Adventure of Bob the Dog

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Submitted: June 02, 2018

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Submitted: June 02, 2018



It was the age of devastation, it was the age of creation.

It was the age of luxury, it was the age of desolation. 

For hidden evils loom,

Disguised in stinky perfume.


And they wear the clothing of "beautification",

Famous throughout the entire nation!

However, deep inside they boom,

"Today, may be world's doom!"


Now, all they had to do is gather information,

And create lots of destruction.

Then, they'll unite on Hell's Room, 

In the centre of the city's gloom.


Now, introduce my famous creation,

Bob the Dog is his appellation.

Now, he will lurk into the room. 

Next, he will consume.


He battled in perspiration,

Bolts of water rolled down his tongue in acceleration.

The next thing he knew, he zoomed, 

Onto the CEO of Evil Inc. of Stinky Perfume.


Now, the CEO had an estimation, 

Of how many seconds before his life's expiration.

For he knows he'll be consumed,

And no more would be his stinky perfume.


Oh, all the evils of ruination

Ceased as Bob excuted the action.

Surviving evils went to the Land of Mushroom.

Now, what a world, without stinky perfume!

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