a place to feel myself at home!
It’s cosy here in the dark, I feel protected here
There’s no light to harm me
here is no hope but it’s all right
There’s nobody around but I don’t mind actually…
The night is long and I’m freezing
Lost souls of the night come and embrace me
Let me fly free to nowhere and everywhere
For I lost faith in humankind!
Yet there’s peacefulness in the dark
Craving for something I cannot have
I fly into this murkiness where I feel at home!
here’s no light in the darkness
Still there’s some weird warmth I cannot explain…
Release me from this world
Since there’s nothing to hope for…

let me fly home!

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