The Nice Librarian

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Horror. Humour.Flash Fiction. Someone's Watching You!

Submitted: June 01, 2018

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Submitted: June 01, 2018



The Nice Librarian


- Did you hear about the librarian?

- No, what?

- She's been arrested.

- Why? She always seemed a nice woman, she looked like a 

librarian too. A real plain jane.

- She's been arrested for having pornagraphic videos of male

burrowers on her mobile. Apparently she had secret cameras

hidden in the library shelves so she could video them while 

they moved about looking for books. She downloaded it all

onto her mobile. The police seized her mobile after one of the 

burrowers became suspicious.

- But that's absurd! The would've had their clothes on!

- They did, but she's a very clever woman, she downloaded a 

special App from the dark web called " X Ray App ," it allows

people to video people in the nude, it removes their clothes!

- Really?

-Really! And then the police raided her flat and found naked

photos of the burrowers all over her walls, she'd printed them 

out from the videos on her mobile.

- You never know do you? She seemed so conservative!

- And worse they found a large amount of hot dogs buns there!

- Hot dog buns?

- Yes, hot dog buns. They think she's involved in those decapitation

murders that occured recently, you know where the men had their

penises cut off. They found her in the kitchen munching on a hot dog,

and you know what was in the bun!

- How do you like your hot dogs, with sauce or without?

- I like mine plain with a can of Coke..Ha ha ha...



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