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Submitted: June 01, 2018

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Submitted: June 01, 2018




By A. Guinevere Kern

Copyright, A. Kern ~ 2005 




There should be a place to store

Vague connections between

Established realities which

Suddenly, we become aware of, 

Wherever we find them:


A pocket, a bank book, 

A glove compartment,

My knick-knack nook,

Your book, a parchment.

Under the Fridge,

Beneath the rug, 

In Constellation formations,

In a child's bright hug.

In the gold cup's dredges

Of green tea leaves.

With the stroke of twelve,

In the feet of thieves.

In the heat of sound,

By a stamping wind,

By Tarot's chants,

And the quark's quick spin.

My consummate Devil,

The caress of your pens,

Around my mind,

Walking widdershins.

In a curl of smoke,

In the back of your knee,

In an X-ray's ghost,

See the Yawp of me.

Through the faith of fight,

And the Engine's wail,

In a snake's swift stab,

And His Holy Nail.

Thighs crossed in dark,

In a throng of doves, 

What's that aardvark

Thinking of?

In a plang of guitars,

On a riptide's rush,

His tongue of Moonlight

My Dawn of Musk.

The gift of Art,

Your breath of pain,

Our noise of tremble,

Is our neighbor's bane.

By betrayal's waste,

And a newborn's scream,

How can I tell, 

What all these mean?


A place, like Grandma's

Odd button box, 

For the Turquoise Random Notion

A Fading Pink Link

Black Inklings, 

Tortoiseshell Suspicions, 

Red Epiphanies,

Blue illusions. 

Covert realizations we find,

Cowering in the folds

Of our easychair minds.

They should be plucked up

Dusted off, puzzled over,


Shape, size, hue, meaning

Power, relevance, nuance, threat.

After a brave reshuffling

Of cushioned beliefs, 

Validated, accepted,

Inhaled into our heart.

© Copyright 2018 RexMundi555'.-. All rights reserved.

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