here with me

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who i see, who i feel here with me...

Submitted: June 02, 2018

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Submitted: June 02, 2018



What is it I see, she is me, turned cold by the world yet still a heart lives in her pure... The innocence of adolesence sitting by a sea, enjoying sounds of waves as they come crashin close to me... years they go and go but tho her soul stays really young, shes a wild women whose just trying to have fun, of course i knew but i had hoped she felt the love, strong enough to not give in to fuckin off tha drugs, Her beauty it can blind you but it cannot blind up me, I see with connections of the soul through energy... Unexpected, a term I know we both could have in common, things arent as they seem but so it be i miss you bonnit... Lovestruck , mine genuine not sure of yours, still i go the distance hoping i can be your cure,.... you cured me, no amount of gratitude in text, surley i told you you ment more to me than sex...

to random strangers, both with many problems,,, girl how i met you like heaven is where you spawned from, a hell raiser and yet you raise a daughter, i fought for ehat i loved then through mistakes i lost her, but that dont mean im gone be just like your father,... if i believed your lies its cause that i was hyptnozied by moments when you lay upon my chest and id play with your hair,, if you believed my lies just know its cause i tried to hide a side of me nd drug use that i thought you couldnt bear, bear hugs warmin my soul savin my life, others nights your cold to me so i turn to a pipe,.. lies lies lies they started to fill my life, then you hated me cause you felt like yah on thin ice... trynna throw away the egg shells but somethings not right, i became the worry wort and you kept living life,.... i wish we can have fun again take back in time, we can go pop pills n drink a bottle all night , we start fuckin at 3 until 5 , smoke trees and catch enough sleep to look alive, to keep you excited mama i would try, but at the time the two jobs were on my mind, you worked all morning and i would work all night, but what a sight for sore eyes to roll up beat, you would let me hold you will im rubbin down your feet, the convos on and on , they would never ceast, we slept next to each other im living the dream,.... always saw you in my dreams, hold you by the booty and id watch you go to sleep, contemplating how im gonna be a better me, so i can pitch in more and help you out with stackin green,,, you made me laugh when you said " it was all a dream",,,so many signs that pointed towards your dishonesty, really love is blinding cause i didnt wanna see, i put my heart into you like things that define me, i started getting angry n confusion mixed with pain, im truley sorry for my actions they were just insane, i ask you for your honesty then im the one at blaime, when i really needed you you cast me away, i pushed you away, you found yourself dome fresh fish started cookin up filet's,... jelousy, the downfall even to those who are great, it blocked up my chakras and it switched with fear n hate, hating you were feelin someone else but thats the game, neva participated but your worth the chase,... if i knew that all you wanted was somebody to relate, i couldve been myself when i was high stead mask my face, .... i remember the times that we went out , getting fucked up lettin lose yeah we wildin out,.. were diferent cause if i told you i love you then i love you, if a model wit a millie asked me out itd only hug you, tell her im sorry but thats not my operation, growthe in all forms with my girls mah occupation, even as i write this poem maybe she laugh, tell me that im dumb for not takin in the cash,.... at times i gotta let my mind speak n pour it out, even if through booksie in a poem on a couch, what life is telling me is that its no time to have fun, time to be responsible but damm i miss the sun, going to the beach wit my homies n some beer, music bumpin loud no stresses in the air, wind blowin on my skin blowing through my hair

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