Katherine is a young Australian girl from country Victoria. She stumbles on a talent for fashion design she didn't know she had, and uses it as her ticket out. Mike is a New York Lawyer, charming
but self indulgent, with links to the mob. He has a penchant for bordello's and his own brand of 'fun'. How do the two, from opposite ends of the world meet - and what will be the outcome?

Table of Contents

It was an unusually hot day for March. The year was 1936 and the small country town of Allandale, Victoria (population 1600) seemed ... Read Chapter

In chapter two, we move away from the main character, Katherine Kirk, and travel to New York to meet another major character, American-Italian Michael Porcelli.
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In chapter three, we return to Katherine Kirk and Allendale, Victoria to learn what has happened since the success of her patchwork graduation dress.
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Chapter four takes a chilling turn, as the body count begins to rise around lawyer, Mike Porcelli!
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Katherine was enjoying her work at 'Marina’s House of Fashion'. She got along well with the girl’s she worked with, and she was ... Read Chapter

  Angela was thrilled when the letter from her friend arrived, filled with the news of her new-found success, and even more... Read Chapter

    With their work in Paris now complete, Katherine and Angela had a few days remaining before departing for Rome. Tak... Read Chapter

  Katherine found it hard to concentrate. She only had a few things left to organise for the Rome branch of her fashion hou... Read Chapter

  Katherine tried to open her eyes and pain shot to her temples. Her mouth was dry, and she found it hard to swallow. Disor... Read Chapter

  No nightmares invaded Katherine’s sleep, and she woke feeling more refreshed than she had since the ‘incident’ occu... Read Chapter

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