The Forbidden Sex and The Queen Reptilian Cobra

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Buddha or a monk who took a vow of Celibacy has finally have sex. A virgin no more.

Submitted: June 01, 2018

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Submitted: June 01, 2018



Creative Writing 6-1-18
The Forbidden Sex and the Queen Reptilian Cobra

About 2500 years ago the Buddha was born. While he was living at that period he took a vow of celibacy and never meet his wife again for the belief of greater enlightenment that will relief man's suffering. With his father being the emperor of India, it was easy for the Buddha to obtain fame and followers. In the spiritual world, Buddha was being battle all the time but merely on the mind.

Queen Mara, The feminine Devil, was always a good deceiver, seductress, and orator. The Buddha will always meet Queen Mara in the astral or dream realm, and sometimes in human by demonic possession. The Buddha know in order for the universe to be saved, the devil and Queen Mara must also obtain enlightenment. The Buddha will give instructions to his disciples of daily mediation, and in privately he would mediated on this private matter on his own. Finally the day came when the Buddha was ready to die and in his death he took this secret dialogue with Queen Mara, the Cobra of the netherworld, with him. While Queen and King Mara plotted the destruction of Buddha's disciples and all the disciples who works for the light, the light workers.

After 2500 years the death of Buddha, the world has enter its final stage of transformation. The whole world, the only planet in this universe that is left to be spiritually evolved and then the cycle of the Universe is complete, and a new paradigm of humans begin. The Buddha stood up from his astral kingdom and anointed Yin to be the queen of light, to ruled and governed in his celestial place. The Buddha decided to be reincarnated once again with a fresh new mind; and so a baby boy yogi named Demeter, was born in the most urban developed country. Demeter was somewhat financially secured from his family, who had a good parents, nevertheless, one can say he was born in a good family without any problems, yet, given Demeter had no problems he would always find himself in an odd position, mediating and thinking, and concluded that life should have problems and which he decided to live a life of social pain from childhood to adult, and playing the victim intentionally. In this process he learned that some humans can only be given a limited of trust, and limited honesty.
Slowly Demeter's memories recovered but not fully. In his studies with various religious and philosophical activities, he strongly believes there should be a solution in the world humanitarian crises. Yet, he does not know what it is, yet, many religious founders claimed they have the answer, Demeter questioned them. Demeter liked the idea of celibacy as all of honorable religious organizations supported this idea. Demeter took a long journey away from home, and went into a pilgrimage and retreat, away of the worldly affairs and devote his time in contemplation with other yogis to seek enlightenment.
In his dreams, a lovely, woman will appear. Demeter always question these images psychologically but there was no explanation why it will appear. He would diligently work in the monastery as a lower class monk or yogi but still there was no progress. Until one day, a young foreign traveler came to his monastery, a beautiful young woman who can be mistaken as she was an adult. It was this mystery and confusion that inspired and silenced Demeter. While, the woman was staring back as not knowing what is happening as she felt electricity running into her spine or some may say real love. Demeter finally came back to his senses and greeted the young woman and gave her a tour of the monastery. Soon another young woman visited the monastery, a beautiful woman but this time she is recognizable as a young woman but does not carried the same mystery as the original woman the other day. And so further these two women will never be seen again, even though they had hidden intentions to want to see again.
Yogi Demeter went into his private mediation room and contemplates on these strange emotions and memory, days to months. He came upon a conclusion that renunciation supported the idea that love is forbidden, the private relation with a man and a woman – as well the idea of celibacy. Demeter cannot fully understand why this is worshipped as truth even though some relationships can be observed as tragic but its not considered hard evidence; Demeter decided to find this out for himself he must experience this so called love and sex. Queen Mara hearing such words was delighted in the astral realm and decided visit Demeter in the dream world.

Queen Mara, a cobra figure, was being carried by a carriage like the Pharaoh himself, along with her beautiful demonic and dark hand maidens and minions. While yogi Demeter in his lotus sitting posture was watching, as well as the celestial queen Yin watching above the clouds, guarding Demeter and his decisions and his free will.
Queen Mara got up her seat and walks, or rather slither with her snake body, seductively moving her waist towards Demeter.
Demeter said, “I think demons and humans are equal and should be saved. “ Queen Mara looking into Demeter’s eyes and saw how sincere he was, honest and simple; which she thought to herself she can clearly deceive and ensnared him. But there was a feeling that Queen Mara felt, that she never felt for a long time ever since she began a life- soul path of deception, the feeling of honestly; it was an honest compassionate feeling, which she began to tear.
Queen Mara, closed her eyes and thought to herself and smile, sincerely, unlike the wicked smiled she often uses. Queen Mara said, “I am the queen of sex, love, and desire. I experienced everything and nothing new you can teach me. “ Yogi Demeter smiled and looked at her, he raised his palm in the air, as he wanted Queen Mara to touched it, and so she did, palm to palm, queen Mara regain new feelings again. While Demeter was observing his hand like it was on fire, not a physical fire, but a fire that is foreign and strange and invisible. Demeter said, “ I give you my promise, I shall love you the best I can.” Queen Mara took off her veil, and behind it, her face was very hideous and ugly yet Demeter did not look away but was delighted.

Queen Mara ‘s hand maidens build a ritual matrimony and called on their magical powers of seduction and female vocal orgies, and Queen Mara, her multiple arms manifested like a spiders and she created a bedroom chamber with her magic and Demeter the center.
Demeter still in his sitting position while Queen Mara was dancing in front of him. Her magic powers were influencing Demeter, he could see strange new colors, shapes, and geometry figures manifesting itself like clairvoyance was developing. The master of sex Queen Mara was not surprised for him to feel such way , Demeter’s body was also changing like it was morphing into a serpent like just like the Queen Mara, but in the variation a bat-like wing and his hands like claws and his teeth like fangs. While Queen Mara is also going through a transformation, his spider like arms and serpent’s body is returning like a human like she was being healed.
Demeter asked, “ May I touch you?” Queen Mara laughed and nodded and thought to herself -’ he still continues to remain simple and humble’. Queen Mara said, “You are funny. An interesting being.”
Demeter have sex for the first time with Queen Mara, in the lotus sitting position but his hands remained in his lap that supported Queen Mara buttocks. Demeter thought to himself is this the true form of the lotus position, A love that blossoms the Lotus? And exchanged Queen Mara feelings were triggered deeply inwardly, feelings that were a long distant past and her heart was beating like she had none, a genuine heartless being. In the bedroom chamber, time have stopped, and a great number of sex was exchange, and energy and information was being exchanged and Demeter discovers this is a channel of knowledge that is exchanged from one soul to another. Demeter touched her hair, which monks are forbidden to do, and touch her skin and touch her face, like he was blind and with deep affection and passion. While Queen Mara, was studying his secret knowledge, that made her to ask the question forgiving oneself as well as knowledge to destroy the newer generation through the worship of madness as a form of fashion. Queen Mara with her claws and fangs ripped Demeter’s body, and many blood poured out, it also brought forth new demons to enter into Demeter, and many demons became enlighten and transformed into light demons.
Demeter soul was changing, emotions that are locked away now opened, and he question the word pain and pleasure. His whole journey of bringing pain upon himself took a different meaning. Demeter finally let go of his sitting position, and bend and moves his body as One like yoga , mating with Queen Mara.
Queen Mara, was surprised in all ways that Demeter performed, as everything was harmonizes and sex moves that are unknown to mankind suddenly created. Demeter was creating a new paradigm for Queen Mara, a chance for her to be redeemed in the universe and exchanged sacrificing himself to hell fire, for the knowledge of sex and love. Demeter now understands and possesses the spirit of the devil and the serpent, he understand to influence the devil is a complicated process, and it requires great trust. Suddenly, Queen Mara complains upon his new sexual advances and Demeter felt empathy and sorry and stopped but Mara saw within his eyes, innocent like a child, she began to have tears once again like her interference was wrong. The sexual ritual was almost over and time was about to begin again, Demeter used of his yoga practice also created his legs to move like a serpent which wrapped Mara’s legs like she was paralyzed, like how two snakes will mate.
Demeter ‘s heart was beating faster and strangely he found himself saying to Queen Mara , “I love you.” The Buddha teachings were compassionate wisdom and caused many his disciples to tear up but it was strange for the Buddha reincarnated to tear up for himself.
Queen Mara was amused because every action that Demeter made was sincere and honest, and with that her compassion became full, a demon with tears from the Queen of darkness herself. Demeter’s start to have a new knowledge and thought to himself , “finally a new universe is about to begin, starting from the bottom to the top.” When they finally finished mating process they lay in the bed together, blissfully.
Queen Mara said, “I shall give you my finest and most beautiful daughter, my princess.” And out of the shadow a demonic hand maiden appeared. The princess was one of the split selves of Queen Mara in a different parallel reality. Queen Mara was about to be reincarnated as a human to meet Demeter, and love each other, a universal social contract. Demeter woken from his dream state and told the elders of the monastery it was time for him to leave and return to the urban life but never gave an explanation, and unlike other monks, Demeter, began a journey of emotional knowledge.

Queen Mara was born, in the most darkest of place in the urban society and where Demeter and her will cross path. Lets give her the name Jude. Young Jude was a practitioner of the dark arts, and study various occults and study the art of sex and minds of the pyscho and social paths. Demeter and Jude finally crossed path, and that path, Demeter felt something strange inwardly, and he knows that these feelings cannot be known to people who practiced celibacy, or life of renunciation. Demeter who practice and study the path of light and purity, suddenly found himself fascinated with Jude, and Jude find Demeter very fascinating because she never thought in a million years that such a pure man exist and it was assumed it only existed in novels not in reality. The more Demeter and Jude got to know each other, the more Demeter felt a strange sense of hatred towards Jude yet his compassionate side always prevail the side of hatred. Finally, Jude with tremendous courage gave Demeter the first kiss. Demeter was shocked, shocked as literally a lighting has zap into his skull. Demeter wanted to control Jude to the light, but it was no use, so Demeter decided to understand love, he gave himself up fully, his whole authority to her, and Jude was delighted and smiled, wickedly and touched inwardly. Finally, someone who is hated the most is admired.

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