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A children's story written in verse form... Chapter 1 of the Animal Antics series.

Submitted: June 01, 2018

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Submitted: June 01, 2018





Ted is crafty and quite naughty,

Likes to think he’s really sporty.

But his legs are short, his tummy round,

For a pony, he’s a bit too near ground.

He looks so pretty with his thick, blond mane

But sometimes Ted, can be such a pain.


She loves to jump, as if on springs,

So high, you might think she has wings.

But she’s a tiny goat, and her name is Clover,

Who thinks she’s big, and likes to takeover.

So, of all the animals, she is boss

And with Ted, she can get very cross.


Snuggled up in his bed he’s the lazy one,

He’s white and fluffy and weighs a tonne.

He can’t be bothered to hop around,

And, as a result, has grown quite round.

But his teeth are sharp, cos he likes to chew,

He’s a rabbit, and his name is Drew.


One morning Ted, looked over the fence.

That grass looks tasty, he said to himself.

His tummy rumbled, as he had a hunch,

It must be almost time for lunch.

I‘m sure farmer Joe won’t mind if I try,

A taste of his grass that has grown so high.”


He knew his legs could not clear the fence,

So to try to roll under it, made more sense.

He trotted around, in search of a gap,

“That’s it,” he said, coming to a stop.

He got down on his knees, and like an asp,

Slithered like a snake, through the grass.


Halfway through, he was getting near,

“Don’t give up, I’ll soon be there.”

At last he scrambled to the other side,

“I’ve done it – how clever I am,” he sighed.

He greedily munched the long sweet grass,

And lost track of time, as the hours fled past.


Clover the goat, was looking for Ted,

And thought he must have gone back to bed.

When she couldn’t find him in the stable or barn,

In panic she bleated, “Where have you gone?”

Ted lifted his head in between his munching,

“I’m over here can’t you see I’m lunching.”


“But Ted, surely you must know,

That lunchtime finished hours ago.

That’s farmer Joe’s field, you must come away,

He’s saving that grass to make bales of hay.

You’ll get into trouble just wait and see,

You really are a naughty pony!”


She ran to tell Drew that Ted had escaped,

And thumped on his hutch to make him wake.

“Drew,” said Clover. “Get up and about,

We have a problem that needs sorting out.

Ted’s escaped into Farmer Joe’s field,

So you must be quick, before he’s seen.”


Drew stretched and yawned, “Okay, Okay,

Just give me a minute, I’ll be on my way.”

Clover tried to make Ted see sense, 

“Please make your way back under the fence.

I can see Farmer Joe getting on to his tractor,

If you don’t come back now, it will be disaster!”


By now, Ted was feeling rather full,

So decided to listen to the words of his pal. 

He got down on his knees, and like an asp,

Tried to slither like a snake through the grass.

But half way through he got firmly wedged,

He’d grown so fat, he couldn’t budge.


“Oh Drew,” cried Clover, “What shall we do,

He’s eaten so much, he can’t get through.”

“Stand clear,” said Drew. “Leave it to me,

I’ll use my teeth to set him free.”

“Oh, please hurry, we must be quick,

I can see Farmer Joe, he’ll be here in a tick.”


On the strands of wire, Drew started to chew,

And with his razor sharp teeth, soon cut through.

“Come on Ted,” they urged. “Please be quick,”

As he scrambled under with one last kick.

They fled to their shelters and sighed ‘oh phew’,

Just as Farmer Joe’s tractor, came into view.


He took off his cap and scratched his head,

“Someone’s been eating my grass,” he said.

“The grass I was saving to turn into hay,

Has been trampled and eaten,” he said in dismay.

He searched the field for clues to the crime,

But it proved to be a waste of time.


Lucky for Ted, Farmer Joe didn’t see,

The hole in the wire that had set him free.

“I hope you’ve learned your lesson,” said Clover. 

“If it wasn’t for us you’d be in real bother.

It’s all very well to love your food,

But you’re too greedy for your own good.”


Just then, the animals caught sight of Shona,

Their loyal, and much loved owner.

 Carrying buckets full to the brim,

With lots of tasty treats for them.

“Come on you lot, it’s that time of day,

For your special treats, and some tasty hay.”


She held out a carrot for Ted to bite,

But Ted was so full, he felt sick at the sight.

“That’s strange,” said Shona, quite confused. 

“He must be poorly to be off his food.”

Next morning, Shona phoned the vet,

“I need you to visit my poorly pet.”


The vet arrived to examine poor Ted,

“His tummy does seem to be quite upset.

My guess is that he’s eaten too much,

Just leave him to rest, and don’t make a fuss.

I advise no food for the rest of the day,

Maybe tonight, he could try some hay.”


“That serves you right, Clover warned Ted,

Your tummy needs a rest from being fed.

You’ve made yourself ill, and I’m not surprised,

You’re such a glutton, with great big eyes.

Lucky for you, we are all good friends

And friends keep a secret, to the end.”


© Copyright 2018 Sue Harris. All rights reserved.

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