The Mirror Part 2 - The Eagle

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The young man is rescued from his darkest hour ...

Submitted: June 02, 2018

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Submitted: June 02, 2018



THE MIRROR: Part 2 - The Eagle:


As I lived my darkest hour,

O the joy at the vision I did see!

There high in the moonless sky

The eagle was swooping down towards me.

He came down from the battlements,

And alighted on the windowsill.

For a moment there I could only stare

My breath by such majesty was stilled.


His body was like burnished bronze,

His head was bright as gold.

Such power and grace made my heart race.

He was indeed a sight to behold.

With beak and claw he rent and tore

At the steel bars that such strength could not withstand.

With such ease he then released

From the chains, my feet and hands.


I clambered up onto his back,

And soon we did take flight.

I closed my eyes as we took to the skies,

As my head reeled at such great height.

Thus I saw not that my enemy

Shook her fists at me,

And that vengeance she did swear.

I was free at last, what then did I care?


To the eagle’s eyrie we did fly,

And there he gently let me down.

By this lord of the skies with such solemn eyes,

Such hospitality I was shown.

Soon I felt my strength renewed

Under his tender care.

Father-like he tended to my wounds,

And words of wisdom he often did share.


I fell down upon my knees to worship

The one who salvation did afford.

He commanded me to rise,

This Lord of the Skies,

And said me: “To another swear allegiance,

But give it not to me,

For unto a Greater Path

I merely have guided thee.”


On a grey and stormy day

We flew to a far off place.

The land that had so long been my home

Seemed to vanish without a trace

As above the dense cloud we did fly,

And headed towards the rising sun.

In this strange and eerie site

We landed, our journey done.






There I was shown many mysteries,

And wonders I did behold.

‘Twas as if I knew to be true

Those tales of yore I once had been told.

To my shame I realised that I had treated

Them as myths, and with disdain.

In this place of splendour and grace

They seemed to come alive again.


Perhaps the strangest sight I did there behold

Was a man locked in an iron cage.

His face told of the furious battle

That within his soul did rage.

In anguished he cried aloud:

“Eternity, oh eternity, where are you now?

Long have I neglected my soul’s need

And forgotten my Highest Good to heed.


Now, alas, I shall not yet know

The joy of an eternal home.

Nor shall my heart know the bliss

Within the streets of paradise regained to roam.

For the moment I am trapped alone in this cage,

And for a season I must wait.

Without hope of deliverance

From the torment of this deserved fate.”


I asked, as we left that irksome place:

“Is that wretched soul

Truly beyond the reach of saving grace?”

When I heard the eagle’s reply,

My heart within me turned cold

“ ‘Tis as you have said,

That man is misled,

His life to woe he has sold.


But ‘tis not eternal Judgement,

And he may yet arise.

For as the dawning of a new day

Brightens e’en the darkest skies,

So may the light of redemption

Dawn upon him once again,

But at what hour that may be,

The One alone knoweth truly when.”


I shuddered at the notion,

That such a place existed indeed,

Where a man could be utterly consumed

By his love for deception and greed.

Then did I purpose in my heart of hearts,

That I would cast aside

All that would endanger my soul,

All that my spirit despised.








When we to the palace returned,

My host spake thus to me:

“Hear the words I speak to you now,

Or else you shall ne’er be truly free.

The one who did torment you,

Beware her beguiling ways,

Frena Patyes is her name.

And many a soul by her has been led astray.


She is the one which your soul must despise,

But to whom your ego dearly clings.

When your ego deceives, your spirit grieves

That you hearken to the song she sings.

To some she is the lust that consumes the flesh,

To others the love of money, fame, or ease …

Whatever you may covet,

She will always be there to please.


From her killing stranglehold I have freed you,

Now as a free man you must remain.

Beware oh man; take care oh man,

Lest she take you captive once again.

Lo I will be with you

Until the end of the age.

My wings shall always protect you

When storms around you rage.


The time has come

That you must leave this high and lofty place.

For you must press on,

And there will be many a trial to face.

Though I am with you always,

I cannot take your journey for you.

My power will ever sustain your soul,

And Grace shall ever make you whole.”

© Copyright 2019 Tristan Biggs. All rights reserved.

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