Fallen Stars

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Brigitte Felliss, a young adventurous girl, finds herself in a story of her own filled with more than she bargained for. From estrangements to friendships that will guide her through the mistrials
of her own life, Brigitte faces a new tale of the story she held close; the story that changed everything.

As she seeks to complete a forgotten story left behind by her mother, she finds herself deep within pools of lies and cover-ups that follow the trail of the fallen star.

And the final question lies between her and her new friends as the journey confronts them with new challenges; who is the next to fall?


Table of Contents

The Beginning

Submitted: June 02, 2018

Quick author's note before you read! Hello! For starters, thank you for clicking on this story. This is a story that has progressed over the course of 2 (?) years, so because of that, the style of
writing and skill level will change as the story continues. This is a "first novel", so there are some dumb mistakes throughout, such as run-on sentences, mistyped words, and random changes in
point of view. (Seriously, there's a lot.)

This is still a work in progress! I hope you still enjoy the story anyway.
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The First Page

Submitted: June 02, 2018

After the sun had set and dinner was swept away, the maids and nurses escorted and prepared Brigitte for bed. They sat down beside her in... Read Chapter